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    Mine I think still has to be the DS. I attempted to use the 3DS however couldn't get on with it at all and ended up just leaving it. I would love to attempt to try the 3DS again at some point to see if I get on with it any better but for now definitely sticking with the DS :)

    Probably sounds crazy but the only Soul Calibur game I played was Soul Calibur IV on the Xbox 360. I remember once playing with my brother and a friend and it was winner takes on the other person and that was a lot of fun. I can't help but feel that I missed out on so much though not playing the previous games.

    When I was a kid I remember I always used to love racing games and tennis games. We had a Nigel Mansel racing game on the Super Nintendo which I loved playing and I remember having a tennis game on the Sega Megadrive which I spent hours on :)

    For me it would have to be Rainbow Six Vegas 2 :) loved that game a lot and spent many hours on it (9 months straight on a nightly basis to be precise) and I have a copy again so I am able to go back and play whenever I can before the new one Rainbow Six Siege :)

    I had a SNES and I loved it :D my favourite game on that console would have had to have been either Super Mario World or Yoshi's Island :) spent hours upon hours of time on those games when I was younger!

    My username is a name I was given when I was at school. All my friends thought I was cute and I am also short so they gave me the nickname Shortie. It did stop being used after I finished high school until I started posting on forums and gaming which was when I started using it again :) the 86 is my date of birth and the 1 is a random one because I can be a random person :D

    Spam to me is when someone comes on and tends to continuously post just pointless posts such as "good post" or "awesome" just to increase their post count on a forum. I also find that people who come on and post threads linking to numerous different urls is also spam and something I hate to see.

    Not a fan of working out at the gym if I am honest. I would much rather buy equipment myself and do it at home or failing that I tend to walk to most places I go so I get a lot of exercise that way. I also find it cheaper to do it myself than to go to a gym.

    Right now I am thinking about what I will do later this evening. I have a free night tonight where I can do something I don't normally do. I guess that is always the case when you have free night you never know what to do with yourself :/

    Being a big gamer you would think this would be something I would look into and maybe even do however I have never named any of my kids after video game characters. I don't think I would even know what video game character I would name any of my kids after if I had any more kids, something I am curious about now and probably will have a good think about though :)

    Hey all! I am Nikki aka Shortie and I am a huge gamer. I also enjoy listening to music, forum posting, spending time with friends and family and generally living life to the full.

    Looking forward to chatting with you all around the forum! :D

    Take care!