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    "May you have a hundred mansions, each with a hundred rooms, each with a hundred beds. And each morning may you wake up in a different mansion, in a different room, and in a different bed, have one of a hundred butlers prepare you breakfast in one of a hundred kitchens, and then go out to one of a hundred limousines to visit one of a hundred doctors, all of whom don't know what's wrong with you."
    -Old Yiddish Curse

    "Mo' money, mo' problems."
    -Mishna, Fathers 2:8

    Haven't been streaming much due to a recent spate of jewish holidays. Hope to get back into it a bit this week...if not chrono cross, then something else...

    Anyone else watch this TV Show? If not, season 2 just started last night. It's worth jumping in. It's a little camp/cheesy, but only a little, and I really like the comic book vibe of the show. It's great, immature fun and there are some pretty compelling characters. Manages to not fall for the trap of so many TV shows, ie trying too hard and then not delivering.

    Alright well now is when I'm putting in a couple of hours tonight. Also my mic is now working, so if you tune in, you get my brilliant gameplay analysis


    I have to say, hotline is weird as hell. The gameplay is obviously excellent, the way it functions as a combination puzzle and shoot 'em up is ingenious, some of the music is really great, the art style is unique and boy is there a lot of gore.

    The thing is - and I don't know if this sounds weird - but the "soul" of the game scares the crap out of me. Not that it's a game I dread playing like I dreaded the ravenholm level in half-life 2. It scares me because the flashing neon and the repetitive music and the weird-as-hell animal masks and the endless violence day after day, and the weird guy who shows up at every store you go's grating on the soul. It's the first violent game that actually makes me feel like some sort of sociopath. I haven't finished the first game and while it's addictive and fun it's just so dreadful I have trouble playing it. The only experience I can like it to is when I first read "The Stranger" by Camus; that sort of cynical detachedness and glazed-over experience of murder is exactly the sort of terrifying existential black hole that keeps god-fearing philosophical types like me up at night. Of course, all of this is high praise, in a sense - because the game conveys it so well. It really is a work of art, in conveying something terrible and awesome to the player. And all of that through synthesizer bloops and pixel art. Impressive indeed.

    I wish I was on when you were I love chrono cross XD

    I plan to continue playing, but I don't have a consistent schedule. So if you do want to know when I'm playing, the easiest way is just to subscribe to he twitch channel. Then you'll get notifications when I'm streaming.

    Sell me on Mirror's Edge. Because I wanted to like that game SO MUCH. I love a good female protagonist. I would really love to see a parkour vidja game become a thing. I loved the visual style, and the "usable surfaces are red" thing. In terms of impressing me, that game had every advantage.

    But I just...couldn't get into it. I think I eventually ended up in a big circular room and completely couldn't figure out what to do with myself.

    You just listed a lot of the pros. It's just a unique experience. First-person platformer. There's a constant sense of urgency that compells you to just keep running, which I think is fantastic. It has those flow aspects as well, lots of times button presses etc. There's even a couple of later sections that have puzzle elements, trying to make your way to the top of really complex structures. Other than the actual running though the game sort of fell flat. The story was interesting in premise but executed pretty badly, with no true explanation of what you're doing either at its beginning or at the end. The combat sections were really weak (though you could argue this was a design decision -- you're not supposed to fight, you're supposed to run. Fighting is completely optional). It's just a really neat little game and it's so different that nothing else really gives you that fix. The good news is, #2 is coming out soon.

    Hey all. If the zelda cavern crew would like to hang out and watch me play some of the classic games we old gaffers are always droning on about, subscribe to my twitch channel at [MEDIA=twitch]channel=kilovh[/MEDIA]. Over the next few weeks I hope to be playing through the classic playstation rpg Chrono Cross. Hope to be getting full webcam and voice functionality working soon so we can have a chill atmosphere and I can tell you why I make the terrible, terrible gameplay decisions I do in realtime.

    Hope to see some of y'all real soon!

    So, you guys, there's this series of fantasy books called The Gentlemen Bastards that you all need to read. The first book in the series is The Lies of Locke Lamora. You should all read this, and then thank me for sending them your way. These are the some of the best fantasy novels I have ever read. Like, really really good. You should read these. Like now.


    Once you've all read these, I'll give you my second fantasy recommendation of an amazing series I read last year.

    to slightly change the discussion: The most tedious and irritating dungeons in gaming probably aren't in a zelda game. They are probably in RPGs with random encounters, where it's not clear where to go and there are probably some puzzles. Nothing clearly comes to mind at the moment, but I'm sure someone can supply an example. Unavoidable random encounters are infuriating in general.

    It's not really a "water dungeon" but the river raft maze from FF6 was awesome. That's where you could use a certain trick to do massive amounts of leveling in a very short amount of time.