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    I completly forgot about Master Quest :o! I think you will like MQ and in Jabu-Jabu there is actually cows inside of him.(Laughably disturbing.) Which you have to shoot to solve some puzzels. I thought it was funny.

    Cows in Jabu-Jabu? XDDD

    Anyways: OoT is my 2nd favorite zelda/Game and I still like it. But after playing TP like 5 times, and OoT 15 times, I grew bored of each and want a new game. Ah well, I go Mario and such.

    Some parts are godly, so tone those down k?

    The only problems are:

    Sword of Time:

    It can go through Time and space, fine. It should be limited to the amount of energy x how far you want to go. Like full energy to go back a month, or a small amount to go back 5 secs.

    Physical Attacks: Can punch at the force of a car going 50 MpH. Does not kick in battle.

    That is a bit strong for someone so light. Tone it down just a bit.

    Armor: It is eons above technology in the present and dampens magical attacks and physical attacks.

    How about tone it down a bit. How about it resists to certain attacks and such? :)

    Other than some of the bio being repeated, its fine, and I think we can get the ideas.

    Name: Shrukan Caelestis

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Race: Scalix (dragon-humans)

    Height: 6'6"

    Weight: 195

    Theme Song: Animal I have become.

    Armor: None

    Weapons: Twin Dragon Blades and Fang Dagger.

    Physical Attacks: Sword swipes, tail slams, sometimes grapples.

    Magical attacks:

    Fire (angry), Water (Depressed), Wind (calm), Lightning (Angry), Ice (depressed), Earth (over confident), Light (calm), Dark (extremely angry).

    Light: Light Orb (concentrated Light energy that explodes on contact), Healing Aura (can heal wounds, but still weak. Cannot be used more than 3 times in a day).

    Dark: Shadow Sphere (concentrated Dark Energy that exploded on contact), Sacrificial Blood (sacrifice blood to become stronger and faster), Shadow Meld (disappears through Shadows, but it drains his energy while using).

    -Weakness: Normal (Vulnerable to everything), Light (weakness is darkness), Dark (weakness is Light).

    - Appearance:

    Normal: Dark Red Hair, Deep Sky blue eyes, golden dragon wing and tail. Wears a black jacket over dark red pants, and also dark-red and yellow shoes plus gray pants.

    Light: difference is only blonde hair.

    Dark: Difference is only black hair and red eyes.

    -Personality: Normal: Depressed and not open-hearted. Prefers to be alone. In battle, he is over-confident) Light: Nice, calm, collective. Hardly battles, but when he does, he is serious. Dark: Malevolent in and out of battle. Prefers to ask questions later.


    Shrukan, a 15 year old male Scalix, was born and raised in the Ilidar Mountains. Being Scalix he, like his race, had large dragon wings and a dragon tail. Most Scalix showed their strength to impress people, but Shrukan didn't want to show off.

    Since he was born, he was smaller, weaker, and lighter than any other Scalix. He was born small and weak, his body just barely alive. But he survived to become a bit stronger and taller.

    When he was 8, his life changed. His mother, the only blood-related to him, died in their home. His step-father, Argath, looked only above the body, tears flowing from his eyes.

    It was then Shrukan began to detest the world. Fate had made his life a living hell. He didn't have any know blood related family, and he was taken under the Caelestis name.

    Now that he was 15, time slowed down for him. At times, he'd cry by himself, wishing, even after 7 long years, for his mother to return. But she wouldn't, and he knew it. It was like the whole world was put against himself.

    After a usual flying trip, Shrukan returned home and lazily jumped onto the couch. Argath came by soon after, holding a large book of sorts, like he always did.

    "Done with flying?" he said.

    "Yeah." was Shrukan's reply.

    "How was it?"

    "Boring, as usual."

    "I thought you liked flying?"

    "I did."

    Argath placed his hands on Shrukan's shoulder. "Is it about today's date?"

    "I guess." Shrukan covered his face. "Why does this have to be the day mother died?!"

    "Shrukan calm down."

    "You don't know how I feel Argath!" Shrukan lashed out. "You only cried above her body, and after meeting Nava, you forgot about mother!" Shrukan snarled. "I'm the only one who truely cares for her, even after 7 years!"

    Shrukan pushed Argath aside and walked out of the home.

    Shrukan flapped his mighty wings and sailed around in the twilight sky. "He doesn't know the pain I feel every year..." Shrukan spoke aloud, "Every year, I wish to kill myself in order to be back with her. But I can't. I'm weak..."

    Then something caught his eye. A large temple-like structure, on the mountain side. The outside was made of marble. Etched on the side of the building was letters Shrukan had never seen before.

    "What is this place?" Shrukan said, as he began to explore.

    When he entered, a voice called of for him. Shrukan........

    The voice was soothing and clear. He felt hypnotized as he felt his body move into the next room.

    In the room, fate swirled around Shrukan's body. A deep power awoke in Shrukan and pushed him towards a symbol in the back of the room. It was a strange symbol, two swirling lines that never met with a wave like shape below it.

    When Shrukan placed his hand on the symbol, it glowed a silverish color and pain swept within him. Then all went black.

    After recovering for a few days, Shrukan began to notice the power he weilded. Someone tried to kill him, but his rage killed the beast in an arry of orange and red flames.

    Now he searches the world. Who is he? What is his powers? What is his purpose? And more importantly, who was trying to kill him?

    ACCEPTED by self!

    Your Character must include the following:

    -Armor (if any)
    -Weapons (if any)
    -Physical Attacks
    -Magical attacks
    -Weakness (no. Green mice with two heads does not count. Weakness to Light attacks is a valid weakness)
    -History/Bio (explain your characters past, even if s/he doesn't know)

    Hope this helps!

    Also, you can only use them after I accept them.

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