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    I never got HG or SS.

    I blew off getting them at walmart when they were released for 39$ and I refuse to pay a couple hundred for a shitty used copy lol

    I got SS at Walmart when it came out and got HG second hand about I want to say three years ago maybe?

    I was emailed by Kaynil around 8 o'clock central time this morning. She informed me that the website, forums and all other websites on our server were offline and were so for the last 11 hours. There was a mainboard/CPU failure and it resulted in the websites being offline. I had a long 18 hour work shift and I slept for 5, and came back to work....WITHOUT noticing we were offline. I will try harder next time to ensure that this doesn't happen again. I am sorry.

    It's completely fine. All hosts go through an outage at some point.

    It is not. I bought my son a 2DS to get all the Zelda games and I can buy LoZ, AoL, LA, OoT, MM, OoS, OoA and LBW but no ALTTP

    Never cared for the eshop in the first place as I prefer to have physical copies of games but that still sucks. You would think anything compatible with the original 3DS would be compatible with the 2ds too.

    I have a 2ds, and I love it, but I've never been crazy about the eshop. Especially since I have a GBASP and second hand games are pretty cheap. I just don't like all the extra bells and whistles the 2ds has. I still play it, obviously, but I've become more of an old school gamer as of late and I prefer to have physical copies of games

    Well get one I bet you could get an early gen 3DS for cheap.

    Now that the 3DS series is becoming obsolete, you should be able to get your hands on one for a really cheap price. Can't speak on behalf of the new 3DS XL or Nintendo 2ds, but the original generation definitely

    Fair enough. I can understand people preferring having the original copy rather than in digital and tied to the console. Hopefully now that the 3DS is on its way out, the switch will try to get some competitive bundles by next Christmas.

    It sounds like a smart plan. Hopefully you can find again those games you are still missing.

    I got Pokémon Yellow over the weekend and I'm already at the league. That's how much I've been playing it. Hopefully by Friday all I'll have left is to try complete the Dex. Looking at getting either Crystal or Trading Card Game next

    Now that they are remaking this game for the switch, I wonder if they will keep this complete ending for the zero-death files, and if they will make it more explicit or change it. It'll be interesting to see.

    I'd say to you Ashley to get it on the switch if you got one, but if you haven't probably getting another GBA is cheaper if you got the game. Also, I think it is available for purchase on the eShop for the 3DS, so that's another choice.

    I prefer to have physical copies of games, so the eshop is out of the question. As for the Switch, it's way too expensive right now so I'm focusing more on building up my old game boy collection as I sold those with my old sp years ago thinking I was no longer interested as I had the 3DS at the time. Still have the 2ds and love it, but I'm feeling nostalgic right 6

    Is there any benefit in keeping the original version when you got Ultra? My understanding is that that the story is pretty much the same plus Team Rocket. I was considering traiding Moon for Ultra Moon, would you reckon it is better I get Ultra Moon without getting rid of Moon?

    I hung on to both actually. Same with Sun.

    My siblings the most we did together were trade pokemon. Or not really trade as my sister would erase my gamesaves and save her fresh started pokemon game over mine....................................................I'm talking about erasing 151 pokemon completion on Pokémon Blue, gahhhh.

    Gaah I remember the original Red and blue. Filling the Pokedex was no easy feat back in the day. Thank God for Wonder/GTS trades on the new games

    I bought the player about two years ago. Sandisk is the manufacturer. I'm quite sure the originals are out of production, but this one has some underground popularity.

    I tried using my phone, but the native music app is useless. Haven't heard of any good app for non-streaming

    I got a SanDisk Sansa Sport 8GB mp3 player on Amazon and month ago and I absolutely love it. I've always liked SanDisk because for one, the Playlist is in alphabetized order, and 2, if you want to listen to just a specific artist or genera you can