• Nintendo said that gannandorf would be in TP, but where the hell is he? I have searched every screenshot and not found a trace of him. I do think that possibly in the E3 2006 trailer that in the beggining when the horse charges Link you can't tell if it has a rider but Gannondorf could possibly be on it, or it could be Epona hmm... I hope it isn't Epona though it does look like it. But where is the artwork, screenshots, and trailer footage of him. I just wanna see what he looks like. I am also wondering if he will be the big bad guy or if there is a greater evil in store for Link. What do you guys think?

    Link will not always win, this terrible fact we must face. Eventually he will fail, I believe this moment will come in Twilight Princess.

  • I'm guessing they are just holding out until close to or after the release. They can't give it all away at once. As for the Epona thing, its not her. It's a new horse and I'm pretty sure they said that you get to name it this time around. We will get to see him soon enough. Patience. If Ganondorf is back good chances are he is the bad guy.

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