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    Meh... war of worlds... I never understood how could the "valiant" guy survive and arrive faster than the childish father and the odd daughter with the mum's family house...

    It was an interesting effects movie, but it didn't made the impact I thought it would have... oh well...

    recently, i saw... Problem child... it's... fine, I guess, I used to enjoy it a lot as a kid, now I just laugh as I realized how much less entertaing really is at this point.

    In fact, most of the people who doesn't know that are the ones who still thinking Link's name is actually "zelda". In other words, most of the LoZ players have already discovered that :-_-

    ::laughs:: Okay... I was just making a question, let me try to re write it for you

    are you asked to make those tutorials?

    Both signs looks good to me...

    so you make signs tutorials, taht's interesting. Do you them on request? or just because you feel like making them?

    There is not such a thing like the best of all time, taht is somenthing personal. It depends from people to people, though there certain things we all seek in common there are still things that I like from a game that are precisely what you tend to avoid from a game, so it is up to each one... plus, that is among the experience of teh player, it may a be a best game out there, but if he haven't reached it it will never claim it that way.

    Ocarina of Time is my favorite game, but that doesn't mean I think it is the best even into the zelda series.

    I am the same position about that HL, I have seen it, I got the special lure and I have been trying so many hours, but so far I have been unlucky about it... some day...

    I have finhesd the game like taht, it just took me a lot of time, because it was my first time, all i could not do was to beat the racing man *laughs* yeh, just kidding on that, I missed some things , like to score 2000 in the horseback archery game, man, i enjoyed playing that, a lot. AAnd to play the bow game in Ocarina, when i was bored, playing by free by missing one target on purpose, or playing over and over to make more money, though having the promise of me being rich fulfilled by the kakariko family, I careless about getting money when necesary in any other way.

    Now, the main mistery, how could they make the gift cow to enter Link's house :0_o

    Dragon Ball, Kenshin, X-1999, Ranma 1/2, Sould hunter, cowboy bebop, blueseed, Saber marionette, pokemon =P

    I used to watch more, and many of the ones I named I didn't see them completes, since the family decided to say no to cable tv :cry

    I'd like to know if the horse will be male this time...

    Epone.. Epon-oh

    meh, just call Link Epona and the horse Link... easy, right?

    well, ::laughs:: zelda is female, and she disguised herself as a male sheikah in Ocarina, as we see, that sort of thinsg are not imposible at all into the zelda universe.

    Ok, Ok... I just really hope Midna NOT being zelda, but from what i have read, seen and be told, she will team with you just for a while, since her interest differs from yours, so she may even be a foe at some point of the game.

    Midna is female not because of the anme, but her body and of course because I think Enji called Midna a her, if I remember right.

    They have been toying with us like puppets, drooling since before the past christmas, I would be not amazed at all if I learn it will be taken for revolution or for next christmas... :glare

    Though it is official the say that it will remain for gamecube, so probably they may add a few special little things in case you play it with a revolution taht you are not capable to use/see in the agme, how easy si to start rumours.

    Whatever, we all have to wait, and at least May doesn't sound as far as "Fall", it will be good to have somenthing abit more "exact" about the release date...

    Oh Brethren, not many people can say that, yes, consider yourself lucky enough.

    I enjoyed Majora's mask and its 3 day pressure system

    Mask Majora was kind of dissapointing to me, though, I found it very easy...