Drawings and Stoof

  • So, I've been trying to get more into drawing again lately. It's a love-hate-frustration relationship with me and the pencil and paper, and honestly I'm hoping I'll get better eventually. I haven't shared my art in an online place in a long while, so this will be a fresh experience. Maybe I'll get inspired to draw cool stuff?

    These are some of my latest doodles that I have on the computer, I'll get around to uploading things I've doodled more recently today or tomorrow. I rarely finish a piece. x.x

  • This is all a huge improvement over the last piece of art I saw from you.

    Which, granted, was a long time ago. But f'real, this is good stuff. I particularly like the pokemans.

    Haha, I'm glad I've improved over the years and it's actually apparent. Sometimes I get into a funk like "WHAT AM I EVEN DOING THIS IS THE SAME CRAP I DREW X YEARS AGO?!" so it's good to hear from you. Thanks. :D

    I'd like to draw more Pokemon I think, they're pretty fun. :D I might sketch out an Empoleon sometime, they're pretty rad looking.

    Thank you so much for sharing your art with us.

    I think they are all really nice. I like how nice the poses look. I always get my characters so stiff.
    I also like the way you draw faces. Pretty cute.
    I wonder what's the story behind some of those drawings. :)

    Thank you for the compliments! I end up having a hard time with different poses. I've been trying to branch out but my knowledge of anatomy is pretty terrabad so they all end up looking disjointed. I think my characters look super stiff though, haha. XD

    Most of these are RP characters actually. I would go to a large roleplay forum and just crank out a bunch of characters. None of the characters are terribly fleshed out though :/ Maybe I can add more to them someday. I would like to see more of your art though! I'm excited for the next piece. Your Rey Mysterio was amazing.

    Really neat stuff. proportions seem sometimes off but your artstyle is appealing.

    I completely agree with you about my proportions. I was looking at them after reading your comment. I tend to draw very thin, long limbs and then get all weird in the hip area. I think that Clamp had some influence with that. XD I'll try to broaden my horizons. I appreciate compliments, but I appreciate the critiques just as much (or more)! I hope you keep them coming for my next pieces of art. :]

    Those are pretty cool. Good job! Do you have a drawing tablet? What program did you use to color them?

    Heya! :D I actually do have a tablet, it's a small little Wacom Bamboo. I DREAAMMMMM of getting a Cintiq someday... *__* I use an extremely old version of Photoshop for pretty much everything. (Photoshop CS2)

    I really want Paint Tool Sai or Open Canvas. >.> Gettin' ready to shank some of my artist friends for their's. <.<

  • Whoa...it's really something.
    I am really bad at art, so I kinda envy people like you who are good at art.
    Well, those drawings are really good. I love that pokemon drawing.

    Thank you, I appreciate the compliments! I'm not very good at fanart, so I'm happy that you like my Pokemon drawing. :]

    I think you would be really good at art. All it takes is practice and time. You have to train your brain to think like an artist, and usually that requires somewhere around 10,000 hours worth of practice to start. That's just the beginning of the journey for a lot of people, so I always encourage other people to start their journey into art whenever the mood hits them. :] Keep it fun and happy.

    I use Photoshop CS3, so we're pretty much in the same situation...

    I feel your struggle. :/ The programs aren't bad, but having newer ones would be amazing. <3