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    Years ago I came across an article suggesting that, by nature, some animals are attracted to the sensation of being high. Pygmy sloths in Panama are believed to be addicted to a certain moss that grows on red mangrove leaves. They will eat no other leaves from any other trees. The moss was examined and discovered to have similar effects to Valium. Dolphins purposely ingest a nerve toxin from puffer fish which makes them high. And just look at us humans, our modern western society can't even function without drugs. Hylians likely also depend on drugs, at least during the timeframe of Ocarina of Time it seems like drug use is in full swing.

    Potions actually are drugs, they are the equivalent to modern pharmaceutical drugs in reality, I assume. The Potion Hag looks pretty spaced out, probably from inhaling all those fumes coming off the potions. Grog looks like he is high, and perhaps he needed the Odd Potion, derived from Forest Mushrooms, as a detox so he could sober up. An

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