Majora's Mask is underrated.

  • As we all know, Majora's Mask has always been the eternal underdog of Ocarina Of Time. That is what I'd like to discuss. Why is Majora's Mask considered to be the underdog of the N64 Zeldas?

    Well, I'll state my personal opinion about this.

    There are several facts that were constantly disliked in the Majora's Mask.
    Mainly the 3 day thing, less interesing storyline, according to the majorirty, as well as too horrible character developement.

    As for the 3-day thing, It was generally disliked because of those particular events that were actually only possible on some times of the day. For example, saving the Old Lady in (East) Clock Town. I don't precisely know if it's really the eastern part of the village, though But anyway, this events takes place at Midnight of the First Day.
    At times it was very irritating to go over a temple as quickly as possible, you didn't have much time, considering that one hour is relatively fast over.
    Therefore, players had to save in the temples. However, when saving in a temple, it causes trouble sometimes. Since some things (Ladders for potential shortcuts, et cetera) will disappear once you save. Of course, you can simply activate the switch back so that the ladder, (etc?) re-appears.

    Personally, I fancy MM's storyline than Ocarina Of Time's, it was fairly more original.
    This time, Nintendo didn't use their actual concept for a Zelda game and simply created a new one. Chapeau. Basically, the normal way of Nintendo to create their Zelda Games is:

    - 3 small temple
    - Master sword
    - More Temples

    I assume we notice the big difference now between Majora's Mask
    and Ocarina Of Time.

    Now to discuss the character development.
    Nowadays, I frequently hear/read many opinions about Majora's Mask character development. It seems Nintendo rushed their asses off to complete it.
    Subsequently, I asked myself: "Why would MM's Character development be bad?"
    In fact, it never was bad. Simply because many people consider "adding new characters" as rushing your ass off.

  • i totally agree with everything you say here
    i agree that the only reason people will say they prefer OoT because of the 3 day time limit in MM
    MM had a lot more to do, the side quests were endless, it was harder. overall a somewhat better game.

    Although I have to say it does bug me so much having to rush through the temples.
    It also takes sometimes almost a day to un lock one of the doors or whatever to the temple, leaving you with less than 2 days to complete the temple.
    My most annoying experience with this system was when I was in the room with the boss door.
    I wasn't stuck but the puzzle took some time and simply just did not have any time. Therefore having to start the whole temple all over again.,

  • MM was definitely one of the better Zeldas, and definitely one of my favorites.

    The game was so deep; every character a new, eccentric personality for you to get to know over time. You get more connected to the game because it is no longer centered around saving the world, but about preserving the lives of the people you know and love.

    Skull Kid/the mask made a great villain. From the very beginning, Skull Kid is putting you down and taking your stuff. But as the game progresses, you learn that he is not just a shallow villain, but a very real, misunderstood character. And the mask that possesses him turns out to be so sinister, it's chilling.

    I know the 3-day thing bothered a lot of people, but it turned out to be an interesting element in the game. It put things in perspective, seeing people's everyday lives progress as well as putting you under pressure to save Termina.

    Overall, Majora's Mask is one of my favorite Zelda games. And that is why. :]


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