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    Hey MQ116 , that is an interesting theory slash idea you got going there.

    The idea off playing with Ganondorf is not new in Zelda forums, I am sure more than a few would really like if something like that was done, haha. This being said, I find pretty neat that you would like to focus on a different male Gerudo that is not a King of Evil, but just like the rest of the Gerudo having to bear the stigma and trying to do his best to get rid of the curse. I definitely agree that the Gerudo are not all evil and it was pretty neat to get a glimpse of their lives, way of thinking and culture through Breath of the Wild.

    I really don't know what to expect of BotW2. I am not even sure if Zelda will be a playable character, though to be honest, I am kind of hoping that she will have some active role and taht it can feel like both are exploring and helping things. There's a part of me concerned that maybe the teaser marks the Prelude taht will separate us from Zelda again and we will have to find how to rescue her and I am really hoping I am wrong, because that girl has a lot of potential to keep kicking some more.

    With Zelda not beinga sure thing as a playable character, I find it really hard to imagine them bringing a third, unrevealed character into the mix. Then again, who knows? If you're right, you'll have this thread as proof you came up with it before it was revealed, hahaha.

    Honestly, even if it doesn't happen like that, maybe you could make a fanfic where you bring this Gerudo Prince to life and make him team up with Zelda and Link.

    To help bring your points with the theories and stuff. I went ahead and took some snaps of the teaser trailer.
    I should have known the album would be full of files with "hand" in their tiitle, hahah. :lol:
    Here you go:

    Feel free to add more screenshots to it.

    Now, as for the theories:

    I do speculate that Link will have some sort of power of sealing, and it involves his hand.

    I do agree with you. That power is probably related with seal.

    For me that whitish hand is what makes we wonder a lot.
    1. We see it on presumed Ganondorf right before it comes back.

    2. We see it saving Link from the fall when he loses consciousness

    I wonder if that is some sort of spirit related to that ability and if it is an ally.

    Maybe Link was trying to seal but the Malice overpowered it. :/
    At the beginning of the video we see the green light converge into it as it is touching the corpse.

    About that relative he might have, that would actually be a descendant from Twilight Princess and it is sort of an easter egg tying back to OoT. So sadly, we can't really use this person to get any closer to the truth as she also doesn't know why she gets itchy sometimes.

    Noise alert. The audio static is strong with this recording I found on YT.

    It definitely is interesting to theorize how come he has such a strong itch.

    For starters there's something called "swimmer itch" caused by bites of certain parasites from contaminated waters. Even though humans are not the usual hosts they can get in the skin, and I don't know if this is related or not but one of the shapes are the flat worms. It is probably just a coincidence but the sinking lure kind of looks like a worm, so, who knows, maybe that lure belonged to the fisherman and he actually has been spending too much time in areas without properly washing and drying himself afterwards. So yeah, maaaaaybe Link shouldn't be using the Iron Boots when he goes fishing on that pond in Lake Hylia.

    I already feel itchy just seeing this water level...

    That being said, it would be odd Hena also shares the same itch problem. If this was to tie her as a descendant, then this suggest the itch could be more some sort of genetic medical condition. Perhaps this condition gets exacerbated in this line of work these two share. Hahah.

    It's beautiful and if I was ever to be a parent I am sure I can learn a lot from you. I think it is cool how you are showing your kid the joys and your passion.

    And no worries. I went to Mexico and I made sure to bring back my gameboy color with me. That console meant a lot and I'd still use it today.

    I went to a retro store and got Skiing for the Atari 2600. It is not Zelda, but it is still a part of my childhood and I want it around.

    What you gave away to spread the joy those games gave you, it was good on its time and now recovering what matters to you and being able to share it with your kids is just awesome. Way to go! :thumbup:

    Hahaha. No worries.

    Like I said, the shape does look similar and it wasn't like the top of it was very clear.
    I still wonder if the Gerudo Crest redesign was influced a bit by the mask, or if the similarities are just coincidence.

    I definitely think it is the Gerudo Symbol.
    Because of OoT I always think of the Moon and star as the Gerudo Crest, haha. It's been changed for decades now, I need to get over it. XD

    With your images, for me it is pretty clear that it is the shape of the Gerudo Crest with an added outline and details in the top and bottom shapes.

    Maybe the reasoning is that the symbol has gone through changes since it's been so many centuries in comparison to the past timelines.

    oh, and from that trailer some people think the corpse's jewelry are also sporting the Gerudo crest.

    You know, I never thought of comparing the Gerudo Crest with the Majora's Mask.
    That's actually quite interesting, since it would match it if it wasn't for the top side that gives a heart outline shape to the mask.

    Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Crystal were the first pokemon games I played and the ones that got me hooked the most of the ones I've tried. Pokemon Crystal was my favourite. I don't know if it is because the pokemon were manageable, my age or if they are actually just that nicely balanced.

    I am happy you were able to get a proper legitimate copy of Crystal.

    I know at this probably many of you have gotten to see by yourselves how well things held up for this new release. To be honest when I saw that intro scene, it immediately reminded me of LA's one and once we were flashed parts of Link I was already having trouble muting the Dolphin and not squeal while still in disbelief that it was actually happening and we were going to get a remake of Link's Awakening for the Nintendo Switch.

    It seems like it was based on the Deluxe version, so the upgrades of the extra dungeon and stuff, save for the Paparazzi pictures are still there. I'm sure I'm going to miss them, but I guess with the switch ability to take screenshots and videos they figure it was a good swap in order to bring something unique to this version.

    Now, I've heard about the Dungeon Editor mode with Dampé. I am not sure if we were overestimating what that mode was going to do, or if it is just something that didn't have enough tweaking. Since I haven't started my file, I have no proper opinion based from my own experience. However the impression I've gotten from what I've seen around is that this part of the game is tedious and disappointing. Therefore I am very interested to know what do you guys think of it if you have had a chance to try it yourselves.

    "Link's Awakening" is the original game released for the Gameboy Color and Link's Awakening Dx, is the same game with a few things added. I think if you re to play one of them, I'd recommend you to go with the "Deluxe" version rather than the original one.

    That being said, this same game got a remake for the Switch and released a few weeks after you created this thread. I haven't tried the game myself but as far as I can see it feautures a lot of the DX stuff, so if you have a Nintendo Switch, that's another option.

    *Appears months leater* Did someone said my name?

    Hey, TwilightLink , pleased to meet you! I had an NES but I didn't know of the series until the Nintendo64. To this day I wonder if we ever rented it while I was too young to really remember though I want to think a golden cartridge would stand out on my memory, haha.

    You sound like a very creative person. If you ever feel like sharing stuff you write, graphics o anything else you'd like with us please do not hesitate. We also have a Blog add-on you can access within our top menu.

    Once again, very pleased to meet you.

    Ah congrats in beating the game!
    I am just about to start it since the game came out while I was in the middle of the journey, hahaha.

    It turns out my mum had become a huge Zelda fan too in my absence. She started playing her switch version and I just followed her along with the Link's Awakening ROM I had purchased in my 3DS. It was interesting as a way to compare both games. It seems Dampe's location is where the Paparazzi's house used to be, which I guess makes sense. I still wish we could have gotten the pictures redone with this gorgeous "Oracle of X" style.

    Seeing your final inventory, I see the dungeon of color is still there. Neat!

    I am so happy to see they kept the the extra bit of the ending when you do the zero-deaths run. Even without it being a video, it looks really cool.

    OMG! They are so gorgeous and detailed!
    Ooooh, from what I can see they are from First4Figures. That's pretty cool. I remember the Dark Link one. Ever since they opened with OoT stuff they have done so many cool figures and they are limited, as far as I can recall so it is pretty awesome you have gotten such a nice collection over the years.

    I like them all. I find pretty cool the details in Ganondorf's one. with the fancy cape. The painting job in TP Zelda's face and hair is really good.

    Hello there, ninjamaster !

    Pleased to meet you. I went on a long travel overseas. It was long due, so I am very late to welcome you.
    It's pretty cool you're checking us from Italy. The NES and SNES were pretty cool. I skipped the SNES because I was too young to know any better but I held into the NES since I was a kid until the N64 came up. So I could only enjoy the Super Nintendo as an adult.