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    Well fine by me I care not if you believe in God or not , I mean you are adult enough to find your own answers
    , as for discussing God as a prerequisite , well you can not answer difficult math question without knowing number there is a step by step procedure in everything in universe if you reject that there is no light how can you possibly discuss thing that you see because of light

    And I'm not insulting you perhaps you should refrain from blaming others again and again without thinking twice

    Time , Time and Time yeah the only think that is wasted easily is time, well I don't mind sharing my views and honestly I don't mind my reasoning being took apart and criticized it does not bother me, I'm pretty happy to have them to myself, I just believe that there is no reason to prove yourself right to other but IF you really want my answer that I have no trouble sharing it with you guys

    Immoral , I think it is very sad that people rejecting existence of God can't accept this word Morality and why because it would ultimately lead to God and if they were to believe in God they would have to follow a religion and Meh a religion is such a trouble asking us to do stupid rituals which apparently no logic behind it so why bother lets just pronounce God dead and do whatever we please

    My simple and very logical answer will be I'm a strong believer in God and not just God but In ONE God not even in multiple Gods and yes He says that Porn is immoral and a sin so yeah here is my answer simple and easy ...

    I think the more debatable issue here is not the porn but God

    Is there a God?
    so yeah I'm open to debate , although I have an answer to why porn is Immoral but we need to proceed step by step and the first step is to prove existence of God

    Yes indeed it is and yea the first one is also my favorite , you should play the GBA remake version as well its pretty cool and the second installment is also very wonderful I finished it again last month lol

    I don't see a reason why people fight and take positions , I think people should just come to an understanding why bother convincing others of your own view can't we just live they way we like and let others live the way they like ,
    I clearly see the picture here
    People should be allowed to draw whatever they like in whatever manner and at the same time there are people who are more than just serious about them so serious that sometimes they even marry them so yea it hurts them to see it like that, the reason problem occurs when people take absolute position, my mother always told me to put yourself in other persons shoes and than make a statement and I'm always trying to do it although I can fail at times , If I draw something and offend someone I would reply like this

    " I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings it was never my intent to hurt anyone feelings and I apologize for the discomfort I cause you , but as much as you have right to like this character fat/thin I also have a right to like it in whatever way I want , people have different tastes and likes and sometimes our love of art compels us to portray certain thing in a different way so my art work is just my way of expressing my liking to this character and I have every right to do it , it was not intended to hurt anyone "

    We should always accept others as they are I don't see a reason to argue

    My most favorite game is from SEGA , Shining Force series and also another awesome game Street of Range the best game in 2 players, 2d scroller , beat em up genre , double dragon to me was never equal to street of rage

    I played the game on PC using emulator and loved it and since that have played it so many times that I can't even remember lol

    Hy Everyone,

    I never owned a SEGA but my cousins did so I always got a chance to play sega stuff and yeah when the emulators came out I tried many SEGA games , although I never owned it I found SEGA one step ahead of NES, so anyone here a SEGA fan?

    I think we need a child board for Sega in other games

    Thanx I'm glad there is no more but wait if there is no more ice means we have fallen into the ice cold water ........
    About the subject well any discussion will be pointless but I don't think bad of sex worker , for whatever reasons it is their profession so I don't really hate them I do remember talking to one sex worker for a few days I hold nothing against them but you know there will always be social barriers because everyone has a right to do whatever they want to provided they don't hurt others so yea the people that creates barrier has full right to think its immoral , but I do agree on one point they should have full rights likes all of us have although I don't think they will ever get the same social respect

    I'm very sorry I did not mean to hurt you and yeah I think its my mistake I should not have given my opinion, I was not asked ,I don't know why did I ever post it well . Please forgive me for hurting your feelings that pervert part was just a joke, I was only trying to break the ice between us and it just backfired it was not intentional so I'm really sorry

    and about my opinion well its still the same I consider pron to be Immoral and well that is that lets just not talk about it again

    Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @LinkSkywalker has been brain washed to no point of return lol hahahahahahahahahaha JK JK
    well I think porn is a bad thing we can talk long hours even days over it and you will not agree to my point and I wont to yours so lets just do both of u s a favor and lets just respect each other ideas rite?

    so respect my idea u r a pervert ( lol ) hahahahahahahahahah jk

    That mean that we humans always try to find explanations for bad deeds we do , that is why we try to justify whatever we do and than we brain wash ourselves with that justification for whatever we are doing !!

    No hard feelings bro and no offense meant just explaining my point of view

    Well I do have a tumblur but never used it and as usual it wud be servo as far as i Think not sure though lol

    Well perceptions are highly subjective and can be wrong, We sadly we do have a course of life pre determined , we are born in similar way, we live in similar way and day like everybody

    Sky well if you look at it that way everything is pre defined our parents need to make love for us to be born , we need water , oxygen and food to live and yeah we die as well don't you think you are already a pawn of a pre determined chess board , well I don't see it that way but its the answer to your philosophy , live the way I wanna live but how? Can you lift you both feet and stay in air? can you put ur hand in fire and not expect it to burn , how can I can't fly like birds . our design and our live is pre defined but not yet , I'm not done yet , we are still given some freedom within the boundaries of life and that is where my question comes in you , within that boundary you find an answer for yourself why are you born? and you are free to come up with any answer ..

    and yes
    @LinkSkywalker its a friendly debate we are not trying to build a consensus .... I'm really enjoying your answers fellas its always fun to know how people see things you can always learn new things and new angle ..

    and well I said in start I already have found my answer just wanna know yours I'll post mine later