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    That's some pretty good progress there.
    Now that you got the motocycle do you use it more than your horses?

    And neat about unlocking all the towers, that makes things smoother having the map revealed and the fast travel points.

    Revali and Zelda Screenshot from Breath of the Wild cutscene where we can see Revali and Zelda.

    I've you have come across new articles where saying that the Spanish voice actors of Breath of the Wild confirmed that their recording sessions were finished, you have been misinformed. The truth is that we do not exactly what level of progress the work on the sequel for Breath of the Wild has right now.

    It's been over a year since we had any news on the sequel so unfortunately any droplets of information gets scrutinized. A podcast by the name "Un café con Nintendo" (A coffee with Nintendo) published a few days ago an special episode "Invitamos a un café a las voces españolas de Zelda y Revali" where they brought in two voice actors that worked with the Spanish dubbing of Breath of the Wild. Nerea Alfonso (Zelda) and Marcel Navarro (Revali) talk about their experiences in a very informal chat full of jokes and light-hearted comments. Such is the format their episodes seem to be handled.

    The episode takes a bit more than an hour and both actors explain about the secrecy that Nintendo has regarding their roles where they are isolated and not revealed any information, so many do their lines without having any context. As expected, when asked things regarding the work on the sequel they joke about not remembering if they have recorded or not, and resorting to "maybe, maybe no" kind of responses. It seems that many outlets in their race to be the firsts, picked up the podcast without regard for the actors, nor for learning the context and verifying the information so news sites in other languages such as French and English picked it right up with clickbait titles and gross assumptions out of them.

    For example, Marcel Navarro was invited because he was the voice of Revali in the first game, and the podcast itself has nothing to do with the sequel. It is an informal fan made podcast that this episode happened to have been able to invite two voice actors from a game they enjoyed but some people are stretching the fact that he talks about dubbing as a sure indication that Revali will appear in the sequel.

    In another common misconception taking the actors' comments out of context, articles were published announcing the voice actors had ensured that they have wrapped up dubbing the second part to which they confidently declared that the sequel was on its final stages of development. Through their twitter @cafeconnintendo, they released a note in Spanish and in English to the different media where they mention to be surprised by the way the interview was covered and that they don't share the "anything goes" approach.

    The more time we go without official statements from Nintendo the more we are going to be at risk of rumors and interview comments being taken out of context. Really, the only thing we know is that the game is being worked on and there's no say if we'll see it this year or sometime after. What matters is that the game is being developed and hopefully we'll get to enjoy a non-rushed game of quality, whenever it gets released.

    That is a way a describe the relationship the Nintendo. When they do it right it really is the sweetest and many pesist just in hopes of the next thing that'll make it worth it.

    Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo would keep Twilight Princess HD and the Wind Waker HD as something to release only near the end of the life span of the switch as their cards under their sleeve in hopes of retaining a bit more momentum. I mean, they haven't try at all to give any news on the games they have been said that they were working on.

    That reminds me that I saw how some people were "celebrating" in twitter the anniversary since the sequel of BotW was announced. So it's been over a year without Zelda news on it, and it's been long enough since most people that wanted top play Link's Awakening have put the game to the side. But we haven't heard anything on Zelda ports or anything.

    So the drought for news continues.

    I just started the game now, so I haven't finished it. I played a bit of the original while in Mexico watching my mom start her own file. I noticed this remaster makes the rupees pop a bit faster than the Gameboy version. We spent that night just grinding on the path of grass behind the crane game. That area covered by grass. Mom got enough rupess for the shovel AND for the bow. While I was had just purchased the bow myself.

    I have a lot to explore, but it is interesting how they rethink some things, like the crane game. Both can be flimsy and frustrating but I think the remaster has more static objects so it is a bit easier.

    What about you, Link? Did you make a new file in Hero Mode?

    I was seeing a twitter post of someone calling out how the "drought' of games of Nintendo in the Wii U were met with hard criticism but now that is happening again in the switch people are acting like it is not a big deal and you can just, you know, use the chance to play your backlog or some third party games.

    I hear what you are saying on the recalling their Wii U units, and how being perfectly new c9onsoles and still some people interested in the Wii U, we can't really get them anymore. It's such a waste.

    Now it is to hear about Nintendo and see if they will be bringing Zelda ports, or at the very least some more information on Breath of the Wild 2

    I still have the Wii U console out, mostly because I am still not done with Skyward Sword, but I wouldn't say no to have ports of these games on the Switch.

    That being said, now that some time has passed, we saw some 3D Mario games being bring over for the switch, so who knows? Maybe The Legend of Zelda titles are next on their table.

    It's almost May and we're just still as starved for news on this sequel to Breath of the Wild.

    Since we can't exactly wait for the E3 this year, what do you guys think?

    Do you think they are planning a big reveal so people can get hyped at a date near of completition and the same hype help sell copies?

    Or do you think we are just going to hear a bit but it is very unlikely the game come out this year?

    To be honest I am not sure what to make out of it.

    Just thought I'd take the opportunity to explain what's up with me and make a thread to discuss work in general, casual and temporary contracts, etc.
    So basically a friend and ex-housemate is Second in Command on a small department store and offered me a Christmas Casual position a few weeks after I returned to Australia from Mexico. So I have a job now but it will be only until the start of the next year.

    As a Christmas casual in retail, the hours have been increasing and have been changing a bit to suit the store needs, which means a pretty decent amount. So that's in part why I haven't been around as much. I arrive home just in time to cook dinner and do the dishes after and by then it gets to be close to bed time. In the mornings usually I get up straight to get ready, iron my uniform if needed and run to catch the bus, haha.

    Have you guys ever been employed as a Christmas casual?

    I just wonder how will they mark the end, is it going to be they simply will stop rostering me and letting me fall off the system, or will they give me a definite date for my last shift. I have no idea. First time being a temporary casual.

    So in the 3DS we got Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies and Bravely Second: End Layer.
    I've only played some of the first game.

    It is interesting to see an actual "Bravely Default II" being announced as in development for the Switch. Honestly at first I thought it was just a port of Bravely Second, but now that I know it is an actual new game I am excited..

    I decided to pick up again my file and try to see where it takes me. So have any of you guys completed this game?
    I'm on Chapter 4, but hopefully close to complete it and after it I heard the game goes faster. I hope so, I'm almost level 99. XD

    I am just saying. Sexual innuendos have always been in some Nintendo games. Look at the Pokemon games....You will figure it out.

    Hahaha. Yeah. I am not exactly ruling it out. Can't be denying there have been some "interesting" choices and innuendos through different Nintendo games. If you are correct, I guess that doesn't do any favours for our gal Hena from TP either, .

    It could be just because of recycled assets, but in Majora's Mask the item shop owner that looks like the fisherman of OoT also scratches his back.

    Calm your torches... Or is it flash lights? :lol:

    Nah, not poking fun at US language compared to UK, though I can see why it could have read like that.

    My comment was in response to this part of the post:

    Quote from Link (guest)

    Added the main English speaking countries. lol.

    What I mean is that back in good ol' '07 I was living in Mexico. Which is not an English speaking country and thus didn't appear in the poll, but Australia does. Haha.

    That's cool!

    Hope you get it.

    I thought no one was gonna reply anymore TBH, lol. I haven't finished the game because of some problems with my internet and playing it solo isn't fun :/

    Thanks for replying :)

    Man, I've been out of action for the past months due to personal issues, so I missed your thread when you arrived to the community. Allow me to give you a super late welcome. XD

    To be honest I am even more surprised that even after this time you still reacted to my reply. That's not something I see every day. It really made my day.

    I get what you mean. I tried playing solo for a while but it isn't the same in a game that is obviously meant to be shared. I learned the hard way I couldn't connect with most of my contacts because of the region change. Probably by now those contacts already moved on, haha.

    Once I get my US copy , I'll make sure to nudge and hopefully we can coincide and play some rounds together. If Link is still up for it we could make a team, haha.

    My friend code and Link's are in our profiles, so feel free to add us.
    I'll be adding you soon. probably next time I am online. It's almost midnight here so I can't search for my 3DS freely around the house, haha.

    I want to play it but most people I know live in America and I live in Europe. I am trying to get an american copy and an american 2DS or 3DS to be able to do it. <3

    Yu_gamer were you able to find more people to play with?

    There is a discord server for people playing this game. They seem to still be active today.

    Hey MQ116, that is an interesting theory slash idea you got going there.

    The idea off playing with Ganondorf is not new in Zelda forums, I am sure more than a few would really like if something like that was done, haha. This being said, I find pretty neat that you would like to focus on a different male Gerudo that is not a King of Evil, but just like the rest of the Gerudo having to bear the stigma and trying to do his best to get rid of the curse. I definitely agree that the Gerudo are not all evil and it was pretty neat to get a glimpse of their lives, way of thinking and culture through Breath of the Wild.

    I really don't know what to expect of BotW2. I am not even sure if Zelda will be a playable character, though to be honest, I am kind of hoping that she will have some active role and taht it can feel like both are exploring and helping things. There's a part of me concerned that maybe the teaser marks the Prelude taht will separate us from Zelda again and we will have to find how to rescue her and I am really hoping I am wrong, because that girl has a lot of potential to keep kicking some more.

    With Zelda not beinga sure thing as a playable character, I find it really hard to imagine them bringing a third, unrevealed character into the mix. Then again, who knows? If you're right, you'll have this thread as proof you came up with it before it was revealed, hahaha.

    Honestly, even if it doesn't happen like that, maybe you could make a fanfic where you bring this Gerudo Prince to life and make him team up with Zelda and Link.

    To help bring your points with the theories and stuff. I went ahead and took some snaps of the teaser trailer.
    I should have known the album would be full of files with "hand" in their tiitle, hahah. :lol:
    Here you go:

    Feel free to add more screenshots to it.

    Now, as for the theories:

    I do speculate that Link will have some sort of power of sealing, and it involves his hand.

    I do agree with you. That power is probably related with seal.


    For me that whitish hand is what makes we wonder a lot.
    1. We see it on presumed Ganondorf right before it comes back.


    2. We see it saving Link from the fall when he loses consciousness

    I wonder if that is some sort of spirit related to that ability and if it is an ally.

    Maybe Link was trying to seal but the Malice overpowered it. :/
    At the beginning of the video we see the green light converge into it as it is touching the corpse.

    About that relative he might have, that would actually be a descendant from Twilight Princess and it is sort of an easter egg tying back to OoT. So sadly, we can't really use this person to get any closer to the truth as she also doesn't know why she gets itchy sometimes.

    Noise alert. The audio static is strong with this recording I found on YT.

    It definitely is interesting to theorize how come he has such a strong itch.

    For starters there's something called "swimmer itch" caused by bites of certain parasites from contaminated waters. Even though humans are not the usual hosts they can get in the skin, and I don't know if this is related or not but one of the shapes are the flat worms. It is probably just a coincidence but the sinking lure kind of looks like a worm, so, who knows, maybe that lure belonged to the fisherman and he actually has been spending too much time in areas without properly washing and drying himself afterwards. So yeah, maaaaaybe Link shouldn't be using the Iron Boots when he goes fishing on that pond in Lake Hylia.

    I already feel itchy just seeing this water level...

    That being said, it would be odd Hena also shares the same itch problem. If this was to tie her as a descendant, then this suggest the itch could be more some sort of genetic medical condition. Perhaps this condition gets exacerbated in this line of work these two share. Hahah.