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    Wow, are seniors legally entitled to less pay in Australia?

    That's what I thought till now.

    Ugh... I tried backing up what I was saying from fairwork and I didn't find them openly saying that about seniors, just teenagers, so now I'm not sure. It could be it was fazed out or I misunderstood.

    So maybe is just the juniors, and seniors just have working limitations that makes them earn less overall and I misunderstood they were in the same boat.

    Coming from Mexico it makes no sense to me. One thing is paying less for simpler jobs and having old people be the ones that tend to go for those positions, but I was raised by the idea of "equal pay for equal job", as in that if you can perform the job, you deserved the same pay no matter your age, gender, etc.

    Of course, as far as I understand government says it was set in place to give an incentive to companies to hire teenagers and that way create more opportunities for them.

    Yeah, _LS_. I am very lucky in that regard. I definitely don't want to take for granted where I am right now.

    I agree that for the most part this position is about squeezing the most without repercussions. It is my impression that this position is designed to allow companies hiring people without having to be accountable for insurance, paying sick days or firing in the spot. Having the cake and eating them.

    I dunno if US is the same but since Jr. and seniors get lower wages. A lot of jobs love to hire teenage casuals, so it is cheaper for the same job.

    I am just tired of having 3 consoles hooked up just to get to play what I want.

    It occurs to me that, save for Link's Awakening, you probably don't need to have the switch hooked up for Zelda needs right now and that's a sad thought.

    I still do not think I will buy Age of Calamity.

    I want a Zelda game, not a dynasty warriors.

    Fair enough. I was posting a doubt rather than praising the game but I'll probably be creating more threads on it as I play it.

    Honestly, I hadn't try Dynasty warriors, but I've enjoyed the mechanics of the first game to buy this one. I think if you don't like the gameplay is silly to get it, since it is pretty much just Dynasty with Zelda skin and texture.

    Now if you mean that more that even though you're fine with Dynasty Warriors but Nintendo needs to bring actual Zelda games, yeah, definitely agree with that. Juice it. More Zelda in more consoles is a good thing.

    I want to hear more on the actual sequel to Breath of the Wild.

    As an update, they eventually got back to me on twitter and opened a case for me. They were pretty nice about it and severed my ties with the other account when I said I was fine losing everything gained on it. So now I got the right accounts too! :D

    Also, that Network mode from Scott Pilgrim game, seems to be for rewards. You don't need to link to play the game online with others which us a huge relief.

    Just an update, me and my son still play the Wii U because Nintendo has yet to release Wind Waker or Twilight Princess on the Switch.

    Some years ago, I'd think those games were coming but if they don't say anything in February, I doubt we will have them.

    I didn't like the limited editions and yet, I know that if they offer me those games for the switch, even limites editions I'll go buy them. I'm part of the problem.

    We still got the Wii U connected and it'll be for a while, even if I don't use it as much, all the Zelda games HD and virtual shop you can play there plus Skyward Sword through its wii player makes it pretty good for Zelda fans.

    Every time you complete a mission, you will receive weapons as rewards. Some will have "seals" which can be common or uncommon attributes. There seems to be three levels of strength normal, +, ++.

    Then you can use weapons to feed into the main one of your choice through fusion. I tried to level up a weapon with the high re-sell seal. Still same price. So I am now wondering if it is even worth it to level those up ir just sell them as soon as you earn them.

    Ah, well. It seems I made a mistake some time ago. I could swear I had linked my Kaynil Nintendo account to Ubisoft back on the WiiU. Then again on the switch while playing Just Dance 18. Then, I think a year ago, I ended up linking my secondary account. I think it was when I was setting my mobile as a possible controller where I ended using the wrong account.

    Now, even if I unlinked it, Ubisoft is keeping the record in such a manner I can only link back to it and no other switch account.

    I suppose they do that to avoid fraud and re-sell if accounts or something. I really made a big mistake linking it.

    It'sjust a bummer because I bought Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and there's a mode called network and now I am afraid I can't play multiplayer online with my primary account.

    I'm even considering deleting it and start over as a last resort. For now I used twitter to DM their support account.

    But yeah, if you link, just make sure you got the right one, as you won't be able to change your mind.

    To be completely honest, I didn't know that post publishing depression was a thing until I read your entry. Then I read some and thought some more and I think it makes sense, even though the reasons for it can vary from person to person. It is good that at least now you kind of know to expect it and trying to deal with it without letting you be paralyzed by it.

    Hopefully, for the next book, you'll be able to do that and let go through some parts of the process.

    I know I am quite late with it but still, congratulations for having published that book. I think it is really cool. Is your target audience seasoned Role Players or just anyone can enjoy reading about these monsters you came up with? I think it is really awesome that you are using something that you have had an inclination, based on what you wrote about the age you were already doodling monsters to fuel a book out of it and share with world some of them.

    I have enjoyed "count to 10,000" threads on other forums. Particularly when folks are only allowed to use images for the numbers they post.

    Like you said, it serves as a reason to check in regularly, and a sort of default space for casual chit chat when the forum is slow elsewhere.

    Being January and all, there's a counting game we can do, and I don't see why not let you guys use images if you want.
    While counting up is simple on its own, I think having something that helps us push for it is also a good idea. I think it helped the past game. We got pressure on how fast things could change if the other gender managed to bring a few more players and we were trying to enlarge that gap and race for the goal.

    So I decided to bring the counting version that gives us a goal and a time limit to get there.

    Let's see how far we can make it.

    Count to 2022 before the year 2022

    I've been listening to the channel Kaynil posted for a good little bit now. I am really digging that chill vibes, ye olde musik stylings.

    Glad to hear it wasn't just me, haha!

    This one honestly works so dang well

    Thanks for sharing that one, I like the little changes to the bridge, and how the lyrics don't really need as much alteration as other songs, haha.

    Oh, I also think it interesting to bring this other video of her in which she is singing an actual piece from the 12th century.
    I think it is quite interesting. I'll add below what she said about it in the description of her video.

    I've come to have a strong preference for games that don't have metagame difficulty selectors. I feel like whenever I am asked to select a difficulty up front, I pick the wrong one. Either I pick 'hard' on games where it's far too punishing to be possible for a first-time player, or I pick 'normal' in games where it's entirely too easy to be a fun challenge.

    I guess it is really hard to make a universal set. Depending on what we play and our skills, it can be that you and I can have completely different experiences in the same difficulty level of a game. That said, I too am bad at gauging what is the right difficulty set to optimize my experience with the game. Sometimes hard means that I am going to get thrown around without much of a chance to understand the mechanics.

    Growing up, I used to shoot for hard, just because I needed to validate my ego and feel like an accomplished skilled gamer. Nowadays I tend to go with normal by default and only move upwards if I feel I will enjoy that. With this game, I based my choice on the past one where I had to increase to hard to collect and unlock a few things, so I felt it was still within my level, even if I had to grind more.

    I don't think we have "casual" as a job class in the U.S., at least not in such a formalized context.

    It sounds awful to hear you describe it, though I'm glad it has worked for you.

    Thanks. It does have its perks and I am not being good to describe them. It's like a double-edged sword. Casual lets you be flexible if you have other obligations like studying or a different job. You can be paid as much as 3 times your hourly wage for working atypical hours such as night shifts and public holidays. Just like they can fire me on the spot. I can also quit on the spot!

    Here, the Australia Government will tell you how cool this form of employment is:

    A casual employee does not have a firm commitment in advance from an employer about how long they will be employed for, or the days (or hours) they will work. A casual employee also does not commit to all work an employer might offer.

    For example, an employee who works to a roster that could change each week and can refuse or swap shifts is casual.

    A casual employee:

    • has no guaranteed hours of work
    • usually works irregular hours
    • doesn't get paid sick or annual leave
    • can end employment without notice, unless notice is required by a registered agreement, award or employment contract.

    Doesn't it sound amazing? :lol:

    ... but still, as cool as working without getting paid for sick days and the thrill in the knowledge that the company can let me go at any time, for some peculiar reason, I would prefer to have a contract.

    I am just very lucky that my current bosses are understanding and the place I work to generate enough hours so it works in my favour. I saved a lot that I could and I could still spend for the Xmas holidays and a few birthdays. If I am really honest, compared to Hospitality, working in retail here has been really good. As much as sometimes customers can wear me down with some rude attitudes, for the most part, it is an easy job.