TFH multiplayer will be Region Blocked

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    At this point is probably well known, but in case you missed it :TLOZ::TFH: will be region locked. Sources cannot agree if this enforcement includes people already in your friendlist or just the random matching.

    However another thing to point out is that apparently the device will be IP blocked. This means that if you try to cheat the region lock by changing your 3DS settings to lie on the region (or if you travel overseas to a different region) you still won't be able to connect with people from a different region.

    via: NintendoNews
    Source: PocketGamer

    I was starting to get some illusions about playing with my family and some forum friends. Now it seems like there is a high chance that won't be happening and given the temptative price on the game and the low scores in the single player experience I am actually kind of considering to skip it... or at the very least, delay the purchase until the price drops or has been out for half a year.

    Some people attribute the emasure to help prevent lag, but with success in other games like Pokemon, I find it a bit too drastic.

    How about you? Does this changes in anyway your desire to acquire the game?

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    I made a test with someone I have in my friendlist from America we could make a team. So the Region block also applies to your friendlist.
    Also a Reddit user reported that in their demo they couldn't even do a local play with a 3DS being of a different region, so please take this in account if you are planning to get this game.

    To be honest, I am really frustrated about this. This decision puzzles me. I can understand when pairing with unknown people but it would had been nice to have the option. Furthermore I don't like that this lock not only extends to all the console but also does an IP lock. This means that, in theory, if you buy a console and travel to a different Region the game will be useless. It won't let you connect to your home region because of your IP and it won't let you play with players of the region you're in because of the console Region. Even if you find people near you that have the game you're screwed.

    For a game calling us to adventure with friends and other people, it seems to really be doing things backwards. What do you guys think?

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    Yeah, it's really messed up. This is honestly why I don't plan to get the game, because everyone I'd play with is from a different region (I'm in the UK, most of them are in the US).

    I am honestly regretting my purchase at this point and it is a real shame because I really wanted to support this game. I know Zelda multiplayers are not really cared for but with today's technology the potential to create an enjoyable online multiplayer is here so Tri Force Heroes seemed like a right time to be produced. Sharing a Zelda game with other people enthusiast for the franchise was something I was really looking forward to. Playing with my online pals and even family overseas was something I was looking forward too.

    Another thing @ShiroMZM brought to my attention while we were trying to play together is that the Spanish version of their official website mistranslated this:


    Go online via Wi-fi to team up with people from your Friends List or other players around the world.

    Into this:


    Connect to the Internet to team up with people from your Friends List or other players from any part of the world.

    Conéctate a internet para formar un equipo con personas de tu lista de amigos o con otros jugadores de cualquier parte del mundo.)

    It may sound like minor differences but it is misleading potential customers to believe you can play with people from ANY part of the world, which in turn leads them to not suspect that you cannot play with all your friends from your FL. The original is also misleading but it is vague enough to get away with it, because once you know of the region lock it still holds true you can play with people from other parts of the world (not any, not every, just other parts) and with friends from your list (but they must be from the same region as you are). If it was the norm for Nintendo games online to be region blocked I'd understand but it is something unusual that past online 3DS games like pokemon, kid Icarus, etc didn't have.

    I am ticked, guys. Very disappointed with the approach they took with this game and I honestly hope Nintendo reconsiders and lift the restriction through a patch or something. Probably if enough people complain in Miiverse it might get Nintendo's attention, but who knows? I am pretty much resigned this game had potential and Nintendo cut its wings with this crap. Furthermore we didn't learn from them of this, it was just dished out by another website that got to play it to give us a preview. I wish I had checked it before in detail, as while the re-posts left out the Friend List having the lock, the source stated it pretty clear,

    Quote from Mark Brown @ (28/sep/15)

    Also, you can only play with people on the same region. That should help with latency issues, but is a shame if you wanted to play with friends from around the world.

    Source: PocketGamer - Everything you need to know about The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

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    Like they were expecting we wouldn't notice the region lock or something. :rolleyes:

    The game never tells you there is a region lock either. It is like Animal Crossing when you're trying to go to another town. It simply states none of your friends have formed a team you can join. Even though you know your friend has just amde one and is waiting for you. The friend meanwhile in the lobby doesn't know, he just don't see the expected friend arriving.