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    I got this for Christmas!!! Actually, I got this game bundled with the Switch but still....

    I am enjoying it so far. My hubby even got the guide for me so there is no fear of getting stuck at any point in the game.

    Enjoy :D it's most likely my GOTY '17.

    Are you going to 100% it?

    I still do prefer Galaxy over Odyssey. Odyssey is great, one of the best platformers and Marios, but Galaxy was just a little more enjoyable. So far, I haven't beat Odyssey, but I'm close to finishing the story and I will be going back to find all the moons over time.

    I'm always afraid when I say it's over hyped, people think it's bad. It's amazing, and if you haven't tried it, play it. Get a Switch just to play this and Breath of the Wild.

    I knew it was dead as soon as Mario 3D world came out. It was a placeholder console until the Switch arrived. It's over dead now. People like to pretend it's not, like the Wii U was soooo underrated. I think it was justly rated. I'm glad it's dead. The Switch is the true comeback for Nintendo.

    Yeah I finished too. Great game, still playing it now and I'll be playing it all year most likely, especially since the DLC comes out during this year. I love how I'm still discovering things after I've finished the main story and all the way up until the end, I was engrossed by the adventure. It was so enticing right the way through. Best game I've played in a long time and beats all Zeldas at their own game - HAH

    Oh yeah, Soul Reaver is pretty nice still.

    Perfect Dark is still pretty entertaining to me as well as other N64 games!
    For some reason, there is something in Mario Kart 64 that brings me back to it even if later games have remade many of the tracks and stuff. :-D

    Mario Kart 64 is definitely flawed. But man, I keep coming back to it too, it's just simple Mario Kart fun, with the best battle mode (until Mario Kart 8 deluxe most likely). It's mainly nostalgia though of course and Toad had the best voice back in the N64 days. Way better than now.

    Agree with all points. Every single console launch has its issues. Nintendo have a lot to answer for because of the Wii U's failure. However... to me and many other Nintendo fans who bought the Switch at launch, in fact, the majority of Switch owners - Nintendo not only have answered for the Wii U's crap, but have given them a near perfect game at launch. Plus more 1st party games coming this year, and next. Hell even just next month and the end of this month we get to play Splatoon 2 for free.

    So yeah, the core Nintendo fans who bought a Switch at launch were the guinea pigs and beta testers for the real launch at the end of the year with Mario Odyssey + all the games that have already been out and patched by then. There are a few of them, being vocal about their issues. Some of them are exaggerating and some of them are genuine. That's the risk you take buying any system at launch. I'm happy I haven't found any issues at all with my Switch. It sucks for the people who have and I can sympathise, but they ran the risk and they can take steps to replacing or fixing their system. Nintendo will patch these things out by the time Mario smashes through the gaming industry, with most likely a bundle and price drop, like he does and sells millions of systems for the holiday.

    Right now it's the time for core Nintendo fans to enjoy their systems and Nintendo to iron out the creases. So I don't recommend my friends get one at launch. Having double standards with Nintendo isn't helping either. Making it out that because Nintendo screwed up with the Wii U (financially), they have to have a 1000000% perfect launch, with no bugs or hardware issues miraculously. We'll let slide the 360 ring of death, the PS4 over heating issues, which are minor cases as well as the left joy con desyncing is a minor case.

    The whole dock scratching the screen issues is a no brainer... be careful, it's expensive tech... use common sense that mythical way of thinking that people have seemed to forget about. Nintendo can't baby everyone. It's not for kids, like people tend to think Nintendo is for. I wouldn't buy my 9 year old a $470 piece of hardware. I'd buy them a 3DS instead or a ball and cup or some shit. They'll get what they're given.

    The charging on table top mode... thing. Get over it. Tough cookies. Think about it realistically. It's like the battery life "issue". If you're going to be playing it for more than 2.5 hours at a party, it must be a pretty shit party or you're at home, near a dock where you can charge it.

    So in conclusion. Yes there is a minority of people having real issues with it, and I feel for them. We can't deny there are click bait pieces of snot, who are on 24/7 complaint watch, who'll find anything to complain about just to be contradictory or seem wise. They're just coming off as twats.

    Much like people who use italics too much in forum posts XD.

    Haven't had a problem with my Switch at all. Must've lucked out. No sync issues.

    Knock on wood.

    The Advance was great for being the first console to really begin the trend of taking classic games and porting them to handhelds.

    Though the OoT style yips and YEAGHs added to LttP were criminal. =P

    They were awesome! Actually this version was my first play of Alttp...

    The Gameboy Advance is my favourite handheld... if not counting the Switch's handheld side to it.