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    Lets see this

    1: What if Darunia was successful in defeating Volvagia?

    Answer: you guys already did answer it but I have to give my piece of information as well, It is true, One cannot be named sage until upon death, an example is Nabooru, Ganondorf's wife, who is murdered by Twinrova infront of player's eyes, and later ascending as a sage, so the scenario is: Darunia wouldn't be a sage and would still be alive, Link will be given the fire medallion by the ancient sage of fire, and his quest will be continued.

    2: What if Vaati Killed Ezlo instead of turning him into a hat?

    Answer: tough!! Link is able to turn into Minish size because of Ezlo! entire dungeons for goddesses' sake is in the tiny size of minish, Link would NEVER complete his quest in fixing the sword, Vaati will suck the light force out of Princess Zelda and rule Hyrule as a dark god.

    3: What if Link was too late and arrived after Great Deku Tree's death?

    Answer: Link and Navi will be at loss, as Navi never got the instructions herself, "go get me the boy without a fairy" was the only thing she was told, and with the abstinence of Link who will probably never even leave the forest, Ganondorf will collect the stones from the dead old tree, the rock men who are starving, Darunia will probably give the stone to Ganondorf just to free the caves from dodongos so his people don't die off starvation, Ganondorf will forcefully take it from Princess Ruto as well, but Zelda will escape with Impa, holding the Ocarina of Time, putting Hyrule into a weird state, Ganondorf ruling the land but without true power as he is unable to access the Sacred Realm and the Triforce, and Zelda with Impa hiding in the shadows probably raising an army to strike back at the gerudo. (Whoah this turned into a new game)

    Now let me If.
    What If Tetra and her crew of pirates never went to Outset Island?

    For me BoTW is just a fresh reboot for the Zelda series, It takes time in the far future, Princess Zelda has all three pieces of the triforce, Elements from all timelines exist because maybe the timeline routes connected or something like that.

    I used to replay Zelda games a lot over the course of the years... let me count:
    I beat OoT 40+ times.
    MM 20+ (Yeah I didn't like it as much.)
    TP 7 Times. (Old Wii Game) (HD remake twice only, because hero mode lel)
    But if you want the truth these games got old and dull for me, I'd say Sonic games are cool, I'd replay Sonic Generations or Unleashed, those were a blast of fun.

    a new HD Metroid game, I liked Metroid Prime 3, Graphically and Gameplayfully. and releasing a new one that is even more higher in quality would be one of my dreams coming true.

    Playstation 2, Because of the nostalgic memory hell I go to whenever I'm depressed of my child-self having no worries in life other than beating Gaara in Naruto Shippuden UN 4, Or just finding those Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Heroes, etc... It had great games for it's time in general, especially Naruto fighting games saga, those were a favorite.

    What is your idea of a good vacation?

    Can't think of any because I'm a goodie-goodie, but I remember making myself a huge meal while I'm not that hungry and throwing away excess food instead of storing it.

    Is there a certain type of food you dislike?