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  • i went out yesterday and bought a ton of gaming mags, some from the US, some from europe. i'm finding that the european ones have more information in them than the US ones do and that the advertising is completely different. i'll be doing a review on all of these magazines soon; but i would like to know if you read any of the magazines and what you think of them?

    heres the ones that i bought: *if you an think of any other titles not listed here please post them and i'll pick them up and do a review and compare*

    pocket games
    nintendo power *of course!*
    hardcore gamer

    which ones *if any* do you normally read?

  • ok ive finished reading psm to the other 2000 hahaha! dont worry! i didnt forget about them but i wanted to give you an update bout how i was doing on them *im busy im sorry its taking me so long!*

  • PLAY magazine. now This is how mags should be written. no advertisements, fantastic realistic reviews of ps games. its really to bad that other companies dont produce this kind of material....only trouble is you have to go to a bookstore to get this mag. its from england *but worth the trip cause its da bomb*.

    sorry its taken me so long to do this, i rarely have time for anything lately!

  • It's nice to come back to this and wonder how different gaming magazines might be to people now. Do people still buy and read gaming magazines now especially with so many gaming blogs out there?


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    Epic gravedig bro. 13 year old thread LOL.

    I however do not read any magazines. I cannot even remember that last time I did.

    I know I used to browse the Game Informers that I got in the mail with my Gamestop Edge Card.

    I know I used to read magazines that had stuff in them about Zelda, Pokemon, or DBZ.

    I know I used to look at inappropriate magazines (°^O^°) when I was a little kid.