What are you currently reading?

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    Claraviolet Is it Lisa Gardner?

    I've also been reading "Axiom's End" by Lindsay Ellis, as I am a huge fan of hers. It's a good story, slightly clunky in places, but fun and thoughtful, and better than any other art I've seen from someone who built their reputation on being a critic.

    Not sure.

    In fact, it was a long time ago. At least 6 weeks or so and because of my office work, my head hurts. But I remember the story with great comedy and cool action. Those puns are really good.

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    Ooo, I've been known to enjoy a good pun now and again. :)

    I've never really gotten into mystery novels for whatever reason. I've mostly enjoyed the ones I've read, but I don't generally seek them out. I have recently acquired some of Agatha Christie's greatest hits, and will hopefully be digging into those soon.