Link's Lost Friend

  • From many many people I have heard that at the beginning of MM Link is on the hunt for a lost friend, could it be Navi or perhaps someone else?

    What is Link doing in the forest of Termina ?

  • I believe the "invalueable friend" Link was searching is Navi, its been discussed many times before and some people believed he was searching for the imp who he met in the Lost Woods. It makes sense that its Navi, since her disappearing at the end of OoT an all.

  • Yeah it even says somewhere that its Navi, i think it was the GC version or something, but yeah, pretty obvious isnt it?

  • Quote from mortuaries

    well why is link looking for navi?

    i thought she went back to the kokiri place or whatevs >.<>

    No its rumored that the fairies lived somewhere in the Lost Woods, now Link was trying to find her, thats why he was in the lost woods.

  • No, I meant the intro, where it says how he became a legend and this friend stuck with him throughout the whole journey(which would only be Epona or Navi, and Epona was with you, so...), and they parted ways after it was complete (when he put the Master Sword back, she flew out the window, why, who knows...)

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    The lost friend must be Navi. It kind of irratated when she just left. She just... left.

    You must understand though, she was only supposed to be with Kokiri, Link wasn't a Kokiri, however it left me angry as well.