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    There's so much to talk and speculate, but I'll start with some questions and let you know my thoughts in the replies.B-)

    How do you guys feel about the revelation of a movie being in the works?

    Are you okay with it being live action or do you think a different medium would suit it better?

    Are you hoping for an adaptation or an original story? :tektite:

    Man, it's been a while.

    Right now I am trying Opera, trying their gaming one. Looks like it'll take more resources but I am enjoying the (Zelda) themes.
    Funny I originally downloaded it because it was clean, fast browser. I guess I can't help my cluttery-tendencies. (°^O^°)

    I am using Brave Browser.

    I used to have Brave on my phone, it worked really nicely.

    Oh, man. I love reading fanfics. it's been a good while since I sat through one and my high school mess of a fanfic is still somewhere. This got me thinking about our blog area that might be cool to add some fanfic related categories there.

    Anyway, I'm really eager to start reading your fanfic, Laxy!! :grinning:

    Hi, mastofire. Welcome.
    And yeah, that kind of question is fine. At most we might move the thread around if we decide it fits better in another area.

    've been going through my old Wii U digital purchases (though you can't buy stuff on the eShop anymore, you can still access it and review the stuff you bought in the past), and when I got to Hyrule Warriors, I noticed two very similar-looking DLCs: I would like to know what, if any, difference there is between these two.

    Oh, boy. It has been a long time since that happened so take what I say with a lot of salt. I tried to google a bit to kind of pierce together what I remember with what appears to be the case. This reddit thread seemed to bring the best results.

    Basically, when the game reached the WiiU / 3DS they added a new plot line in addition to the original one of Link & Lana's plot from the Wii. The wiiU/3DS versions was when they revealed Linkle, and I believe one of your DLC there (possibly the second one since I can clearly see Linkle) is where you get her character and other ones such as Tetra and Toon Link.

    Then the Hyrule Warriors Legends Pack would be the season pass for the back then newer character being revealed (from Link's Awakening I remember Marin) and new weapons for other characters.

    I hope that helps. :grinning:

    Hello hello! Welcome Laxy!!
    That sounds really good. Please continue to share it.

    OoT was also my introduction to the series so I have a massive soft spot for it! (^^)
    I hope you enjoy your stay!

    Hey hey, doing alright. I got some minor stuff going on in life, but I mean who doesnt have problems.

    Fair enough, haha.
    Hope things look up.

    I watched my older siblings play Zelda games (LOZ, LOZ II, ALTTP, WW) growing up but I first played one in about maybe 2018 or 2019. It was Link's Awakening DX for the Gameboy. I really liked it, so I continued to collect them and play them.

    That's pretty cool. Link's Awakening was the first handheld I played. The DX version is definitely the better version. I love the pictures, hahaha.

    My favorite one has to be Majoras Mask.

    I still think OOT is the greatest, but I like MM the most.

    That's pretty neat.

    I have a lot of appreciation to both titles. :grinning:


    I have to admit I'd forgotten about this place, until I got an email notification about this thread being posted to.

    That's alright man, It is always great to see you when you decide to pop in.

    orry to hear things aren't great. Someone in my family got diabetes a couple of years ago and he's turned it around, lost a ton of weight and now all the tests are clear. Although the dodgy knee isn't going to help.

    That's really cool to hear!! Mad respect to that member of your family. It isn't easy.
    For now I got it under control. Trying to keep active and take care of my carbohydrate intakes. Because of my back and knees problems I am getting pressure to lose weight and well, let's see how it goes. I am fortunate enough to have support.

    I'm doing alright, finished my novel (finally) and gone back to working from home, mostly, which is better.

    Oh! Congratulations!! that's so cool to hear!!

    Also working from home sounds pretty neat.

    I thought for a moment we were talking about the sky islands , which were alright if not a bit underwhelming. There weren't that many to begin with, like to have so many copy&paste. I get they couldn't be as big as the tutorial island but I would have liked to have a bit more of sky remains to explore and maybe even some SS easter egg given with how heavily they tried to hint a correlation with the game when they were doing their promos for both games.

    I still have them, but I did buy one of those Analogue Gameboys. It is pretty sweet

    I don't think I have heard of them before your comment, however from what I could read, if they are the ones from, they are pretty cool!!

    I like that you can use more than just Nintendo cartridges with Neo Geo and Lynx.
    Also that supports multiplayer and dock to HDTV. I am definitely keeping them in mind.

    That being said, I am not sure they can support Gameboy Advance cartridges, as it sounded to me like they were just for classic Gameboy/color cartridges. Can they?

    I still say they should have brought the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess to the Switch.

    Oh, for sure. They did a nice job with the remastering of them and it I a shame that many missed them.

    Having Skyward Sword on the switch, adding TP and tWW would've made possible to have most of the home console Zelda games available, since with Nintendo Online Service you can access OoT, (and I think MM too?) , ALttP and the original TLOZ. Great to play with the dock and on the go.

    I definitely would've loved having the wind waker and Twilight Princess on the go.

    It's been a long time. I have forgotten what I had shared about my situation back then other than the retail job I had, which I still have.

    I have been meaning to return to Zelda Cavern and today is the opportunity. I hope you guys had excellent Christmas and New Year celebrations!

    I have a rotative schedule right now and I diabetes. And lower back pain, and ankle cramps flaring up at times and the most recent, apparently now also my left knee hurts! Whee!!

    I find myself with less time and energy, but although it took me this long, I didn't forget of Zelda Cavern and I have been visiting from time to time, so I am hoping to do more than lurking now and try to slowly find my rhythm back and enjoy the community.

    PS. Seeing that this thread was made in 2015 kind messing with my head. haha

    Hi, Alan that sounds tough. Usually Nintendo is pretty good with counter measures. It is so weird that it saved that you were able to ascend with Riju but not that you have powered the 4 batteries.
    Did you ever find a way to reach the room or where you able to defeat the boss like that?

    It's been a while since I did that temple, so I'd probably would need trying to recreate what you described if I was to search for a solution. I really hope it didn't cost you the whole progress.

    As a Zelda and Nintendo fan the last two years have been pretty weird for me. Call it burn out or general disappointment with Nintendo's decisions in some other games and hardware but I found myself for the first time ever not feeling hyped with the trailers. I was curious when the ultrahand and fusing mechanics came out but I wasn't losing it. And that was really weird. I mean, people that know me in person, quickly learn that the easy way to gift me something I'd like is giving me something Zelda related.

    This is to say that instead of jumping on the game it actually took me some days debating with myself. Of course I ended up buying it. At first I was overly critical, maybe to soothe my ego. Like I noticed a piece of texture glitching on a building in the Sky Islands, the water filter acting wonky, etc. Little stuff that didn't matter.

    Once I started unlocking the arm functions I got hooked. It was a nice way of being hooked. I thought I'd feel overwhelmed but it has felt pretty chill in terms on letting you create your own pace. You can get story elements or explore or collect as you see fit. I won't get much on what I think on the story I've uncovered so far but the game on itself has been alright.

    Also, I managed to get myself stuck pretty early in the game:

    Before anything, I apologize I haven't adjusted the name of this area. I had an error pop up when I tried. I'll try again when I have a proper chance to sit down and experiment. (@_@)

    Anyway, onto the topic:

    Tears of the Kingdom

    That's a very interesting choice for a name. There are two things that get my attention.

    First is "The Kingdom".

    The last game, Breath of the Wild, took place within the corners of the Kingdom of Hyrule. If I remember correctly, this game logo in the Japanese language decided to claim back the title from the very first game where instead "Hyrule Fantasy" was the title and "The Legend of Zelda" the sub title. So for people who are not familiar with the Zelda lore outside this title, there's only one Kingdom you can think about. The title could have easily been "Tears of A Kingdom" so having is as "The Kingdom" reenforces said idea.

    It begs the question of why not use "Hyrule" rather than the word Kingdom. Other than "tears of Hyrule" might not roll as nicely or intriguing I can think of another scenario: "The Kingdom" is going to turn out to be both important in the game and not Hyrule. As it stands, it's been a hundred years since the cataclysm and a proper Kingdom ruling over. Hyrule has been without a free ruler with Ganon being held back by Princess (should I say Queen?) Zelda. And we see that we'll be threading in new territory above the land, so maybe the title's Kingdom will be related to that.

    Secondly, "Tears".

    It really makes me wonder if we'll be in to have more tragic moments coming through or if it is a metaphor about regrets. Similar to how we find Ikana in Majora's Mask. It makes me wonder if we'll come in contact with the ruins of a Kingdom, which I guess circles back to how I find interesting .

    Out of that, I think I like the name. Not as hard to get used to as other names reveals though I'll always have a soft spot for names being related to the items and people's Titles, but hey, who's not to say that the tears of the Kingdom is a title for one of the new abilities or something.

    Anyway, what do you guys think?

    Any ideas for the choice of a name?