Fixed the smilies

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    Hey, guys I just wanted to let you know that I managed to reupload the smilies originally made by Hana-Nezumi (aka Enchanted Toaster) many years ago for Zelda Legends and a few derivates that our own community members added for us.

    You can find them at the bottom of the area where you compose your messages.

    also, because I had to basically delete and re-upload it is very likely that some old commands don't work any more. Just point me to them and I'll re-add the command to fix the posts.

    A screenshow showcasing the emoji available for the posts Just showing up how the smilies should look when an update doesn't come and wreck them.

    Also resized the stickers to around 100px each, so they don't take all the space. :thumbsup-stamp: