What Do We Know?

  • Well, we know that the game will have amazing graphics. We know that it will be at least 85 hours long. We know it will have more temples than we could imagine, with a possibility of being able to download extra ones on the Wii version. We know that you use Reed Whistles instead of an Ocarina. We know that you might get to name your horse this time around. We know the Master Sword, Zelda, and Ganondorf will be making re-apperances. We know that it will be released alongside the Wii in Q4 2006. We know this game will be amazing and worth the wait. Am I missing anything?

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  • you may hate them now, but it will be a nice surprise to play it not knowing. That's why i would hate to work on the zelda team. Never being able to play these games the way they were meant to be played. No matter how much you try to forget, you still know to many secrets for the experience to be genuine.

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