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    Hey, guys. This is Kaynil

    I'm having some trouble with my account so I made this one. The username is the one I used to have at legendofzelda dot com and Final Fantasy Paradise, back almost two decades ago.

    I thought it would be fine since I wasn't planning to post, but then I did and well it can get very confusing.

    Anyhow, I'll probably be around in this account for now. I just figured that if I can get some posts around is not exactly a bad thing and I can always merge these accounts once I fix my issue.

    So, how are you guys doing?

    I've missed you.

    Hi, Peter. Welcome.

    That sounds really cool.

    There's a zone for us to share our projects. You can make a thread to tell us all about it and update it as you release new videos.

    Alternatively, you can release your Link's Awakening video in LA's area and so on, so long your threads are on the right zone for the topic they involve we are pretty chill about it.

    That said, what got you into Zelda? :D