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    Hy Everyone,

    Well You know I have been searching answer for this question for a long time its not like I don't have an answer to it I do ... the thing is everyone has their own answer to this question ... their own version

    Why are we born ... many will answer it in few lines or may in length but this question can not be answered without answering some other question...

    What you wanna do in your life?
    And why you wanna do it?
    What would you do If you reach there?
    What is your philosophy of life ?
    What would you do If you become rich ?

    In these question you will see a bigger picture your true answer to the question Why are we born?
    Now many people give this answer life is for enjoyment ... and that They have a right to live happily so they shud live life to fullest and honestly I don't disagree people have full right to live they want to...

    But I just fail to understand one thing .... How can I enjoy and live life to fullest when I know that So many innocent little children sleep hungry everyday and many die every year ... How Do I enjoy when I know women have to sell their chastity to feed them ... How Do I enjoy when I know young girls are kidnapped and how they fear for their safety ... How Do I enjoy when I know out there that in this world children are enslaved into slavery .....

    Some of you may think I'm criticizing they way people think But this is not my intent it really is a question in my mind ... as is said everyone has a right to live and its not their fault if people suffer so they have every right to enjoy their lives and live it to fullest but for me question is HOW ?

    Take care everyone

    Glad you liked it well to your answer waht I used before I used two names before

    Piranas which is actually my real name written a lil differently

    and other was Nonusab , nonu mean an innocent lil kid and we use sab for respect in our language and No i was not referring to me as innocent lil kid it was my lil cousin , we used to call him Nonusab and he used to get really mad you know kids have this complex that they are grownups not kids and he had this big time so we teased him nonusab and yea I love him a lot as well so out of my love for him I used that name Nonusab , now he is like 14 but I still call him nonu hahah but its an new nick I made up Nonops or NonayPo lol hahahaha

    Well Its a long story but since I have time I'll post it lol

    Back in 2007 I joined my first online community Exploitstaion, its not around anymore sadly, the admin there was BadServo, one of the coolest guys I know online. So One day it just came to my mind and I asked him , " Hey Bad why are you BadServo not GudServo" and to this he had a story of his own , it was in early 90s when he was watching Robo wars on TV and a robo lost , when the owner of the robo was asked what happened he said " It was a BasServo" and this hit him and so he took the name up. In turn I asked him hey Can I be GudServo , and he said why not and he changed my username to GudServo

    Come 2009 I joined a site that now I own ( lol) and there I used GudServo and in 2010 a member started calling me Servo but wait I did not took the name than, she was the only one calling me Servo and all other wud call me Gud and One day I was mad and I just said no more GudServo and so I made myself EvilServo , I'm still using that name on my site , and in 2012 due to some reasons I disappeared for a year came 2013 and I came back found out the site was dead now no one from Old member online and it was being shut down So i took it over and at that time I decided I would use Servo from now on and so yeah I'm suing Servo now , I still use Gud/Evil with my name at times

    What does it mean I dont know, but as admin I learnt something that a website runs because of its members not admins so If you ask me I would like to say Servo is someone who serves online people

    I'm sorry that I typed too much I hope you do not find this boring

    so where did you land ? eh we dont have a runway hair, actually we had but since @Kaynil was always tricking people to join the site so it was decided its much better to sell the runway and use the funds for something else !!!!!

    oh yeah and welcome back ! I almost forgot

    If I wanna remember my childhood I miss peaceful days look at the world now ..... Old times the 90s
    and dont forget Super Mario and SNES and NES love we have although I always though SEGA was more powerful heheheheh

    and Kaynil you win !!!!