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  • Love , Respect and Good Hopes

  • Life , death , joy, pain does they make sense when you just don't wanna live?

    • I google this hoping to find it was some anime quote, instead Google got worried I was living with depression and thinking in ending my life.

      Anyway, isn't their existence or lack of encountering them what pushes many in the first place not wanting to live? This could be a great thread discussion, heh.

    • Hmm well may be yes or may be No depends on person entirely a person but ,hey I'm not dieing that easy not until I conquer the universe lol now join my army and you will be rewarded MUhahahahahahahahah

  • So... who's in your avatar?

    • Ryoutaro from Le Corda Doro primo passo. He is one of my favorites ever

    • Ooooh. I'm pretty sure I've heard of La Corda d'Oro, before. I'll keep an eye on this anime.

  • Your page seems empty.. let me fill the emptiness... thanks servo u are the best