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    My all time favourite anime was Evangelion. That was such well done anime, and I compare everything to it. The problem with it was is they lost a lot of their funding towards the end so the last few episodes wern't as great. Another thing was the fans were so pissed off with how the story ended the creators made a fan based movie that was supposed to be considered an alternate ending just to stop the hate mail from flowing in. Personally I liked the original ending but thats just me. I also like Bleach and Naruto.

    I have a few and I'll put them in order of newest favourite to oldest favourite, because as you get older your taste for movies change but you will still love all those ones from when you were kid cause they bring back good memories. Anyway enough explanation here goes.

    1. Fight Club
    2. Black Hawk Down
    3. Matrix (First One)
    4. Blood Sport
    5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (First One) :lol

    Hello everyone. I like to start off by saying the reason why I decided to join this forum is because Zelda Underground went down, and I needed to find a new forum to spend some of my spare time at. Anyway for the past few days I seen that Necco had "[Zelda Cavern]" written in his MSN name, and so finially today I decided to check it out and I was impressed enough to sign up. Anyway I hope to be around every so often and get to know the people at this forum better.

    - peace