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    SEO is needed for all websites to get any sort of attention and bring traffic to your website. If there were a bunch of pages that were talking about a walkthrough for a Legend of Zelda game but the page was actually a walkthrough for Final Fantasy in disguise, how many people do you think are going to jump ship? How about if it DID talk about a Zelda games but was so pourly speled taht u cannut raed eet or ondurstahnd it?

    You want to hit the #1 spot on Google because more than likely a person will hit the first link they see and no other. When I had Zelda Sanctuary, I ranked #1 for Wind Waker Hd Tingle Statues because the page was dedicated to it and I had mentioned the keywords several times in the page. No one is going to find your lage if your page is going to have no keywords associated with it.

    Case in point, I get 100 views daily on Naevorlis and not for the name itself, but for the words "high fantasy" and "webcomic". Naevorlis is a word I made up that was originally Novalis so the word "nova". No one is going to search Naevorlis out of randomness because it is a HARDLY USED SEARCH TERM BECAUSE IT ISN'T A REAL WORD. THUS I have to add webcomic and high fantasy to get ANY search traffic instead of relying 100% on referral traffic. I DO NOT have the time to spend every day advertising my webcomic so SEO helps me where I could get SOMEONE to notice Naevorlis if I ranked higher on "high fantasy webcomic" or just "webcomic".

    I know a LITTLE SEO and try to apply it, but not EVERY PAGE on Naevorlis is going to be #1 nor do I want it to be. I want the main page and the archive page to at least cover that!

    I value the opinion of young people, I don't think we should exclude them based on age. If we must be exclusionary, then I'd prefer to base it on behavior than age.

    I think they just want to keep the forum blocked from younger eyes so we can talk adult stuff... Like on my forums we can talk about sex and stuff in the adult boards. I know minors have sex, but it still should be kept away from younger eyes.

    ^ Your avatar is sexy. Also yes to mature. I do think perhaps password protecting, or doing as Izagar suggests is for the best. It's hard to really gauge somebody's true age, and minors might sneak on no matter how you try to prevent it. :/

    I put a warning up about the boards and told them I can't be held liable for minors changing their birthdays and accessing a mature board. So basically that makes me sue proof.

    Uhhhh... Sorry. I had to. lol.

    I'm a friend of Kaynil's, I know Cressel, and I am friends with... I think Link... Whatever his name. Owner of ZC, lol. I USED to run and own Zelda Temple/Zelda Sanctuary from 2007-2015 and I closed that site down while I merged with Link's Hideaway. Currently I am working on a webcomic and making money on my art through Patreon.

    I suck at intros... So. Hi ^^;