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    I cannot wait to read it. I do think that if the game relied less on Motion Controls and more on story progression and reasons to do so......I think the game would have been alot better.

    I want to jump the gun on this. I want it to be real. Nintendo has yet to release barely any of the games that ANYONE has loved since the early days.

    I can understand wanting to distance yourselves from the old successful games of the past to work on NEW exciting titles to keep us enthralled for years. BUT....

    I cannot justify them bogging us down with tons of garbage indie games. Some are alright...most are dumb.

    Or rereleasing ALL of the Wii U games BUT the primary ones we want (WWHD TPHD) Knowing that alot of us COULDNT(I did because I am not a bum :p) get those because they never had a Wii U. I guarantee a ton of people would happily pay 59.99 for a game that would be super easy to port over, and I guarantee it would take less than two months to modify, print to a cartridge and ship to stores.

    Or the fact that you have old shitty games that were Wii U titles 5 years ago getting a rerelease on the Switch for a whopping 59.99 and after a year, Nintendos greed will not allow the game to drop more in price. Just like the Black Friday deals. At most switch didnt have hardly any discounts.

    Nintendo is a big corporation we know this. They release stuff for money we know this. BUT Why in the hell are they going to release a Pokémon game, that WILL NOT WORK WITH A PRO CONTROLLER. I do not have child hands and the joycon and pokeball plus are uncomfortable. LOL. If I can do all the shrines in Zelda with my Pro COntroller.....Why can I not jiggle it to release a pokeball. When I have both Joycons on my switch and you are playing in Handheld mode....why can I use both joycons then but no Pro Controller in docked mode......And why must I when In docked mode stand up walk to my switch, and push the damn home button because there is no way to go home from the Pokeball plus.

    Dont get me wrong I LOVED Ocarina of Time. But Wind Waker was more of an adventure. And I guarantee If it is released on the Switch BEFORE the end of life of the console. I will have it beat within 3 days.

    Nintendo needs to focus on what the customers want instead of working on stuff we might not need.

    We want a compilation of old zelda titles.

    We want a secure and smooth Nintendo online interface WITH built in Voice Chat.

    Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing are the primary reasons a majority of people are at Nintendo.....Its not for the AAA ports that everyone already has on their Xbox or PS (that look better on the other consoles) I own Wolfenstein, South Park the Stick of Truth, South Park the Fractured But Whole, Xenoverse 2, Skyrim etc on My Xbox and Switch and I prefer to play on my Xbox (because I get achievements...., and my 4k TV upscales on my Xbox One and they look great)

    Do you guys believe that Nintendo is going to be releasing a copy of Skyward Sword HD on the Nintendo Switch with optional motion controls? Like the rumors suggest?

    If they do I hope they quickly port WW HD and TP HD to the Switch..... Then We will have a ton of enjoyable media to play.

    Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch is going to be released tonight at midnight and I am probably going to buy it..... I KNOW.......I already own it 4 times. Darn you Nintendo. lol

    I read the other day that the creator of the Castlevania Netflix show is in talks about starting an Animated Zelda TV show for netflix. I have no idea if this is true or not just figured I would post it and you guys could discuss it.

    For a long time Assassin's Creed has been one of my goto every year game series. I have preordered every game in the series since Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. There has been a few low points in the series so far, in Assassin's Creed III (which is the 5th game in the series) they had killed off a major character which I feel is reprehensible. There were even problems in Assassin's Creed Unity, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate where they had NPCs rendered incorrectly and it would show half of the face off and the characters eyeballs would still be where they were supposed to be (just without a face). Though I was lucky enough not to see those errors.

    Odyssey takes place in or around 430BC in Ancient Greece. And as always it has protagonists that would favor the Assassin's side of the story, and it has antagonists that would favor the Templar side of the story. Though there are neither in this story as it is 400 years before the founding of the Assassin order. As if we remember from Assassin's Creed: Origins (last years installment), Bayek and his estranged wife founded the Assassin Order in Egypt.

    Nonetheless the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey is a treat, it continues the trend of more RPG and LESS linear storyline, a method of game play that was highly defined in Origins. I do sometimes miss the old Assassin's Creed gameplay, preferably that in Assassin's Creed III or Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. I feel if you have a well oiled and worked machine it shouldn't have to change alot.

    The moral of this story is I would highly recommend playing this franchise. I started my Xbox 360 journey by playing the first assassins creed game in 2007/2008ish at a USO building on Fort Bliss, TX and I knew then an there I wanted to own a console and a game. I had never experienced a feeling like that since when I first played Wind Waker on a friends gamecube and I decided then and there that I needed my own Gamecube (I had beat Ocarina of Time like 200 times by that point) and my own copy of the game. OR we all remember the first game that made us interested in playing video games like when I borrowed Pokemon Blue and a gameboy in 4th grade. The days of fun gaming and expectation of getting a new game for my birthday or christmas, saving up my own money so I could go in and blow it on a game are fond memories for me, and I would love to hear any of your comments on Assassin's Creed or even your first gaming experience.

    I know I titled this Assassin's Creed Odyssey and then I went on a tangent about something else. Sorry. Deal with it. This is how my mind works.

    I would love for them to release MC, PH and ST on the 3DS. It is kinda bullshit that I need to buy them on my WiiU lol


    They could make a good game using a degraded engine that made the BotW. It would be a ton shittier quality but if my 3DS can play Netflix in reasonably good quality. I think the 3DS could play a big good game.

    What is the likelihood of a new Zelda game for the 3DS or do you think we are all past this point now.....