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    All good guys. Many of us that are still in the community here are also adults with their own jobs and commitments outside this forum. It is more than understandable it takes time to reply. I appreciate you gave us an answer at all and I apologize I didn't formulate mine any sooner. So really, thank you so much for coming back to reply my queries.

    It is pretty reassuring to learn you were part of the 2014 project and were able to actually see the document. It also sounds like you have a strong sense of direction, which is important for a project of such magnitude and history. I think the original project started the way it did because it was underestimated and so was the pressure the people awaiting for it, so I don't hold it too hard they were not taking care but seeing how things have evolve. I think that you guys learning from the past interactions in your decision making is pretty good. Releasing through increments, rather than just one finished piece , at least in theory, sounds like it will work a lot better for the project. Hopefully the feedback can serve as motivator during the harder times without being the overwhelming pressure of the past.

    So you guys sound with direction and also passionate. Like you've seen the potential and really want to bring to life the best version you can help it be. I think slow and steady is the way. I am definitely interested to see the project continue and where can you guys take it. Hopefully as the project spread you'll find more willing helping hands that share your vision and are happy to volunteer their skills.

    Only seven? Haha. I guess it is harder without the lends of truth. :lol:

    Seriously though, sounds cool. Let's see what the overhaul brings and that side project you were mentioning.

    Hey, guys I just wanted to let you know that I managed to reupload the smilies originally made by Hana-Nezumi (aka Enchanted Toaster) many years ago for Zelda Legends and a few derivates that our own community members added for us.

    You can find them at the bottom of the area where you compose your messages.

    also, because I had to basically delete and re-upload it is very likely that some old commands don't work any more. Just point me to them and I'll re-add the command to fix the posts.

    A screenshow showcasing the emoji available for the posts Just showing up how the smilies should look when an update doesn't come and wreck them.

    Also resized the stickers to around 100px each, so they don't take all the space. :thumbsup-stamp:

    In this walkthrough I'll be completing the Main game: The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, while at the same time also completing both DLC Expansion Packs: The Master Trials DLC Pack 1 and The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack 2. This will make for a unique Walkthrough offering you the very best of all three adventures: The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild, The Master Trials DLC Pack 1 and The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack 2. In other words, welcome to The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2022!!!

    It is pretty interesting that you are incorporating everything into one walkthrough. I am sure most people who first got it separate want to try it all together at least once, and the more time that passes the more likely this will become the way to play it if you got all the DLC. So mighty helpful.

    I also enjoy how you are discovering things and piecing together elements from the other games you've been playing.

    I approved of the thread because it seemed like you were giving an update from a past post, but looking again, I am not entirely certain we've crossed paths before, IchorStudios-OOT2D. I'm going to be clear and say I don't appreciate the first post basically being a we are trying to create a community so come join us, kind of advert. Of course if you guys do try to interact with us as well, then it will be a better look.

    That being said, I do want to talk and hopefully hear more from you guys regarding the project. Zelda Community has been lucky to have seen some cool projects being developed through the years so we're always eager to hear of what Zelda fans are cooking up.

    OoT 2D has been something going for a while and it sounds like you are picking up the project, or at least the idea since it is basically starting from scratch in order to create its own assets instead of relying too heavy from the ALttP vibe.

    For anyone interested, this is what they said at their website:

    I also like that you allow us to sample the mini game of the treasure chest, it helps getting a feel for what the team is aiming with the game, and it is a fun way to spend time and getting on board with the idea.

    I also like that the game is being released in parts through a base game that can be updated to incorporate the updates without losing your save file. A big point of pressure is usually having to work most of the game out before releasing a demo and people growing impatient. I think this approach you're taking will be helpful on both sides to have something for people to play while you guys work on the rest.

    So, from what I am reading in squid's page, the last one died in 2014 because Nintendo took down the download file and pretty much left clear a Cease and Desist posture. If I am understanding correctly one of you were involved with the one before, so what things are you planning to do to minimize the chances of a strike, besides the graphics update?

    You mentioned you were only two members right now, how many members would it be ideal for the team working on this fan project?

    Yeah, I know I probably won't make much sense but I couldn't let the thought slip by without sharing it with you guys, where else can it be a great place to post it than in our very own community. ^^

    So, while watching the clip of Nintendo's announcement about the launch timing update for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, I can't help but notice Link's right hand as he slowly raises it to take out the Master Sword. The well defined long nails and the jewelry around it and it reminded me more of the shot with the mummified men oozing malice sealed with the green energy hand. A bit too much. So of course I went back to check the first video to show you guys what I mean:

    Zelda Looking at the mummy's hand Link's right hand being raised as he's about to unsheathe the Master Sword. Long nails, a darker skin than his natural color is clearly shown, in addition gold tick stripes decorate the back of his hand, wrist and arm.

    You guys also can see it, right?

    And it is not just because time has passed because we can clearly see that BotW2 Link also got, trimmed nails.

    The left arm of Link from the same sequence, e can clearly appreciate shorter rounder nails in his natural hand.

    Furthermore when the green power is affecting Link for what seems to be the first time, his nails look short:

    Anyway, I might be completely off here but I still found this interesting enough to share. What do you guys think? ^^

    It's been a while, but since I'm playing Age of Calamity again I started to dig into the DLC and I was curious what other people that played through it thinks.

    I added the spoilers tag just because The DLC contain new scenes, weapons and at least one more new character.

    It's been interesting. Nothing you'll complete in one day, but the grinding is not very bad. In fact I am curious how would it wove into the base game if you start from the beginning with the DLC installed, some cutscenes would go great if we had a chronological order. That being said, so far it has been complementing the base game story. Nothing too bad.

    If anyone else is playing through this, how are you finding it? (n_n)

    If my memory doesn't fail me I am operating on a 256GB right now. Funny enough I went on a spree re-downloading a lot of stuff since I had to migrate switches and I wanted to have at least the shortcut on the switch itself. In the process I spent a lot more GB than I expected and got the too-full-to-download message.

    It is not a bad size at all and I'd still recommend it, however after that experience I seriously wouldn't mind one bit to increase my limit and maybe double it if I can get away with it, haha. I remember the 3DS had a "limit" of size, where if your SD went past it, it would still save your data but wouldn't know how to display correctly when organizing stuff within the system. I honestly wouldn't like to go over the limit but I haven't heard anything similar happening with the Switch.

    It's been a while since we got any official news about the upcoming sequel of Breath of the Wild. We went through the Nintendo Direct and the only new we got was Aonuma looking us in the eye to tell us that there wouldn't be any news about the game at this time. It's been a hard time dodging so many fake leaks and mountains made with any crumbs that outlets can get their hands on. This one though, straight from Nintendo's social networks.

    According to their own translation, the released statement is the following:

    In addition, they showed up a small video clip of the how the game is looking. There was mostly nothing new except for two very important details. I can show them in just one image:

    Link unveiling the Master Sword

    Finally, a shot with the front view of the character with the dark hand. we can clearly see the features corresponding with the same Link from Breath of the Wild. Other than his longer hair and change of clothes, it seems pretty much likely that this is the result of the experience exploring the underground area with Zelda in that reveal trailer.

    Secondly, he is standing in front of a yellow source of energy and he unveils the Master Sword. We can clearly see that it is not in its normal state. We don't know if it's been nullified or if it serves another purpose at this time. Considering how much of the blade is missing is probably not good. Quests to restore the Master Sword are not new in the franchise.

    So yeah, although brief, there's a lot of interesting stuff to discuss here.

    What do you guys make of this picture?

    How do you feel about it being delayed till Spring next year?

    Link's Awakening is such an underrated gem. I always find pretty interesting seeing how different games get people hooked into the series and how that make their experience differ with others and as time goes on how what seems to be the consensus changes. haha.

    I played Link's Awakening for the first time on my game boy. They lent it for just one day. Eventually I got my own copy and I got hooked. People talk often of Majora's Mask like the first Zelda game with dark elements and I get, Link's Awakening was deceptively cheerful and on a handheld. However I really enjoyed the island. exploring it and getting to know their characters. I really liked Marin. The area is full of things, I really loved all the different regions and monster and characters.

    Maybe it was my age but that game left me some impact. The fact that you start as a hero and slowly descend into the implications of what it means to continue the journey were interesting. I know the cameos of some characters are hit-and-miss. For me many of them I am still finding out years after that they were from other games. I think I only recognized Mario Bros. related ones at the time.

    I think your opinion is refreshing. I was surprised that Dampé's shack was one of the points you enjoyed. It received a lot of criticism but for what it is, it seemed like an intriguing idea. I definitely enjoy the aesthetic they went for when they remade the game for the switch, these textures are really colorful and look like the plastic toys I used to play with. It is very charming and I am glad Nintendo didn't just recycled what they had.

    I totally agree with the music. Tal Tal Heights and Mari's Ballad of the Wind Fish song are so beautiful.


    Not that I feel very excited or anything...

    I just thought you guys ought to know. Hahah. Lies! I've been itching to be back and have proper access.

    I've mostly been talking through the chat. Peter, if you read this, once again: welcome! :)

    I am very behind to comment in each video but I have been watching some of them and I am enjoying them. I really hope you get more subscribers.
    I noticed lately you've only updated the other walkthrough thread, if you are still uploading the other parts, I hope you keep updating us with them. You were saying there are 34 parts, so that is still a good amount of adventuring we'd be missing out. :)


    Hey, AnimatorJC, welcome!!

    How are you doing?

    Only now I had a chance to sit and enjoy your animations. I like that you out attention to detail in their expressions.

    Nintendo no basket was pretty nice. I laughed at poor Link being thrown by the sheer force of the ball impact as Samus was scoring.

    The Raph versus Link was pretty nice choreography.

    The last one got me wondering if those two were models you created.

    So how long have you been studying animation?

    What apps you usually use for them?

    Do you have a process for coming up with them?

    I'm very happy you shared them with us!

    Hi, Anthony. Welcome.

    Regrettably, to my understanding the Nintendo Switch lite lacks the capability to be used in your TV by itself. The lite version is handheld only.

    If you wanted to be able to cycle between the TV and portable mode you are going to need a Nintendo Switch that comes with a dock - which is the part that allows you to connect with your TV. Right now the original Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED both have that capability.

    Here's a link from Nintendo with more information on the differences between all the consoles:

    Nintendo Switch Comparison

    What happened to your switch? Overuse? Abuse? This sucks to go through.

    I'm not sure what I'd classify this as the culprit, it's not like I dropped it from high heights nor treated it differently to past consoles. So I don't feel like I abused it. I cleaned it, had their carrier and had the protection screen from day one.

    As for overuse, definitely my sessions ate not as constant as they used to be, but when I'm into a game, I can easily stay playing up to around 4 hours in one sitting the one day I play with it, if my streaming is anything to go by... Which still feels pretty tame, compared just a few years prior with my 3DS, I clearly recall how in at least one occassion I pretty much gave up sleep and was glued to the console for near three days over a demo, haha.

    Yeah, it sucks. I'm just glad I won't have to wait as long.

    So my console is overheating so much. Twice now I tried with different games to see if it'd stand a proper stream and it ended up shutting down. So for now, I don't have a working switch. I could spend a bit on a fan and try to repair it myself, but right now the most viable thing to do is to wait for the OLED switch to come out and just switch the console. If I'm going to spend on a new console, might as well upgrade it. I am not completely satisfied with the way Nintendo has been handling some things but I'll be fooling myself if I said I am not enjoying the games on the console.

    Until then, I won't be continuing the stream. On the bright side, I might return with working joycons and do the stream the proper way with camera so you see my clumsy movements and stuff, haha.

    I just said the Stalfos Mask would replace the Captain's Hat because I couldn't think of anywhere else you'd get it. The Mask would have its effects, and there would be an option to switch between the two among other.

    Fair enough. It'd be tricky to see where to get the new masks or items, haha.

    UPDATE: Ugh. So sorry guys. My game capture is acting up yet again. I am not sure why is it being so difficult for me to get it to process the input and display it today. It handn't given me trouble in the last two months, and @Sardonic Pickle's advice to switch to OBS and check the settings usually did the trick, but not today.

    I have some save-ups, so I am considering getting a new game capture. I'll try again tomorrow.

    Sorry guys, yesterday I had a work shift. Today I am free so we can give it a proper go. I'm thinking of starting in between half an hour to one hour from now. I just need to finish setting up and checking on a few things.

    Same platforms: Youtube…pOghixcy9lgq34rBGRQQ/live

    and Twitch. (kaynil)

    Ooooh, I feel younger me would have a trip day coming up with ideas for the games.

    Out of the gate:

    I saw something just today where people were saying "If Nintendo releases OoT and MM in a combo pack with better visuals, they should have Majora's Mask take place directly after, and it let you enter the lost woods to better connect both games. With the ability to go between both at will.

    Sounds like a fun idea that I would have loved back in the day, or as a way to package both games together. It sounds cool but you don't really see the company taking that much effort for it. I'd love to have the entrance in OoT's lost woods. I just think the time lapse between the end of OoT and the beginning of MM would have that Nintendo would need to build. Imagine after the "The End" cinema visit from Zelda (and the rendition to your song) the game starts again with you from your house, just like any time you are a kid outside the dungeon. It'd be cool to go to the Lost Woods, but I'd prefer we get something motivating us to go there. It'd be neat if the opportunity was used to bring the emptiness of Link that moved him to embark on the journey to search for his friend so once that you know he's doing that have the Lost Woods have a new area, maybe towards Faron forest or something that you are instructed to go as a possible clue of Navi whereabouts just to ultimately stumble upon the familiar start of MM.

    -Items for all forms: While each form is great in its own regard, why are the items they can use be limited to just bottles? Why not let them be able to use all items and masks? Maybe we could even give each form its own version of the item in question (masks would be the same across all forms).

    I remember I used to wonder why that is not the case. I thought back then that perhaps they were afraid f rendering "normal" Young Link pointless if you could use everything on every form. The forms already have unique habilities and properties like for example their weight, so maybe it was an artificial way to make Link in his human form more needed. I would love to see the items adapt to different forms in a similar way that the Ocarina of Time does. Masks staying the same makes sense, haha.

    -New masks/mask properties: Examples include a Stalfos Mask to turn Link into a Stalfos (replacing the Captain's Hat), the Stone Mask letting you turn invulnerable, the Garo Mask taking on the Stone Mask's properties as well as its own, the Fierce Deity's Mask being able to be used everywhere, the Couple's Mask doing something, the Boss Remains and Majora's Mask itself being wearable, and more.

    I definitely would be up for new masks or expanded uses on the masks. Give me more scents to track with the mask of scents. Give me more reactions from people while I am wearing distinctive masks.

    I like the Captain's hat, and I don't think it needs replacing with the Stalfos to have that ability annexed to it as a reward for beating the race on Ikana.

    I think that if you defeated the game once with it, then unlocking FD outside of the dungeons would be a cool addition.

    -Upgradable everything: A Skyward Sword thing carried over here. Speaks for itself really.

    That's an interesting idea, I just wonder what would be good to use as materials, since the insect collecting is not present, but the game already has the masks themselves to collect, and not everyone would welcome having to go around collecting other new elements to shoe-horn it. I think depending on what we need to gather and how enjoyable the process is merged into the game's already established mechanics, that could be neat. I especially would like this idea combined with moving with the OoT inventory, and that way carry unique weapons to upgrade in MM.

    -New Game +: If you don't know what that is, it's a 2nd playthrough where you have everything you collected from your previous one, but everything's harder.

    It's always neat to have a Hero mode in Zelda games, not sure if having everything from the beginning would go well with the first part of the game, but considering that you already went through the story once before, it is not a big deal. It would be neat to get the extra challenge.

    I need to have a good think about what I would like too so you guys can take a knock at my ideas and tell me how little feasible they are. (°^O^°)

    Personally, because Link is coming from Hyrule, I'd like his Kokiri Sword and shield were the ones from Ocarina and then that he'd get the upgraded version in Termina and that the wooden shield gets destroyed as normal with fire, but I guess that's dumb if you are a first-timer and you can't get it back, unless it is a part of cutscene or something.

    It doesn't count as an upgraded I guess but I wish that if they bring it to the switch that they restore Mikau's swim ability the way it was on the Nintendo 64.

    I'll try to think on more...