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  • I'm back!!!! But it's so quiet in here... :/

  • So how has my lil angel been lately?

  • Wait, they have computers in India?

  • You seem to enjoy asking questions, how about receiving them? Feel like making your own AMA thread?
    Then Click here and let us ask you! :-D

  • So how does it feel to be just in the double digits of life and age?

    • Sorry for late reply, it's been a while since you asked but as long as I can remember, that time was really 'golden'. Yes it is now as well but the freedom three years ago was different and more. I felt like any kid would feel, innocent, pure and happier even more than I am now. Answering your question has made me nostalgic but I enjoyed this nevertheless. I couldn't understand many of those things I questioned or answered here that time and even when I look back at them now, I couldn't help but laugh.

  • Welcome to the Forums! Feel free to check out the website and see what we can provide. Note: We're kinda in a work in progress so.. ._. so.. pardon our dust..