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    I had the earphones and talking to someone on the phone experience recently when I was moving. The mover had his Airpods in and I didn't see them so he was talking to someone else. But I thought he was talking to me and was replying to his questions about how I was :lmao:



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    I have Clash Royale installed right now and I love it. It's a great casual game and it's not too hard to get a good account without spending a penny on the game. They have different game modes as well which makes it really fun to play

    It has to be the PlayStation 4 for me. Great console, great games and I've never had any complaints about it personally. It will soon be replaced as my favourite by the PS5 though especially since it has backwards compatibility

    I've rage quite several times - every single time with FIFA. If anyone has ever played FIFA Ultimate Team, you'll know how frustrating that game is because I'm 100% sure the system cheats to allow bad players to still win by giving boosts to their players

    I can see why they did it and whilst there are some drawbacks, I think it's a good move and it will definitely stop spam/trolls (well some of them anyway) from going on the Steam Forums. Plus, $5 on the Steam site doesn't seem to be bad to have access to the whole forum

    I can't even remember my full game list but all I remember was that my two favourites were Need for Speed: Underground 2 and Porshe Unleashed. I also had a Shrek game for it. Unfortunately, I lost my GBA at school with a few other games so can't remember them.

    Home Alone and Elf is a family favourite for the Christmas period for us. Even if we don't watch Elf, Home Alone is a must watch in December because of how great it is. I'm not even sure how many times we've watched it now considering we've loved it since I was quite young.

    I know where you are coming from. Like said above, I wouldn't say it's just Netflix though. Across the entertainment industry, as they become better at making things look realistic, they are increasingly want to show it off on screen which is probably not great for those that don't like gruesome scenes :lol:

    Sony finally decided to confirm that they have been worked on the next console. Whilst it's not exactly confirmed, you could bet your house on the fact that it will be named the PS5. And with the news, they also confirmed backwards compatibility with the PS4 which is great news. Anyone else looking forward to it?

    It depends on what I'm doing. The majority of the time, I will use Spotify to listen to my music. If I'm out and about, I'll listen to my music collection on my phone unless I have Spotify premium for that month and have some downloaded songs.