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    The minish Cap could use improvments. But it was ok. my sister liked it.

    In my opinion the only improvements it needs is for King Gustaf's Tomb to be made into a dungeon and a third house you can give one of the oracles. :=p

    In my case it would not only be chicks. But let's not go that far... :0_o Anyway, I enjoy TMC a lot more than any of the other recent games. In my opinion, none of the games released between LA and TMC are good in Zelda standard. But TMC is different. It feels so magical and I LOVE kinstone fusing, and the Picori is one of my favourite races.

    I agree about OoT being overrated. One complaint I have about it is all those new races. They should have waited until they could make larger Overworlds before adding so many races to one game. It felt crowded! :ouch And I don't really like the music as much either. The only really memoriable theme in OoT that's in the older games is Zelda's Lullaby; well, if you disclude the Overworld Theme. But the version in OoT is far from the best. They could have added the Castle Theme from ALttP (or a remix of it) at the Castle Grounds and a remix of the Dungeon Theme from LoZ in the Royal Tomb. Had they done that, OoT would have at least had more of the Zelda feeling than it has.

    I've seen it and I love it. I do have a few complaints, though.

    1. Link acts like a jerk.

    2. Link is right-handed. ( :cry) That's the worst kind of blasphemy imaginable!

    3. Ganon's voice. It's freaky!O_o

    4. Faeries aren't supposed to be so... human. They are related to Elves, after all.

    5. The castle inhabitants. Where are all the servants, or the guards for that matter?

    Oh, yeah. I decided to join this board as well. Heheh, if I keep this up I guess I'll be very famous in the Zelda community one day. :ouch Hmm, how many boards am I registered to now? Geez, I've lost the count. At least I can't find it. Have anyone seen my count? :=p

    Er... whatever. I am Link Æwondåslåmon and I'm her to burn, erm, I'm here to be your friend. Yep, to be your friend. I'm a really nice guy, but if you make me sad I will turn you into a walking torch. :=p But if you have trouble pronouncing my name, just call me ES. So much simpler.^_^

    Things about me? Aww, do I really have to give you a boring introduction? Oh, whatever. I'm a bi male from Norway at 21 who likes to play video games (especially Zelda^_^) and write fantasy stories. Nowadays it's mostly Zelda fan fiction, but I do have some plans for my own original stories, one of them bein The Legacy of Alrik (actually, that's the codename). Did I mention that I'm an old schooler when it comes to video games? Well, I am. I like old games (especially from the NES) much more than more recent games, and the Zelda series is no exception.

    So, yeah. Welcome me or welcome me. You decide. :=p



    This is where my hatred for my own country comes in (very rare, I'm pretty much nationalist), but I'm situated in the Europe area, meaning most of you will get the game before me :(

    World wide release. We won't get it any later than the Americans and Japanese. :happy


    bomb arrows...I think.

    Those aren't new items. They are in LA.


    Im thinking its really Zelda.

    It's not Zelda. Midna can't exist in Hyrule unless you use the strongest definition of existing. Besides, she's evil and Zelda is trapped in that Twilight Castle.


    Midna also has magic powers like zelda, so we will only know when the game comes out.

    All Hylians have magic powers.


    But why would Nintendo repeat the storyline?

    Good question. I've always wondered why OoT's storyline is so similar to that of ALttP. :=p

    Nope. It's not even possible to write Epanog in Japanese. :=p I'll call them Link and Catherine, the horse being named after Link's horse in the comics and cartoons.