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    Hello! Sorry for the 24 day delay, we had actually lost the link for this site within a bookmark folder within a bookmark folder within a... you get the picture!

    Apologies for the way it was written, it can be hard to be eye-catching but also be very clear that 'hey we have something you can play right now' kind of thing. To be quite honest we would love to interact and answering any and all questions the wider community has and work closely with yourself to share information and spread the love around a bit :)

    OoT 2D has indeed been something going on for probably close to 20 years now from different groups and individuals and its known quite well as a bit of a cursed project because whoever works on it ends up bailing for some intense reasons. In reality though its just that they gave up because its a massive thing to do independently and for free. Obviously our main goal was to create it originally back in 2020 when we started but doing it and a full time job is... challenging, especially being in the sectors that we are so we created Ichor Studios because the end-goal here is to move into the game and content creation space.

    We started off with the treasure chest game because it was the most likely mini-game to frustrate people, we have only had 7 people complete it and get the secret item at the end which entitles them to a prize of sorts. We are actually going to be overhauling that demo in the next two months and adding some extra things in, more news to come on that but it's going to be really cool!

    We thought releasing it in parts was the best option, it means that people won't have to wait forever, just a relatively long period of time until we can dedicate some actual real time to it. We are also making a secret side project that will release before the first proper iteration of OoT2D and its going to be awesome.

    The person writing this response is the person who took part in the 2014 iteration (hello!) and I saw the C&D that got sent before Sage pulled the plug and ghosted everyone. Their only concern from the letter was the use of stolen artwork, they made no mention of profiting, and no mention of anything else. The key things we are focusing on are obviously our own art style but also not ever claiming that Nintendo don't own the rights nor are we planning on making profit from this game, it will always be free. There is a good reason why the Unreal engine version has been around for so long and had so many millions of views and downloads and Nintendo have done nothing, and that is simply because Nintendo are the ones benefitting from it, or rather they aren't losing any money.

    We are going to do it justice and we are going to do that for free, Nintendo don't like people making fan-games, but they really hate people making low quality ones. Personally I think that the 2014 iteration was low quality, it used stolen assets, the art styles didn't match up half the time, they had mortal kombat references and memes quite literally within the game, not a nod to a meme but the actual meme itself. Obviously I saw a bit more than what was released but it just wasn't doing the idea of OoT2D justice, we are going to do it justice.

    There are indeed only two of us working on it, there are five of us working on Ichor Studios projects total. Realistically we need three more artists creating assets and we would be good and although the only reward for this project is a pat on the back we would absolutely want to work on our original ideas with these people and there would be payment contingent on sales and ad revenue etc.

    We are always about for answering questions and I will see if theres a way of turning on notifications for posts on here because we weren't notified you ever responded unfortunately!

    Of course if you need anything more in the meantime you can contact me (Josh) through our sites mailing system :)

    Hello everyone! 1021902770.gif1021902770.gif1021902770.gif1021902770.gif

    It has been a long time since we posted any updates and there's a good reason for that, life gets in the way of passion projects and this one is massive. We actually haven't announced on this forum before but since 2020 Ichor Studios started a new version of OOT2D which you can get info on here:

    But over the last year we have started a company, created a website, and right now we are trying to build a community.

    We are getting ready to launch our first original games in the next week or two and we would love it if you could come and sign up. We need users to make OOT2D viable, we need interaction.

    One thing we pride ourselves on is our transparency so when we say we are going to make this remake and finish it when nobody else could, we mean it. But in order to do that we had a think and decided early last year to make a game studio, make original content, build a userbase, and then we can dedicate more time to the project because we aren't wholly reliant on our regular jobs anymore.

    We have podcasts, we have games, we have comics, all that's left is that we need you!

    You can sign up using this link and view all we have on offer, reach out to us if you want to help with anything or you have questions, just use the contact page 11519333.gif

    We really hope to see you there soon and hope you like what we make.

    Some exciting news we want to share is that we are creating a PvP mini-game that allows you to play as Link and fight other players within the OOT2D maps, the first of which will be Kokiri Forest. You will only have access to the items you would have during that part of the actual game and the more kills you get the more upgrade points you earn to swap your slingshot for a sword, or your stick for Deku nuts. Its going to be awesome!

    If you want to get in touch about anything please go to

    You can check out a fun short Ganon animation here: