• So I stumbled upon an interesting fan theory on the Sheikah timeline that seems to make more sense than the others. If you've got a half hour to kill:

    The audio is a bit crappy and one of the narrator's has a heavy accent but I kinda like it.

  • I tried to watch it but right now I am playing SS and I am trying not to spoil myself too much. Seeing that I do know Impa and old lady spoiler I thought I could be safe but I don't know details on Groose involvement and I want to keep it that way. :XD:

    After skipping some... it seems to stretch a lot from a few passages from old prima guides. It is interesting still, as it brings an idea of how the war could have started in the Hyrule Kingdom some years before OoT adventure took place. I also find interesting the idea that bong Bong was a Sheikah, that the sheikahs were divided between loyalist supporting the unification of Hyrule and rebels wanting to remain independent. Giving meaning to the Torture chambers found on its ground.

    Interesting they handle the Twili being Sheikahs ad Impaz being the descendant of the last Sheikah (unless you count Zelda) in OoT era. Their absence was noticeable. i remember how Kakariko Village seemed quite different and yet the Hidden Village seemed more similar, perhaps for the sign to it. Still even though we see an eye on the throne it is not exactly conclusive as it also resemble other things like past (and future?) Zelda enemies, for example Vaati.

  • Yeah Impaz was kinda a good clue about it, I didn't make the connection with the Twili though. Although, seeing as how there is no one left in the desert and the colosseum is in clear neglect, maybe the theory where the faction group was the gerudo would be just as plausible. I still haven't played all the games and didn't finish SS myself. I like how these theories are like, super thought out to include other games, other characters, and hidden possible explanations to connect them all :)

  • Yeah. it surprises me just how much detail they can take out to flesh a full story about how things worked before and after the games. it seems like some people really believe in this dark era of the Hyrule family and the big abuse the Sheikah had to go through. It is just so much taken out of little things here and there in the game.

    Regardless with what I might or not agree, it is quite interesting seeing peo9ple diving so deeply into the series.