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    Does the guide not ruin the experience of playing somewhat? I've never used a game guide, so I'm just wondering if that ruins the adventure for people.

    I might have looked something up online for a game if I was stuck for a ridiculous amount of time on some part of a game to the point that it was becoming unenjoyable. Usually, I try to figure it out on my own because I love the challenge. :D

    @Link: I don't mind family stuff so much, so long as the family coming are "normal" so to speak. LOL! One of those particular guests likes to "go to the toilet" and then explore all the rooms, looking in wardrobes and checking to see if the sheets are clean, which of course they would be. Could totally do without that ridiculousness. She also drinks too much, gets drunk and talks complete silly talk all night. When I think about it, it's kinda funny, but I usually dread the impending arrival. XD

    Thank God most of the Christmas madness is over and I can soon relax. The last of my visitors are coming over tomorrow. A bunch of family from different parts of the country will be here. Probably going to have some of them stay the night, but just glad to have them all at the same time, gets it out of the way.

    Haha! Sounds kinda mean spirited, but really sick of the materialistic-ness of Christmas at this stage, and especially since I haven't been great healthwise.

    Well, I finally got around to posting an intro thread. :D

    I do plan on posting some more when the craziness of Christmas calms down a bit. Merry Christmas btw! :)

    I haven't actually played Zelda since The Ocarina of Time. It's been a while. In fact, I've not been playing console games much at all due to being "old" and having more responsibilities and stuff. Couldn't justify getting a new console while I was too busy to play on it. I was getting my gaming fix most recently on Steam, and I play Hearthstone too. At some point, I will get playing the newer stuff though. I kinda miss it. The Zelda and Final Fantasy franchises are definitely at the top of my list of favourites. ^^