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    For me a remaster port is more likely than a 2Dish title in the 3DS but we Nintendo we just can't know.

    Grezzo was hiring for TLoZ afterall and they are looking the nostalgia. Maybe they will remaster an older portable Zelda or something. :/

    Thank you!

    Yes. Odd enough we don't have such a thread, glad you changed that.

    I'm 33 years old now. Hahahaha.

    I got pans and Zelda merch for gifts. Quite happy. ^^

    So... I tried Hyrule Warriors: Definitive edition today.

    My first impression is not good. I mean I was expecting getting nothing already but I was expecting a little more tweak to allow using the switch. You aren't even allowed to take videos.

    The Era of the wild outfits for Link and Zelda are unlocked right away, so I tried to redo the first mission with Link in his BotW costume and watch the cutscenes with Proxi and the Fragment of the Triforce resonating. They both defaulted to Link as a knight Trainee outfit.

    Now, in my WiiU I remember the outfit changed accordingly so this got me not only off guard but actually bothered me. I am hoping that at least the other outfits like OoT Link and such still work in the cutscenes and that it is only this BotW outfit the one that doesn't. Many of us want to see our outfits on the cool cinemas so it is a let down.

    Now, supposing only BotW outfits don't work, it just really show how much of an afterthought they were and how they didn't even feel the need to polish the product for the switch. Honestly, I feel kind of disappointed with that.

    I know it is not exactly news but still Nintendo, haha. So I moved it for it to appear in the website.

    I am actually pretty bummed about the decision. It felt like the app didn't last that long and it was only recently with the sidekicks and new features actually becoming complex enough.

    You'd think that since they allowed to spend real money they would leave something to access, like the camera mode or dressing your avatar.

    I loved the Zelda and inkling clothes, sad to know all that wardrobe was lost without a way to export to Miitopia, Tomodachi Life or something.

    Apparently, the news started with a tweet from BlackKite that showed a capture of the advert, a link to it and the following synopsis:

    Nintendo is hiring a level designer for The Legend of Zelda series. Will create events/dungeons/fields/enemies from design to actual implementation. Should have game planner experience on console games & can communicate in Japanese.…/kyoto_sec1.html#ld_zelda

    Then IGN and other media outlets quickly confirmed everything. With a web translator we too can get the gist of the recruitment notice. I've attached the capture of webpage and a capture of Google translated version of it in the thread with this news so feel free to click the title to head to our forums and have a look at it.

    It is an important find, as even though no game has been announced the mere fact of Nintendo scouting for talent to work in the Zelda franchises while at the same time offering a temporary contract that will only be renewed until the project is completed, which signal us to an specific new game. As an interesting side note, a comment by BlackKite to address someone's conjecture to this be for a Zelda smartphone game explains that term used in the form makes it more likely that they refer to proper console gaming.

    I can recall that some months ago Grezzo posted what was heavily implied to be a Zelda recruitment notice. Whether this is related or they are working in two different projects is left to be seen.

    Gotta check the details. Not that long ago apparently twitter was exploting with Nintendo not bringing the Virtual Console to the switch and now you;re telling me we'll get NES games with added multiplayer modes. It is interesting. I am definitely curious to see where Nintendo is going with this.

    I copied the thread from its original location to here also, so it would be displayed as site news.

    Hahah. You could have just moved it it so all the comments remain in the same place. :P

    Guys, feel free to link it. Sharing is caring.

    I don't think I have watched that one. I tend to be away from reaction people as more people it just seems either staged or too over the top. I think when you find a genuine reaction that really reverberates is really satisfying. I imagine as a Zelda fan seeing someone being so genuine must be really touching.

    And I definitely agree, Henhouse. In my case, that TP reveal trailer with the journalist crowd cheering in still gets me pumped up.

    When I installed all the DLC and bought all the upgrades/packs for HW for Wii U, and I got all those "Unlocked" notifications at the start of the game when playing on a different user, took like 10 minutes to get to the title screen... GUHH

    Hahahah. That happened to me too. Even the little fanfare became tedious. I honestly felt there was no end, hahah.
    You had to press "A" on each, too.

    I really hope that we don't wait for the next Nintendo Console for a new zelda, and I definitely hope we are not waiting until the next console for the release of the Zelda games we want, deserve and need :p

    Btw, Kaynil I really dig how the quotes look on Woltlab.

    Quoting you so you can keep admiring them. Hahaha

    But yeah, I think it is very little likely they would do that. I am sure they are planning to milk the console so most likely a new big Zelda will be on the works for when they finally feel free to let the 3DS rest and just like with BotW in order to fill the gap and wait they will give us some ports / remasters... or well, maybe that's just me being very positive. XD

    Maybe you should wait till new model of switch comes out to test it out. That would make it two birds with one stone. Haha.

    I host my own Teamspeak server for chats with my tech friends, we usually hop on every weekend and talk sh*t.

    Is team speak still a paid service or am I miss remembering things again? XD

    It is a shame that forum communities move to Discord-only sometimes, but I have also seen them co-exist well. Zelda Universe definitely has users that are active on both the forums and Discord, but Discord is also home to many people who would never join the forums.

    I have noticed that too. I was actually discussing this on another community. I think if you are not careful rather than compliment each other, the discord guild can end up making the forum redundant. I've heard some people complaining of the server killing the forum activity, and while that sounds like the same gripe people used to have with shoutboxes, I feel like discord with groups, categories, roles and other features is actually more likely to steal the spotlight if not done right.

    Discord is really convenient though. Today i tried videocall after skype video froze when I tried to call my family in Mexico. Discord was nice. Smooth and clean.

    Yeah. It is odd it didn't detect it was in both consoles. For DLC in theory, even for the same console I shouldn't be able to play DLC of one region if my secondary account in the same switch is linked to a Nintendo Account from a different region. Are your other accounts local? Because maybe they allow it so long they are not linked because the content cannot leave the console anyway. Maybe if you tried to link a different Nintendo Account to that secondary that's when the error or lack of registry would pop up. :/

    That sounds like something that's going to get patched soon, or will be exploited so much. I did notice that what you download by the switch can be played by any account, which I just assumed was by choice as to have a shared library but definitely, keeping the shared permissions after you transfer the account away is not an intentional feature. =O

    Sounds about right.

    Supposedly the online service being something we have to pay for is coming, I think around July, they had to postpone the date in order to remake it (I guess it was to archaic or not very secure) so we will continue in the old one for now without having to pay for it.

    As for the legacy game either they are sweeping it under the rug or they'll make it something like a really retro title like DK arcade game or the original SMB. 🤣

    I am very intrigued to see how will Nintendo tackle this if they decide to remaster Skyward Sword.

    That said, I noticed they mentioned the Wind Waker in a recent tweet, so that gave me ground to think that maaaybe they are planning to port the HD so they are trying to keep the game in people's minds with the excuse of the anniversary day.

    I really wish Nintendo would just adopt an account-wide digital game library like everyone else. if I bought it once, I bought it, period. Doesn't matter if it's the Wii, WiiU, DS, 3DS, Switch, or Switch 2.

    This. So much this. We got a NNID now, so I am really hoping they lean this way with it. Or at least concede some golden coins or something. There should be some sort of perk that makes it enticing for people if they expect them to rebuy stuff. They have definetly been pushing the digital buys but the perks have not been that good. At least in Australia many times the eShop price is higher than what I can find in some retails.

    I made the big mistake of buying BotW on my Wii U before I had the time to even consider playing it (was too busy). This Christmas my SO and I bought a Switch together and we love it... I asked Nintendo since I own the digital copy if they would consider transferring the license to a Switch version, since it's the same game, and same price. I was flat out told N-O. While I like Nintendo, I feel that their corporate attitude and policies are straight out of the 90s. It's as if they never, ever modernized. Calling their support department felt archaic. I left them some strongly argued thoughts in the feedback email (if that is ever even read or considered, hah).

    Needless to say, I bought the game again for Switch... :rolleyes:

    I am actually quite surprised that even though you called them directly they just didn't bulge o offer anything at all. It is once not to give it but you'd think that they'll at least consider something. Like I said at least changing it for coins so you could use them to discount the switch version. Anything. Even a crappy offer rather than just flat our refuse like that.

    Call me what you want if they version the new pokemon game atleast I can keep tradition by playing with myself ;p

    It would workout if I wanted to say start with the starters, I could get em all before my first playthrough really starts....

    If it works, it works. I did that with the 3DS, getting each Zelda version I could and a pokemon Game is coming for the switch, so is a question of when. Once a bgetter switch comes, you can trade the one less used to get a discount on the new one.

    Do you still? Sorry to quote you from so long ago. I just ask since I know AIM is officially dead now. Not sure about YIM. It's weird downloading programs like Pidgin, Adium and seeing MSN (which has been dead for years now), and other long-since removed IM platforms.

    No. I ended up uninstalling it a few months after. Trillian was just too bugged and Microsoft cut the third party skype plugins support.

    Lately I've been mostly on discord. :D