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    I just realized you said it is 60cms, wow, that's pretty cool!
    Where do you keep them? What special care do you need to give them?

    3 real 5 me

    You make sure you're getting plenty of sleep!

    Ah, man. Thanks. I hope so are you.

    So you have to drive a lot for your job? Being on the road for so long sounds pretty demanding.

    On twitter someone I follow @Yami_sha posted a still from the announcement video where we can see a girl similar to Paya and she questions if that's Impa. It hadn't dawn on me then that we would be seeing her Young.

    When you meet Impa in BotW the way she greets Link is like he must have spent some time together back in the day, so being able to finally see how they got long and what kind of moments they shared together sounds freaking sweet! Also, they say around that Paya took after Impa's looks, so it'll be fun to see if they are going to carry over some of the jokes that were with Paya as another wink.

    Maybe I am getting to ahead of myself, since it is just a Hyrule Warriors game and probably they are not going to go too far with the story, but the potential is there.

    So the trailer gave us good insight of some of the characters we will be able to see in the game, which ones are you looking forward to?
    Is there a character in particular you think it will be fun to play as?

    I wonder how much will say, Daruk differ from the move set Darunia had in the first game.
    Or Mipha from Ruto's.
    Zelda movements with the sheikah slate seems pretty neat.

    Wow, I now I wonder if that's how the pace is in the manga or if the pace just been handled poorly. It's great to hear that even though your partner was so close to call it quits the series had better episodes that lifted the bar and actually had character growth.

    I would like to continue watching it as it goes, though I'm terrible at keeping up with shows as they run. So we will see.

    That's a problem for me too, I always end up lagging behind. I tried to watch my hero academy and now I am behind a few seasons because even after the season comes out, I rather wait for all the episodes on the season to be out and sometimes I forget by then, haha. Life gets in the way and now I am a season or two behind. Whoops.
    I tend to favor complete series. The only ongoing series I've watched recently have been the ones on Netflix.
    I've been thinking in trying to watch some crunchy roll, maybe this series is something to keep in mind if I do.

    You awake yet? Good morning!

    I envy your foresight with your handle, actually. "Kaynil" is unique and versatile.

    Good morning, day, evening, hahah.
    I woke up to go straight to work. I only got off till today.
    I just fell asleep during the weekend. Too exhausted.

    Kaynil Ugh, I hear you about eating out more when you work more. The difference between 40 hours and 50 hours is that I wind up spending all that extra money on food that makes me feel shitty and shortens my lifespan. I empathize, bud <3

    Hahah, that's such a good way to put it. I'm sure it is not helping things, but honestly I find hard not to go for the less healthy options because it is conveniently located so close to where I work, so I can basically go across to get the food and right back to the lunch room for my 15-30 min break.

    Hey guys, giving the place a visit before heading to bed, which I should had hours ago, specially since I work tomorrow from early, haha. Whoops.

    Kaynil Good morning to you! I'd defs take retail over hospitality, any day. Nice choice. :)

    I wanted to make a concerted effort to hang out here more, and I figured a good first step was to get my profile all updated. I've generally preferred "LS" to the full "Linkskywalker" for a long time, since I'm not actually much of a Zelda or Star Wars fan anymore. The only problem is that most places don't let you use two-letter usernames. I don't really like the double underscore either, but being an administrator doesn't exempt me from the "only one name change every ~180 days" rule, so I'll have to wait until later to figure out a better way to spell it.

    That makes sense. It is interesting how some things that growing up they feel like there's no way that it is going to change, haha.
    LS is still pretty nostalgic to me. The forums today allow for spaces, so maybe adding an space between L and S might be enough? Or adding a period after each letter. :/

    I noticed that as well. I was wondering if I should just unlock and maybe unstick it, haha. I guess we could redo the rules for this section.
    It feels oddly comforting to me to have those old threads as cringy as it is when I find my old posts in dark blue. :lmao:

    Once again, out of nowhere, we were hit with a surprising video announcement. We are shown some scenes in the style of Breath of the Wild. except that these were NOT about the sequel game that Nintendo is working on, it turned out to be showing events during the time that we only have gotten small glimpses about thanks to the unlocked memories 100 years ago. The game then could serve as a sequel of Breath of the Wild, the catch is that this is not a Zelda game, it is a crossover game, the second Hyrule Warriors game.

    That being said, we are reassured that this game will tell us the events that we couldn't see in BotW and that this time Nintendo is working really closely with Koei Tecmo to make sure this game stays close to BotW. From the footage we can see we will be able to use the other champions and Zelda.

    What are your thoughts?