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    So, are these Amiibo only usable once a day like the rumours, or whenever you want now?

    And jesus, that extra damage effect is ridiculous. I mean, did he lose like five hearts in one hit there? How does that work? Didn't Twilight Princess originally have enemies do very little damage in general?

    I must accept as the years go on, I'm gonna hear this more and more

    Eh, don't worry about it. I was around at the time those sites were a thing, and I still pretty much don't know what you guys are talking about. Didn't use social networks at any point really, and I rarely use them now. Forums? Much better.

    To work more on my website and fan game related projects, and to get more involved in politics. Basically, stuff I keep putting off or taking too slowly.

    As someone who's used Burning Board before, I really, really wouldn't be that happy if Zelda Cavern switched to it. I mean, it's not terrible software, but I've always found XenForo just so, so much more enjoyable to use as a member.

    It also near enough killed my last site's community altogether...

    Neither. Both are pretty generic, and kind of act as more of a way to give Link something to do before encountering Twinrova and Ganon.

    I don't think so. Seems like such a movie would just be too awkward to make and cost far too much. I mean, look at say, Lord of the Rings. That cost a fortune, and that's got the benefit of a more realistic world and mostly humanoid characters. A Zelda's movie's effects budget (especially if has the amount of cool stuff as the Majora's Mask trailer below) would be astronomical:

    In addition to that, there are some other issues:

    Link journeys alone, and mostly doesn't speak to people at all. So a movie would need to find any reason at all to include other characters, dialogue, etc. Otherwise you'd have hours of Link basically running around dungeons and killing things, which doesn't make a great movie.

    The story's are rather thin on a per game level, but confusing as heck on a series level. You'd have to either come up with a new alternate canon or try and find a Zelda game whose plot can be explained in a way that doesn't confuse the hell out of the audience.

    So it's unlikely. It'd be cool, but it just seems too expensive and all that stuff.

    I gave it a shot: 2ufps9i.jpg
    If you like it feel free to use it. It is yours.

    Yeah, that'll work for me. Thanks! I'll add a link back to Zelda Cavern on my own site (although not sure which page you prefer the link to go to, forum or home page), and you can do the same sort of thing in reverse.

    Okay, seems fine. But what are the staff here going to use to link (no pun intended) back? I don't have a button for my own site in return...

    Maybe someone could provide something with a blueish background and a Mario character?

    Me, I respond like it is my own name..... I have been called Link before by people since my Xbox gamertag has Link in it LOL

    It has been my alias online for alot of stuff, since 2000.

    There are a few places, CM30's site where someone Linkblocked me and took the name (They havent logged in since June)

    Talking of which, just approved you. XenForo seemingly tried to block your registration for whatever reason.

    We all know that Nintendo is trying to promote gen 1 a bit more nowadays, what with X and Y featuring a lot of callbacks and Pokemon Origins being based on it. But given that the only remake of Red and Blue was back on the GBA, do you think they'll remake the games again as well?

    Like, in the style of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, complete with 3D graphics and even more new things added?