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    LS shut your whore mouth :lengua:

    The beginning is slow to get the player to feel that Link is really from a small town that is semi isolated from the rest of the kingdom that is in peril. So all you get intro'd to is small town life, the things normally an unsuspecting hero would have to deal with before their life is upheaved and thrown into chaos. FF has longer cut scenes anyway :P

    That said, I LOVED Tp. that's right. I said it. I LOVE TP.

    The graphics were pretty smooth as games go, it really pushed on oot's idea the impression that the kingdom was a large land that you could explore, it's dark, it's a little gritty, tries a little more to be what you would expect out if LOZ was meant for teens/young adults (personally, the cell shading makes the games look cartoony). I kinda wished it had gotten more gritty. They stepped out of their comfort zone and did pretty well all things considering. Plus I think a few small time Zelda sites/fb pages voted the dominion rod the most powerful magic item in the series (hehe... rod... hehe). And some mysteries are still left to the fans to figure out and theorize, like who was the ancient warrior teaching Link all those moves? A past life? A past warrior teacher?

    That said,
    -I think there could have been more connection as to why a wolf form in particular was chosen for Link, like make a new legend about the hero of time getting peed on by a wolf and it brought him luck or something.
    -SOOOOO disappointed in Zant. He was so bad ass in the beginning and then kinda suddenly turned into a clown/pathetic puppet mid way. If they just kept him bad ass... '
    -The end with Ganon in the field was a little anti-climactic.
    -One last thing. The oocca look like they have tits.

    Departing from their usual kid/child theme was a treat and this was a cool step in that direction. Actually, instead of continuing with this branch of diversion from the main series, I think it would be cooler to see the developers try the same model game in different outfits; eg. tp was dark and broody, Hyrule warriors used developers from dragon warrior for a different game play, perhaps more attempts to branch out in different directions instead of the same thing.

    Yeah Impaz was kinda a good clue about it, I didn't make the connection with the Twili though. Although, seeing as how there is no one left in the desert and the colosseum is in clear neglect, maybe the theory where the faction group was the gerudo would be just as plausible. I still haven't played all the games and didn't finish SS myself. I like how these theories are like, super thought out to include other games, other characters, and hidden possible explanations to connect them all :)

    Oh yeah. I follow a zelda fan thing on facebook and the person that runs in finds good gems. Theres another suggestion about the same timeline only its the Gerudo that are the ones that splinter off in Twilight Princess.

    Please keep in mind....We are not that G rated, more like NC-17 - Obscene sometimes....

    When I was 12 ZC was G rated or PG.....but as we grew older......I don't see the need....

    THANK Christ!!! THIS PLACE JUST BECAME MY FAV. So seriously, on a scale of one to Reservior Dogs, how much swearing is allowed? cause I will run so far with it

    Thanks, Inhaling One. Haha don't worry about age, you youngsters keep us old timers fit and spry.

    LOL wups, totally forgot that was my handle LS. Thanks for getting me on here.

    I may have been? seems a little familiar but then again, I was bouncing around a lot of forums years back following LinkSkywalker and the crew. Kinda like one nomads. Gaming obsessed wondering nomads...

    Dibs on starting a gaming gypsy band.

    So I stumbled upon an interesting fan theory on the Sheikah timeline that seems to make more sense than the others. If you've got a half hour to kill:

    The audio is a bit crappy and one of the narrator's has a heavy accent but I kinda like it.