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    I would definitely agree with Japan having the greatest education. I mean, you'd have to be a genius to know how to build some of the stuff they got here in the US.

    Today's update revolves around the return of Events.

    There's now different difficulty settings and pictures to make them easier to understand!

    Here's some examples of the events shown:

    Two Trouble Kings: As if Bowser wasn't already a handful...

    Dark Link Duel: Duel your shadow!

    Cleaning House in Skyworld: Destroy all of the terrain! Wario's there to get in the way, I think...


    Meh. Better than nothing, I guess.

    BTW, today's update is epic.

    Wario's Final Smash transforms him into Wario-Man. He doesn't do some big attack, but he does gain some new abilities.


    Huh, I forgot he could fly. xD

    He suggests that we not use his bike, as he goes super fast when he does.

    O SHI-


    Most elderly women have learned to stray away from doing bad things that their youthful selves did, and the situation was also an accident, so I'm sure you'll be fine. I mean, it was an accident after all, so hopefully she won't threaten to sue.

    Today has a new AT.

    Saki Amamiya appears from Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Earth! This title is currently available via the Virtual Console.

    Guess who.

    He uses his weapon, the Cannon Sword, which combines a sword and a gun into one to slice and shoot!

    Ike gets owned by multiple slashes.

    Saki jumping AS HIGH AS THE-*shot to death because of annoying Sonic X quote*

    BANG! He fires his cannon!

    As with the original title, he speaks in English.

    He rivals just about any main character. There were many requests from users for his inclusion, and he IS pretty cool, so I did what I could to include him. After all, this game does let you enjoy a dream cast of supporting characters!

    Never heard of Sin & Punishment, mainly because the game never came stateside. xD

    Translated version:


    CoroCoro Comics have announced that they will reveal the roster for Brawl in a magazine hitting the stands (in Japan of course) on the 15th of December. If you’re unfamilar with CoroCoro they have previously featured information on Nintendo’s games, notably they exculsively revealed Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl.

    What’s unclear is just how much of the roster will be revealed. It’s currently unkown if CoroCoro will feature the starting characters or the entire roster. If a full reveal seems unlikely it is worth noting that Brawl is set for a Japanese release in Jan of 08′, just one month after the magazine release.

    If you doubt this information would be revealed outside of the dojo it has already been done. Twice now the site has updated the site after a media release. Once on E3 and again with the news of Sonic joining the fight. While some have been awaiting the Dec 3rd update, which was Brawls previous release date, the update on the 15th might be the one to watch for.


    Today's update is interesting, as it's about the different costumes your character can wear.

    You can change the color of your character by pressing buttons on the character-selection screen!

    This is one of the many joys of Smash. This time, each character has about six different color variations.

    What's this?! Dark Link?!

    This is the Zelda of old.

    Th-those... I've seen those before somewhere...

    Snake changed his camouflage!

    The end result is a great wealth of varieties, so I hope you?ll all find your favorite color combinations.

    I tried to post ones that were most interesting, and as this being a Zelda forum, I posted the Zelda ones first. There's also Fire Mario and DK as a yeti.


    Whos Sakurai?

    Sakurai is the creator of Kirby and the SSB series, and is the director of Brawl.
    The guy that runs the site gets info straight from the developers themselves and translates their update so that we can understand what they're saying.

    Anyways, double update today.

    First, update of the Smart Bomb and return of Electrode Pokemon.

    This time, both the Smart Bomb and Electrode may not explode when used!

    Next update is the return of Training mode.

    Like you really thought this was leaving...


    *inspired by the Phoenix Wright series*

    Basically, it's a game where you object to the statement that's posted above your username. Whether it's related to the statement or not, it doesn't matter. All you have to do is yell "OBJECTION!" before your actual post. Like this:

    Poster 1: I liek apples

    Poster 2: OBJECTION! You don't liek apples, you liek mudkips!

    Poster 3: OBJECTION! I concur!

    So yeah, lemme start and see how far this thing goes.


    That sign is a piece of crap!

    If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't this belong in the Nintendo Wii section of the forum? xD

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    Today's update: Ice Climbers' Final Smash - ICEBERG

    They do a high five....

    ....then this happens. A giant iceberg fills the entire stage.

    When I said entire stage, I meant it.

    Ice doesn?t just make the available ledges smaller and more slippery, but it also damages your opponents!

    But, of course, the Ice Climbers can handle it no problem. They look as cool and refreshed as ever.

    Get off mah land!


    While I understand that adding a little bit of blood would make the game more awesome, too much of it would also ruin the game itself. I mean, I'd rather not see a Moblin with its intestines hanging out from a sword slice thanks.

    I say only a tiny bit of blood should be added in cutscenes only to add to the drama of the story. Everything else should be left as it is. I mean the Zelda series is still aimed at a younger audience after all, and I'd rather it stay that way.

    Eh, I didn't really find it funny that much. I mean, sure it has its ups and downs (I like that mammoth guy), but overall I guess it's ok. Not as good as Billy & Mandy or KND, but good.

    Double post for great justice.

    Today's update was all Meta Knight, since we got a little more info on his moves AND we got his theme from Kirby Super Star.

    B: Mach Tornado

    Tap the button to rise off the ground.

    B >: Drill Rush

    You can change your direction slightly when you use this move.

    B ^: Shuttle Loop

    Rise up while your sword rises up. This move will allow you to glide afterwards.

    B v: Dimensional Cape

    This one is kinda like using a shield, as you disappear and can reappear somewhere else.

    Use the Dimensional Cape as a precursor to an attack. If you just can?t get the opportunity, then forget about attacking.

    Next update:
    "Kirby: Meta Knight?s Revenge" (1:22)

    *song is on the site*

    I was just thinking how it?s been more than ten years since I made this game...

    It was in Kirby Super Star that Meta Knight rode out on the Battleship Halberd to govern Dream Land. This is a jazz arrangement of the music from back then.
    WELL? How do you like it?!

    After going with the "serious touch" of the Halberd for the Kirby stage, I?m now thinking that maybe this overly peppy song is a little incongruous...

    I like the beat to this song. Definitely a song I'll be Brawlin' to.


    Today's update: HANDICAPS

    Be kind to beginners! If all you do in brawls is beat up people who don?t know left from right, they?ll never understand the rules of the game, right?

    So until now, I?ve always made sure to include handicaps in each game in the series.

    But, I began to think that there isn?t much thrill in just making yourself weaker, so I changed the system.

    First, find the Handicap option on the Rules screen.

    Then you?ll see something new.

    Click-click-click! Ratchet up the handicap.

    You start with your initial damage meter boosted, even after you get KO'd!

    The strength of each character doesn?t change, so then you can show your skills to your opponent!

    Also, you can use this not only for handicapping, but also for starting all players at the same damage?it?ll give you matches with a slightly different feel.

    Now, I?ve also kept the auto-handicap feature. This gradually increases the starting damage for the winner of the match.

    I guess this means Super Sudden Death is gone, huh?

    Today, it reveals to us that we now have three taunts instead of just one.

    If you want to show your opponent a little flair, you can do moves unrelated to battle?it?s called taunting. You do it with the +Control Pad, except when using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

    This time, you do one of three different taunts, depending on the direction you press the +Control Pad!

    There are a variety of patterns for you to enjoy.

    Mario takes off his hat and spins around.

    Sonic spins his feet in place and says "Too Slow..."

    Snake.......hides in a box?

    With Wii Remote + Nunchuk control, taunts are handled with the 1 Button (up taunt), the 2 Button (down taunt) and the 1 and 2 Buttons simultaneously (side taunt).

    Did I mention you can assign text to a taunt? (lol @ Snake here)