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    Link's Awakening is an old game that has had a place in the hearts of many fans. It was released back in 1993. Some projects to remake it and bring it back had been made by the fans, but it seemed like it was one of those games that had long seen past their opportunity for Nintendo to look back. It was then a surprise that they ended the stream to show us a video of what seemed to be a stormy night at the sea and a small boat struggling among the giant waves. This is an animation re-imaging the original opening of Link's Awakening for the Gameboy.

    Back in the day I always liked the design for Link they had in the Oracle games, so I enjoyed seeing it return for some of the recent Zelda games.
    It is quite telling that even though the game looks very similar to the way they made A Link Between Worlds the release will take place for the switch. It's aimed to be released sometime this year.

    The cartoon animation was marked as "Not Actual Gameplay", so I am not sure if this means it was done just for this Direct Presentation, like the fight Link and Pit had to annouce Lady Palutena for SSB4, or if this is a cinematic (non playable moment) and we will see more through the game.

    So how do you guys feel about this?

    Ah, I just figured that since February is both Link's Birthday (the release of the original The Legend of Zelda) and the month for love and friendship we could have some fun but giving Link a partner to spend a lovely evening in some fine dining and spectacular hotel with top view...

    Anyway, you can take it seriously and nominate the classic choices like Zelda, Malon, etc
    Or make just some unexpected matches and lets see who the community chooses.

    You can nominate more than one romantic interest.

    Planning in doing the voting on Monday, 11th right in this thread.
    I'll keep updating it as you guys go.

    As noted by the Daily Star, Nintendo of Japan recently posted a job advert recruiting a 3DCG designer to help with the terrain in The Legend of Zelda. The intriguing detail here that unlike past adverts, this time Nintendo is openly admitting it is to work in The Legend of Zelda.

    The original page:…kyoto_sec1.html#geo_zelda
    And this is what visiting the page for the hiring advert displays when you use Google Translate:

    It is kind of hard not to get the the wheels rolling in excitement with the idea of the development of the next big title, then again, it could just be for a remake or something on a smaller scale.

    Either way, it sounds like good news for those of us hoping for more Zelda. What do you think?

    I think I already said to you directly a lot of my thoughts through that DM conversation but just to leave it out in the open.

    1. I am quite impressed this is a one person project and that is going strong even after so many years, not only that but the resolve to finish it this year if possible. I've noticed that very few projects, no matter how strong they start, tend to last before finding a big obstacle or having the people involved just moving into something else.
    No doubt though that what you are doing will help you for future projects. I am very excited to see it come to completion.

    2. That makes a lot of sense, being familiar with the software must have been a very good help. Nice that you find a way to put together two things you enjoy so much.

    3. Thank you for showing me the battle system. It is great that you were able to create bosses and real time combat for the game.

    4. / 5. That makes sense. I think that's a good location to avoid too many headaches regarding placement, haha.

    6. No worries, I figured as much but I never heard the term "concho" before so I thought it'd be better I asked.

    From that video I find really interesting how you utilize stuff from different games, like Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, and not just the portable or retro ones. That's really neat. Did you make a conscious decision to add a bit of the different Zelda games or is that just the sounds that made sense for you at the time?

    *rubs hands*

    Oooh, I have some questions and comments to make. It is always a big pleasure seeing dedicated projects like this one to take place in the Zelda community.

    I think I'll just bombard you the questions as they come to me.

    1. How many people are involved in the project?

    2. What made you decide to go for it and start working in a tribute fangame?

    3. Is this a turn base based RPG?

    4. Do you have in mind an specific Link from the other Zelda games or is this one a completely new Link?

    5. If you had to place your fangame in the official timeline, whereabouts would it take place?

    6. What do you mean Thaneri enjoys concho when mudering Hyruleans?

    Also, we have a Spanish equivalent of the community at ""
    Although I had to go to hiatus for a while I am still in contact with some of the members through a whatsapp group, so I definitely would let them know of your project and it would be easier if you could post it in Spanish for us. You'd have to make another account for it, but I am sure it would be something that some members there would love to hear about your project.

    Also, hearing that you got 65-70% is pretty outstanding. I've seen many projects start but few got the dedication to pull it through. Sounds like this project has been going for over 5 years and that commitment is admirable. I amd efinitely looking forward to hear the updates as you progress with it.

    I thought that was probably the case, since I missed the weekend here.
    I have read the thread, it is pretty neat. I will post more of my thoughts there.

    Pitzo, I hope we get to see you around. I have a lot to ask you on your project but I will do that in your thread. :3

    Just a heads up in case someone else was interested in the game and didn't know about this.
    Axiom Verge is going to be available for free in the Epic Games store for two weeks between February 7th and 21th.

    I remember some people were describing this game when it originally came out like a good Metroid-like type of game, so I am definitely interested in trying this game.
    I don't know if it lives to its hype but so far I have the idea that it holds a reputation of being a well done game.

    Saria looks like she really needs a hug. Haha

    Seriously though, it is nice to see how far it is getting. This is basically all of the first dungeon.
    And that arrangement for the battle music is really neat. The game needs a lot of polish but no wonder why people are following the project since it is looking pretty nice and has been going on for years. It is also pretty nice the author lets you try out what they've got so far.

    Isn't this the same person that made that Kakariko Village video a while ago? I think that's what got a lot of people curious and made him decide to go more seriously with the project. I am assuming this, of course, I could be very wrong.

    Hahaha. I find it funny the title is Rules and the content is basically, we're hiring article writers. :P

    You know that is probably more likely, and wasn't really something I considered. Still, I'd just love to see the Gamecube library conveniently accessible once more.

    Oh, I definitely think it would be a great move. there were a lot of good games and finding them physically is harder, let alone memory cards. There's a lot of bootleg going on which I had no idea until a friend tried to get a "new" one online. Like you said, that is one library that hasn't been touched for a virtual console at all, so it'd be cool to have it.

    I can take SNES, GB/GBC/GBA games on a "rental" basis. Gimme my damn zelda games that I can buy :p

    I think it'd be a matter of time we get most of the Wii U playable ones into the switch.

    In general the rental basis would be fine if it was a proper library rather than just the most popular titles. If Nintendo were to release for far more consoles than just the NES and a lot more games than just the same 50 ones they already did in their minis it can become a lot more compelling. Even if it was it's own thing and not a perk for the Online service for Switch.

    Those SNES titles seem to include those in the SNES mini. I know I sound spoiled right now but hope they add more variety because that make it a bit of a pointless reward for the people who bought the classic mini.

    The rumours on the other two emulators to be N64 or GC seem a bit far-fetched to me. Don't get me wrong, I agree it would be cool to have access to GameCube titles. I think it would be smart from Nintendo and I am not saying that you are, but I have seen others sites run with the speculation almost as a certainty when in reality they don't know at all what the emulators are about. For all we know they might be just roundabouts for specific games.

    I think they would probably implement N64 and GC, one at the time, in order to ensure it is working well. Putting emulation for those consoles when their service is being rubbish at keeping two people connected to play 8bits games if they don't happen to be neighbours, sounds like more headaches for them.

    If I am to speculate on what other consoles those could be, my guess would be going for the ones that are similar to NES and SNES graphics, like the Gameboy / color or maaaaybe Advance.

    Whatever it is, I hope they do talk about this soon enough.

    This is amazing news. I am so happy. Though I guarantee it wont release until it is time for everyones yearly Switch membership to expire :p

    I so thought in you mentioning this in the last thread when I hard about this data mining, hahaha.
    So the service started on September 28. That means we'd have 8 more months of them dripping 2-3 NES games.
    Sounds about right. The NES collection could be a little something by then.