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    I am owner of one of them, and I don't know why the pepole complains about it.

    I am very satisfied by it, for the present time.

    Anyone else find the well level to get the Lens of Truth creepy? Or the ReDeads attacking your face?

    I think so too, but it is a level that I love so much.
    It's the more mysterious in whole game. I remember when I play it first time and my fearful steps. And how to forgive it...

    Dead Hand

    I Love this mini-boss.

    My favorite boss is Twinrova and the following one in the list is Bongo Bongo.

    The reason is simple; they seemed to me to be the most complicated, and I love challenges

    Volvagia well, I like it especially visually, and a challenge if you don't have the Goron Tunic!

    I Don't know if I can share games out of Zelda, but

    Antartic Adventures

    I had spend hours and hours playing this game! I laughed so hard playing this game!
    There was always a foca annoying, but really cute. :p