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    Well, I applied at Food City, Publix, and 2 other stores I forgot. They all rejected me. I turn 16 in a month , and my plan was to apply for a job at Game Stop since their minimum age requirement was 16. Then they decide to raise it to 18. So now I'm looking for other places to apply, most likely Chik-fil-a, a fast food restraunt.

    I wonder who that advocate is. He should be put to death.

    Welcome to the site. We're not very strict here, but we do have some rules that we suggest you read. Hope you have a wonderful time here. :D

    I was brought here by Lexatom who was suprisingly a staff member (Never thought he would be one)

    Thanks, I'm really glad you have so much faith in me. (No really though, that part of your post made me cry from laughter.) Welcome, glad you decided to join. Don't forget to read the rules. We're not too strict on things here, but there are some things that do need to be addressed just in case. Hope you a great time here.

    The amino thing I see it working more for the Spanish side, as tehre are not as many spanish speaking aminos as there are users, but if I end up making something I'd most likely double it and have one in each language.
    Also, It should be something to complement the experience, so you should not be missing anything big, @Lexatom. It should be a perk. same with reddit. I am sure Disccord is the easiest to see how it already works as a complement.

    ADDED: I made a Zelda Cavern discord group
    This is the invite link:
    It won't expire, so feel free to share it at any time. :)

    ADDED: Now we just need to get ideas for the reddit and/or Amino things. XD

    I'll start inviting a bunch of my friends to the site. I could've done that earlier, but I didn't. No idea why. :p

    Meanwhile in the Spanish side a guy told me we could try to create an amino (mobile community) so that's three ideas I am thinking about.
    Out of the three disccord sounds like a compliment more so that something that will be competing against ourselves. Discccord is an excellent tool to have voice chats, so organising a get together to say play a game or just chat in real time sounds pretty cool. Other than that it is yet another chat. our third for the community.

    The sub-reddit and amino I think should be something that compliments and not competes with the forum if it happens, so maybe something more specialised that hasn't been done yet. Amino already has a Zelda community amino, so maybe something focused in the fan-fiction and fan-art or something would attract more than just another general Zelda community. If we can score something that even the users of the general Zelda amino likes it could work in our favour. Same for reddit, we need that sub-reddit to be something different and inclusive that attracts the users of other Zelda sub-reddits.

    Amino would be impossible for me. I don't have a phone. ;~;

    I think I'm going to hold off on the subreddit for a while.

    The gift of life, and the family that I don't despise.

    If you want to talk about physical gifts, then the most memorable one to me is when my ex bought all the Spider-Man movies for me, as I was a big Spider-Man fan during 8th Grade. I never got a gift from someone in a relationship like that one before, and I am grateful.

    Recently, I've been addicted to this new chat app called Discord, which can operate through internet browsers, downloading it onto your desktop, and it even works on mobile devices. It honestly is my favorite chatting application ever. I know we have an IRC channel, but adding a Discord channel could potentially increase traffic to the site, especially if we make a subreddit of some sorts on Reddit. I've gotten into this odd mood that makes me want to have the site grow into one giant community, more than the many members we have on here. Please let me know what you think of this, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. If we end up coming to the conclusion that these will be made, I'll gladly start them up if need be.

    Nice collection you got there

    Thanks. Making that list makes me grateful for what I actually have. Most of the games are from Christmas money or something like that. Hopefully I can get shelves full of gaming stuff kind of like Kaynil/Sardonic Pickle one day once I get the money.

    Apologies for the double post. I forgot to contribute to the topic. (Yeah I could just edit the post before this one but I want to be noticed...) (<--- Yes, this is sarcasm. Partly.)

    I'm going to include PC games I got from Steam with real money, because why not. Most of the PC games are from friends, so I can't say I bought them myself without feeling some form of guilt. By the way, I probably forgot some games, so this list will be updated from time to time.

    @Lexatom You need to lookup Angry Video Game Nerd on YouTube that dude must have been rich just watch one of his videos he has an insane collection

    I used to watch him all the time. No idea where he got all those NES games. Makes me think he has every NES game in existence. And he has more than just NES stuff. desdbgdtfnbgtd

    Are you rich?

    It'd be stupid of Nintendo to announce the NX so close to the launch. I'm hoping for the end of september, like the rumours say.

    I think Nintendo confirmed a March 2017 release date for the NX, which is really dumb in my opinion. They should have revealed the NX during or soon after E3, instead of acting like it almost doesn't exist. There's literally no build-up to it besides the games mentioned that are releasing on it. I don't know what to think at this point concerning the NX.

    About the stream...

    Loved it. Even though I was at school while it was live, I checked out the content that the stream talked about once I got home. I don't understand all the buzz behind Dragon Quest, I never really took the time to research the series. But a lot of titles did get me interested in buying. Most notably:

    • Pikmin 3DS - I just got invested into the series from playing Pikmin on Gamecube recently, and I loved it. This looks very interesting to me.
    • Mario Party Star Rush - A Mario Party game without the usual turn-based formula? I'm interested to see how this will work, as it's the first game in the series to abandon the usual formula.
    • Mario Sports Superstars - I'm not usually all for Mario sports games or sports games in general, but this one has something about it that I can't easily explain.

    • Pokemon Sun & Moon - Of course I'm going to be interested in the new Pokemon games. Pokemon is my favorite series of all time. Even though we didn't get a ton of info on the games from this stream, I was satisfied, because we got a bunch of info for the past few months, and more info on the way tomorrow. So hyped for this game, I am definitely buying this on launch day.

    Mario Maker for 3DS would have gotten me excited if I didn't have a Wii U, but now that I have one, I still prefer the Wii U version. Barely any online compatibility? Sounds to me like they want to hurt the 3DS version more than make it better. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World seemed kind of interesting, but not something I'm probably going to buy. I'm not too crazy for it. Everything else they talked about during the stream either didn't interest me or I didn't know what the big deal was.

    Why would he regret it and why do you care if he ever regrets it? I know what you meant but I think it's stupid you over praise his morality as if he would eventually realize he's a fucking idiot.

    He's done it before.

    Toxic mentality you should get rid off imo. If he doesn't care then whatever but you're sort of expecting karma to do your bidding which is stupid, move on if you really don't care. Like that retarded post skywalker did about looking forward the situation reversing itself it's such a fucking dumb way to deal with this.
    He's not going to regret it cause he sounds like a fucking moron and you shouldn't expect it any other way.

    I meant he's going to regret it as in, his son doesn't care about him anymore and doesn't want to see him again. There's a possibility I'll never see him again. Even though that is a slim possibility. He doesn't live that far from my house and I live in a small town where you sometimes see people you know like at McDonald's or some shit. I should have specified. My bad.

    Here's an update on the dad situation that took place this morning. Just gonna leave a quick rant I did in Skype earlier.

    Today was the first time I have seen/talked with my dad in months. I hoped we could work things out. Here is what happened.

    [3:00:31 PM] Lexatom: He said everything was my fault and he had no wrong
    [3:00:39 PM] Lexatom: Even after I apologized
    [3:00:50 PM] Lexatom: He said he did the right thing when he assaulted me
    [3:)11 PM] Lexatom: He said thaqt even if the talk went well
    [3:)21 PM] Lexatom: I still would not be allowed back at his house for a while
    [3:)34 PM] Lexatom: If only he apologized to me
    [3:)41 PM] Lexatom: Than everything would be fine
    [3:)42 PM] Lexatom: But no
    [3:)45 PM] Lexatom: Not the case
    [3:321 PM] Lexatom: He's doing the same thing to me that he did to my mom 8 years ago
    [3:333 PM] Lexatom: Thinking he was always right and bashing on the other person
    [3:349 PM] Lexatom: And since he still thinks he was right and he didn't apologize
    [3:353 PM] Lexatom: I'm done.
    [3:^o^:14 PM] Lexatom: That's the last time I'm putting up with him

    He's going to regret it, but it's really hard for me to give a shit at this point.

    EDIT - Oh hey Link could you stop smiling in my post please it's kind of out of place.