Christmas Casual

  • Just thought I'd take the opportunity to explain what's up with me and make a thread to discuss work in general, casual and temporary contracts, etc.
    So basically a friend and ex-housemate is Second in Command on a small department store and offered me a Christmas Casual position a few weeks after I returned to Australia from Mexico. So I have a job now but it will be only until the start of the next year.

    As a Christmas casual in retail, the hours have been increasing and have been changing a bit to suit the store needs, which means a pretty decent amount. So that's in part why I haven't been around as much. I arrive home just in time to cook dinner and do the dishes after and by then it gets to be close to bed time. In the mornings usually I get up straight to get ready, iron my uniform if needed and run to catch the bus, haha.

    Have you guys ever been employed as a Christmas casual?

    I just wonder how will they mark the end, is it going to be they simply will stop rostering me and letting me fall off the system, or will they give me a definite date for my last shift. I have no idea. First time being a temporary casual.