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    Bless the Americans! (poke, poke, onlookers)

    At least most of them have heard of Ireland. I managed to convince some of them that Wales was a mountain comprised of goats. Firstly I think that's a Wales thing, not an American thing, and secondly, shame on me :)

    * All massless particles must move at the speed of light, so they always have energy there. No matter your reference frame, they will move at the speed of light, just like photons do. I'm actually not sure why they have to do this...

    Actually this is one of the things that does make sense to me, at least conceptually. The way I understand it, there really is no such thing as 'mass' or 'physical objects' in the way that our macro-orientated minds perceive it. It shouldn't really be called the speed of light so much as the speed of causality. Having a rest mass means more stuff has to be caused which divides or otherwise bogs down that causality. (here comes the wandering mind) Light travels at the speed of causality. I can't help but wonder if a mass-holding particle also travels at that same speed, but has to travel through some of those exotic quantum dimensions that some models envision, meaning that the particle in question is actually travelling a greater total difference than a photon would across the same three dimensional distance. Or simply that the causality of a moving massy particle has to propagate through more fields than a photon does.

    I have another question! Regarding zero-point energy or vacuum energy (those two things are the same, right?), and entropy. Entropy is the trend for energy to equally distribute itself across space, and energy that is equally distributed becomes inaccessible to us as there is no energy gradient with which we can draw that energy. So over time, shouldn't the ambient energy level of the universe rise, as entropy transfers energy into it from more concentrated sources like stars? Does that mean that the value of zero-point energy rises over time, until in some distant future far beyond heat-death, all of the universe's energy is now zero-point energy?

    We had a heat wave here for a whole month. No rain at all, which is amazing for Ireland. It rains all the time here. It was 25-32C and it rarely gets hotter than 25. Spent a lot of time outside. XD

    Oh man, tell me about it. It's lovely and all but I'm stuck inside working. Also it's killing all the grass, turning this green and relatively progressive land very yellow. I'm one of those weird people who like the rain, which is one of the things I really miss about living in Wales. I don't want to live in the Med :/

    Surprised we don't already have one of these, if you're into birth anniversaries.

    Happy Birthday, Kaynil!

    (oh yes, I'm afraid a did Comic Sans you.)

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    So how old are you?

    ^ There's an innuendo in there somewhere, but no my head's not itchy
    < I wonder if I'll ever change my avatar?
    V Are we relics, dear friend?

    It was English Lit. I'm surprised I remember that after nine years. I was going to skip it because I was feeling lazy and antisocial, but I had a rare moment of conscientiousness and attended.

    That was sixth-form (ages 16-18 or 19 if you failed and had to resit a year... ) which technically counts as higher education in the UK. So if we're talking last day of proper, compulsory school... I really can't remember :/ I suspect it was drama

    Name something you learnt in school which you're glad you know and which most other people probably don't know.

    Lets see this

    1: What if Darunia was successful in defeating Volvagia?

    Answer: you guys already did answer it but I have to give my piece of information as well, It is true, One cannot be named sage until upon death, an example is Nabooru, Ganondorf's wife, who is murdered by Twinrova infront of player's eyes, and later ascending as a sage, so the scenario is: Darunia wouldn't be a sage and would still be alive, Link will be given the fire medallion by the ancient sage of fire, and his quest will be continued.

    What happened to the ancient sage of fire when Darunia ascended?


    3: What if Link was too late and arrived after Great Deku Tree's death?

    Answer: Link and Navi will be at loss, as Navi never got the instructions herself, "go get me the boy without a fairy" was the only thing she was told, and with the abstinence of Link who will probably never even leave the forest, Ganondorf will collect the stones from the dead old tree, the rock men who are starving, Darunia will probably give the stone to Ganondorf just to free the caves from dodongos so his people don't die off starvation, Ganondorf will forcefully take it from Princess Ruto as well, but Zelda will escape with Impa, holding the Ocarina of Time, putting Hyrule into a weird state, Ganondorf ruling the land but without true power as he is unable to access the Sacred Realm and the Triforce, and Zelda with Impa hiding in the shadows probably raising an army to strike back at the gerudo. (Whoah this turned into a new game)

    Good answer :)


    Now let me If.
    What If Tetra and her crew of pirates never went to Outset Island?

    * reminds himself of WW plotline *
    Oh yeah.

    Well, it would have been quite a bit longer before Tetra had any reason to go to the Forsaken Fortress and accidentally reveal herself to Ganon, but assumedly with an adventurous spirit like hers, Tetra wouldn't keep away from it for long, and sooner or later Ganon would have her all tied up. And assumedly at some point he would track down Link, too. Unless of course Tetra sailed off the map entirely and went somewhere else. Hopefully though, Ganon would have been successful and, evil man that he is, would have been able to reclaim thousands of acres of liveable, farmable land for everyone.

    And be evil overlord of it... eh.

    I'm looking forward to seeing it, but I want to watch a lot of the anime first. It's helping me pick up on some Japanese, so I'm gonna go original first. Looks pretty cool though.