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    No worries. Nah, not at all. It just mean that the focus of our website is about the Zelda games. So we want to offer guides, tips, articles and news. :-J

    I got it though I am still confused.
    I really don't want to understand this as I might get addicted and I barely have enough time to watch my favorite anime these days.
    Anyway thank you kaynil. Uh... Will we be having any games like an arcade?

    Sorry about that. I am happy you were able to login just fine. :)

    I am the one at fault. I forgot all about my name change... Or should I say forgot all about gaining new respect like royalty :P

    I like the name now. Great avatar kaynil. I wanted to change my avatar but I just couldn't bring myself to do that

    We're Zelda website.
    This is the forum of the Zelda Cavern website.
    And, no worries, Claraviolet. :)

    Um...I hope this doesn't make others judge me but when you said Zelda website.... It means that you have installed a copy of the game on your server.
    Is that it? Or is it something else?

    Oh, you mean one I picked at FP? Hahaha. That was a joke. Someone suggested they changed FP from promotion into a community to talk about Disney Princess and in that ay get more activity, so I bought a name change for Jane, which is not a princess. I might keep her for a while.

    I still don't know what to be this Xmas. I want to throw a jab at Link being mistaken for a Santa's Elf but I don't want a big username, like "Not Santa's little helper" so I am still trying to come up with something better.

    I will change your name now. Hopefully, you will stay logged in even after the change. Let me know if you have any problems. :]

    Well..I was able to login using my email. I thought my account was gone for a second... Scary. ;_;

    I shouldn't affect old tags. Once the post is done the link to your account goes by your user number. :-J

    Alright, will change your name today and try to figure out a new name for me, hahaha.

    That sounds perfect. Xenforo offers better service than mybb in that aspect then. Great. I can't wait to see it then.
    I wonder if you would pick that princess again.

    Don't sweat. I am always eager for people to speak to speak their mind regarding things. You are as much part of this community as anyone else. I don't want to make you and other people feel alienated simply for not knowing or caring enough about the franchise. Although I want the niche of the forum to be Zelda, in no way I want to make this thread sound like I want to discourage the discussion of non-Zelda topics, I simply want in addition to them to make sure we do have something Zelda related to provide for people joining for our niche. So by all means, don't let our identity as a Zelda community intimidate you. If you want to talk about Anime or anything else you care about, bring it on. Above everything else I want this to be a community. I want members to make bonds and good memories. :-J

    Thank you Kaynil. I will at least read the manga of zelda sometime. It's really popular after all.

    I know that feeling of helplessness too. I hope it's okay for me to say this, but why don't you expand your horizons kaynil? I don't know anything about Zelda but I like the community here. I would love to drop by one in a while but I don't know what to talk.... So.....