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    Im not a bif fan of the Wii u, for me it doesnt suit my gaming needs, I would prefer to use a playstation in my opinion. However on the wii U there are some pretty cool games like smash 4 which I love to play. However I dont think I will be getting one anytime soon.

    SUPER MARIO BROTHERS!! was my favourite, I could not stop playing this as a kid.My parents used to get so mad as I was just so engaged in the game. I loved this game as a kid, and wished I ad the game this day so I could keep playing it.

    I think the design of Twilight princess is pretty awesome. And in my opinion outweighs any other design, it was a lot more detailed than any of the others, and you could really get a clear picture of the design.

    Has anyone watched the tv series of Zelda, I never got to see them as a kid, as the Super mario brothers ws normally on instead, and I never could find a tv station what showed the Zelda series instead. However I would be interested in knowing what you guys thought of the tv shows.