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    I just said the Stalfos Mask would replace the Captain's Hat because I couldn't think of anywhere else you'd get it. The Mask would have its effects, and there would be an option to switch between the two among other.

    Yeah, this game already got a remake, but if you were to port it to Switch or whatever console Nintendo released when you're reading this, what would you add/change?

    Ideas I have include:

    -Items for all forms: While each form is great in its own regard, why are the items they can use be limited to just bottles? Why not let them be able to use all items and masks? Maybe we could even give each form it's own version of the item in question (masks would be the same across all forms).

    -New masks/mask properties: Examples include a Stalfos Mask to turn Link into a Stalfos (replacing the Captain's Hat), the Stone Mask letting you turn invulnerable, the Garo Mask taking on the Stone Mask's properties as well as its own, the Fierce Deity's Mask being able to be used everywhere, the Couple's Mask doing something, the Boss Remains and Majora's Mask itself being wearable, and more.

    -Upgradable everything: A Skyward Sword thing carried over here. Speaks for itself really.

    -New Game +: If you don't know what that is, it's a 2nd playthrough where you have everything you collected from your previous one, but everything's harder.