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    I do alos fancy Spirit Temple the most.
    It has best puzzles, most challenging mini-bosses and coolest end-boss. And, of course, best song :n_n

    Shiek, the reason it didnt work, is because the image is wayyyy to big, im gonna get you a smaller shiek image and put it on your profile for you.

    But I tried to upload it with in avatar-size, 100x75 pix...

    Anyway, thank you so much, Link. Very kind of you.

    And thanks to all of you for greeting me :happy

    And, 1234link, pm me when the sig is ready, and thank your brother from me :happy

    I recomend the trilogy The Tales of the Otori by the australian writer Lian Hearn.
    A beautiful story about a boy named Otori Takeo (first introduced to the readers as Tomasu), who was born in a small village of religious outcasts referred to as the "Hidden." The Hidden are persecuted throughout the Three Countries for their religious beliefs, and in the opening chapter Takeo's village is destroyed by a band of warriors led by Iida Sadamu, Lord of the Tohan Clan. During this attack, Takeo is rescued by Otori Shigeru, a young Lord of the Otori Clan, and led back to the Otori stronghold of Hagi. There, Shigeru adopts Takeo and begins to instruct him in the ways of a warrior.

    At Hagi, Takeo learns that his father — Kikuta Isamu, who died before Takeo's birth — was a member of the "Tribe," a secretive network of spies and assassins known for supernatural traits (in other words, ninja). Takeo finds he has inherited many of his father's talents: invisibility, silent movement, the ability to create a mirror image of himself, and a stare that puts dogs and men to sleep. Under the tutelage of Tribe member Muto Kenji, Takeo learns to employ these skills in the role of an assassin, expecting to take part in Shigeru's coming conflict with Iida Sadamu.

    Shigeru's uncles, hoping to rid themselves of their popular and powerful nephew, send him to Iida's capital city of Inuyama. Bound by honor and loyalty to his clan, Shigeru follows their wishes despite suspecting a trap, and takes Takeo along with him. Shigeru's wariness proves warranted when Iida imprisons and tortures him upon his arrival in Inuyama. Meanwhile Takeo is taken hostage by the Kikuta family, relatives of Takeo's father who plan on forcing Takeo to take up his father's legacy as a full member of the Tribe. Before he submits to their will, however, Takeo sneaks into Inuyama castle and frees Shigeru, but not before the Otori lord becomes mortally wounded. Filled with a thirst for vengeance, Takeo returns to the castle intent on slaying Iida, but finds him dead at the hands of Shirakawa Kaede, a young woman Takeo fell in love with on the road to Inuyama, and the female heir to the western domain of Maruyama

    Read it! It's a magnificent story that perhaps is going to be filmed.

    My first was OoT.
    I got it for christmas in 1999. I remember that I did no let any of my sisters or cousins try it out! This was my game!
    I didn't understand much of it, so I just ran around in Kokiri Forest; found the sword and bought a shield.
    Kokiri Forest was, through my eyes, an idyll! A paradice!

    Hello, fellow members!

    Does anybody here play Guild Wars or WoW?

    I have been playing GW for about a year now and have just tried WoW at a friends house. But I'll have to say that I like GW a bit better.

    Anyway, in this thread you are allowed to discuss anything that's GW and WoW related. To show off your characters, ask for help, form a guild or to ask newbie questions; this is the place to come!

    My GW characters are: Bolero Blue E/Mo lvl. 20, Leo Deathy N/Mo lvl 17, Twlight Servant R/W lvl 7, Marie Derloy Me/E lvl 4.

    I will look forward to see you all online :)

    - Sheik

    Too short? No, MM was just perfect!
    The higher difficultyness made up for the lack of temples and dungeons, IMO. I got really stuck in Great Bay Temple once, because of all the pipes that had to be pushed, and on and on. It was really confusing!
    I think MM was a lot harder then OoT...

    My favourites are OoT and TWW. I just love the sword-handling in TWW :n_n
    OoT was the first game I got from the Zelda-series, so it has become a valualble treasure.

    Thank you for your greetings and tips, MasterLink. Higly appreciated. But you don't know of any who are good at signatures, do you?

    Hi, people!

    I'm Sheik and new here, so I'll hope that good care of me :n_n

    The Zelda-games I've played are OoT, MM, TWW and LA.

    And, while I'm at it, could someone make me a signature? It has to be related to my username, Sheik, and the qoute: "Link, I'll se you again."
    I also want pictures of both Sheik and Link.

    Thanks in advance.

    - Sheik.