Biggest "Wow, I'm an idiot!" moment: TP/ WW!

  • Not exactly TP or WW... but in Ocarina of Time, I died plenty of times in the volcano (with the Great Fairy) by jumping into the lava. I didn't know that it was actually part of a quest later in the game. :\

    Now, for Wind Waker, I've had PLENTY of moments... euh... such as doing a LARGE quest, only for the game to freeze. And forgetting to save the game. :-(
    Oh, and activating Action Replay and having Light Arrows at the VERY beginning of the game, going to the Forsaken Fortress for the first time, then Light Arrow-ing that moblin-goblin that is guarding the door to your little sister... without yet picking up my dropped sword, or even going into battle with him. Needless to say, I got my sword, but the door he was guarding didn't open. :P
    Oh, and shooting one of the guards guarding the fortress with a Light Arrow [with Action Replay activated] (you know, the pigs that throw their lanterns at you when they see you in plain sight, or figure out you're under the barrel). When I shot one of them, he noticed me, but disappeared at the same time... then the game froze. XD

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  • - Jumped into Lava in the Goron Mines
    - Got lost in Abertier's (SP) Grounds.
    - Got eaten by Morpheel.
    - Got lost for over an hour in the City in the Sky.
    - Got blasted by Argorok's Flames
    - Got hit many times by Zant in the final Round.
    - Got slammed face-first by Beast Ganon.
    - Went into lava a lot in Dragon Roost.
    - Ran out of Magic for the Deku Leaf.
    - Could figure out how to get one statue from point A to point B.
    - Didn't know how to get the Sages songs.
    - Lost Medli a lot by the Floormasters.
    - Lost Makar a lot from the Floormasters.
    - Got lost in Ganon's Tower looking for the Light Arrows.
    - Didn't know how to beat Puppet Ganon.
    - Got a few swift kicks from Ganon.

    Yeah. I'm not that good. XDDD.