Shoutbox Archive 80

  1. New test shoutbox

  2. What's going on? :O

  3. Bought upgrades for the forums both ZC and CdZ and the discordbox was discontinued. I cant even redownload the package. I shoulda saved it.

    Forums have great new features though

  4. I couldnt upgrade with the discordbox installed

  5. :lmao:

  6. @LinkSkywalker

  7. @Kaynil

  8. @Kaynil

  9. I see you

  10. I haven't been here in ages

  11. @Silent Lion Good to see you

  12. I also haven't been here in ages

  13. Alot of people haven't been here in awhile. @Kaynil

  14. @Link What Forum software is this now? Is it Woltlab still?

  15. Yeah still woltlab

  16. I kind of liked the discord integration, but I think it is pretty nice having a proper chatbox where we can use the elements of the forum, like its smilies. :3

  17. Oh wow, the smilies are tiny.

  18. Discord integration wouldnt work after I upgraded. The plugin was abandoned by its creator

  19. Oh, that's a big shame.

  20. @Kaynil