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    Haha! Yes, shame on you. Although they probably pictured it as a place full of mountains and goats as opposed to a mountain full of goats. :P

    Oh man, tell me about it. It's lovely and all but I'm stuck inside working. Also it's killing all the grass, turning this green and relatively progressive land very yellow. I'm one of those weird people who like the rain, which is one of the things I really miss about living in Wales. I don't want to live in the Med :/

    Oh yeah, that too. Our back lawn has quite a large brown patch of totally dead grass nearest the door. One thing the weather did do, saved us from needing to mow the lawn every week. It takes hours since there's a lot of lawns. Hahaha! They're only beginning to grow now.

    Also, our well went dry. We live in the country, so have our own water supply. The shallow well is gorgeous water. We have two wells because it went dry many years ago, but the new water is disgusting and full of iron which stinks. Still smells after going through the purification system. Now we have to make do with it til winter. So, yeah, there is a time where you're like "okay enough's enough, rain already." XD

    (On a funny note and related, when there were protests about water charges in Ireland, an American guy asked me about it. I was like "oh doesn't affect us, we have our own well." He actually thought that it was something you physically carry water from. The dolt. I think some people think Europeans still live in the 19th century. XD.)

    You are not the only one, How are you doing Shannon

    Not too bad. And yourself?

    We had a heat wave here for a whole month. No rain at all, which is amazing for Ireland. It rains all the time here. It was 25-32C and it rarely gets hotter than 25. Spent a lot of time outside. XD

    Dungeons2 DLC "A Game of Winter." It's hilarious, but significantly harder than the main game. There was this one part that I just couldn't get past for ages. Every time, I'd get over-run by the "good guys." I rage quit but in a "screw this" kinda way. Definitely no smashing things. I did uninstall the game from my mac though. lol.

    One day recently, I reinstalled the game and won that part. I couldn't believe it. Pretty sure there is a little luck involved in that too, especially the timing of blizzards. Blizzards actually help you.

    You know, after a year I see the benefits of this. Now that more time has passed, there's certainly less trolling. Still a lot of trolling happening here and there, but... less of it. People use dummy accounts to act like a butt because they don't want to tarnish the reputation of their real account, or get it suspended.

    I use Facebook Messenger for people I know well, Skype for online friends (I almost never use voice or video btw, mostly text chat), IRC app for forum I run, Twitter (have a personal account, and community account), LinkedIn for professional networking.

    Discord never took off for us, and besides, the app is quite heavy on phone resources. I only log that when on the computer. I like to have room for other things on my phone and IRC app is light. ^^

    I actually hadn't heard ANYTHING about this movie until I was looking up the cinema listings to see what's on. That doesn't sound all that great for it, does it? haha.

    Then there's the 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the 6.8/10 on IMBD. Anything below a 7 on IMBD, I give a pass to. No chance I'm paying €12+ to watch in the cinema if it's not great. Doesn't mean I won't watch on the small screen at some point. XD

    Hahaha! This is so funny.

    It's like this long-winded blog post I saw about a year ago about setting up and running forums. All the dos and don'ts. Here I am reading it as someone who's been running, or assisting to run forums pretty much non-stop since around 2004. Of course I'm going to recognise right away that this guy hasn't the foggiest idea of what he's talking about. He didn't say that he had no experience though, he blew that part up. At least your guy in the screen shot was honest, as bad as that is hahahaha. The worst part was that it was very wrong information for some young kid trying to start up their own community.

    Hmm, I forget how many hours that painting took in total since it was quite a time ago, but not as simple as it looks. :) I'll take a guess at 6-8 hours. That particular one was a bit of an experiment and one of my first using oils. I've done some acrylic stuff too. One in particular that is sitting there unfinished that I really need to get off my ass and do. lol

    I used to paint a lot, mostly landscapes, but then I got busy with work (I'm a graphic designer) and had no time for traditional art. Nearly everything I've done over the past number of years has been on the computer. Mostly layout work. Every now and then I get to do something original in Illustrator, but only if the client is paying for the hours. People assume that graphic designers get to create their own artwork all the time, but we don't unless it's a logo or something... or perhaps a large company wants some unique icons. The odd occassion comes along where a client wants something 100% original and will pay for one of the designers to spend the time doing it. That's when I can let loose and have some fun with it, assuming I am the one who gets to do it haha.

    OMG, you know, I've been incredibly lazy over the past while when it comes to traditional art.

    This is one of my oil paintings that I created quite some time ago (and I mean a long time ago lol):


    Maybe I'll actually get around to creating some new stuff in near future hehe.

    I am a big fan of the Marvel Universe, but, I think Netflix has kinda ruined it to an extent. Don't get me wrong, the premise for their Original Marvel shows are actually quite good, but it's the level of violence that I'm not really able to stomach.

    Iron Fist was great, but quite violent, still enjoyable though. Jessica Jones, alright, but unnesessary unsexy animalistic sex scenes, where I actually burst out laughing because I was imagining two animals going at it. There was even one scene with a person's head impailed on the edge of a glass table, which they thought was nessessary to keep going back to over the course of what seemed like 5 minutes. Daredevil season one was very violent, but the second season was unwatchable for me. They took the violence up a few notches completely forgetting the core of what Daredevil is about. I haven't finished it. Then I read a review to see if it mellows out. They talked about a scene with people on meat hooks and confirmed that season 2 abandons all discretion shots in favour of full on gore. WHY??? These aren't horror series, but they've made them pretty much on that line in parts. I can't watch horror, so you can understand my frustration.

    Does anyone else think that Netflix shows are tipping on the side of being too violent for the mainstream?

    I have seen the original Death Note series, or well... some of it. My uncle spoiled it by telling who does or does not die in the end when I was 14 or 15 episodes in. That was a few years ago. I was like... "oh seriously? You did not just do that!"

    I watched a few minutes of this film on Netflix one night. It just wasn't my thing, and I'm not necessarily a fan of horror. I am most definitely not a fan of gore. Some of my friends have been going on about just how horrible it is, so I didn't put myself through it. Maybe one day when I have nothing to watch and I've run out of books to read, I'll give it a watch all the way through lol. However, I'd probably just be better off rewatching the anime series and finishing it as it is actually really good.

    @Kaynil: Watch the anime series. :)

    I used to replay Ocarina of Time quite a bit when I was younger, and also some of the Final Fantasy Games. Oh and the old Super Mario games. When I was a kid, I remember not being able to sleep at night because the tune was playing over and over in my head, quite loudly. Effect of listening to it for days on end. XD

    I haven't really been playing any of those kinds of games now. I currently play Hearthstone and been playing for a few years. Guess it hasn't got old yet. ^^

    I usually block, I'm usually bad when it comes to responding to flamebait, so I just do the easy thing and block. For people who bypass that, well, I'm not sure :)

    I've actually blocked a member of another forum in the past. The guy was insufferable. He was replying to every single post I made, but wasn't breaking the rules. He was deliberately trying to get under my skin. I unblocked him after a time, and now he doesn't bother me. I guess he just figured that I'm not bothered and skip his posts. Most people who try to troll me don't get to me, but I guess there's always that one personality that will make you go ARRRRGGGGGH! from time to time.

    Last time it happened I was like "OMG, hang on, I see that nosey parker one from up the road walking down the driveway." Run to door, ring doorbell, run back and say "gotta go." Secret is to take of the shoes first.

    I don't actually have such a nosey neighbour, I just tell her that I do because she just stays on the phone talking about what an amazing child my cousin is for hours and it's repetitive. She has very little to say and takes her hours to get over it. My cousin is 5 years old, and no more or less amazing than any other 5 year old. Drives me nuts. lol.

    I am living back home at the moment though, so usually get out of her by handing the phone off to some other victim. XD