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    I like the theory, but the problem is we know the Gerudo weren't killed off because of Four Swords Adventures, which comes after TP on the Official Timeline. The tribe simply re-located deeper into the desert. I don't think they got off the hook very easily for crusading with Ganondorf though. I believe the reason the Aribter Grounds has Gerudo symbolism within it is because they had to build it to get their crimes against the throne pardoned.

    For those of you who have been hoping for SNES games on Nintendo Switch online, you may get them soon! The Nintendo Switch online app has been datamined. Twitter user @KapucchinoHeck claims he turned up a list of 22 SNES games.

    • Super Mario Kart
    • Super Soccer
    • Zelda - ALTTP
    • Demon's Crest
    • Yoshi's Island
    • Stunt Race FX
    • Kirby's Dream Course
    • Pop'n Twinbee
    • Star Fox
    • Contra 3
    • Kirby's Super Star
    • Super Ghouls n Ghosts
    • Kirby's Dreamland 3
    • Super Metroid
    • Super Mario World
    • Pilotwings
    • F-Zero
    • Star Fox 2
    • Super Punchout
    • The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
    • Super Mario All Stars
    • Breath of Fire 2

    In conjunction, the Twitter user who datamined Splatoon 2 has also came foward, claiming that there are two other emulators with the Switch Online service that are not for playing NES or SNES games.…tatus/1084303319277989888

    Definitely a lot to digest within a short amount of time. We all knew SNES games would release eventually. At some point we'd have to get N64 games as well, and that is what most believe the third emulator is for. My hope is the 4th emulator will be for Gamecube games. The Gamecube library has yet to be converted to digital, and it was something I hoped for on the Wii U which wasn't done, it'd be insane for Nintendo not to do it within the next few years.


    I would watch the video but my friend said it's kind of clickbaity. I recall something about the game only shipped with half the map, from an interview I think. I'm surprised nobody did this sooner.

    I have friends who are skeptical that he really accessed the other half of the map, and instead is just running a hack.

    If it's legit though, yeah it's pretty cool.


    Last month Eiji Aonuma, series Director of the Legend of Zelda, teased that a port or potential HD remake of Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Switch was in the works during a Nintendo Live venue in Japan.

    He took the stage after a Legend of Zelda themed concert performance, and reportedly said, “We know what you are thinking – Skyward Sword for Switch. Right?”

    Resetera brought to attention a Twitter user named Zalman, who cited numerous tweets from Chinese and Japanese Twitter users who were in attendance, and were talking about the event.

    Not long afterward a Nintendo spokesperson shot down the hype, telling Eurogamer , “At this time we have no plans to release The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch."

    Perhaps Aonuma was just joking? Or was he serious? This wouldn’t be the first time a higher Nintendo official said one thing and representatives tried to backtrack.

    Would you be interested in a port or remake of Skyward Sword for the Switch? Share your thoughts in the comments section below by joining our Forums!

    Forests and Woods in literature almost always seem to be associated with mystery and the unknown. They spark curiosity and seem adventurous. In the Legend of Zelda series, in particular the games Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask, the Lost Woods depicts this feeling very well. It is a mystical place that defies the laws of physics, logic is irrelevant within it. Due to the Lost Woods' odd nature, I've recently begun to wonder if maybe it is a focal point in Hyrule—a crossroads between dimensions?

    Let's begin looking at the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time. There are only certain paths through it one can take to continue proceeding further, if you follow the right path you will enter the Forest Meadow. A special rule of the Lost Woods is if you get lost (stray from the right path) you end up back at the beginning of it. The path seems to only be known to the Kokiri, and the only Hylians who can find their way through (via listening to the music) are children. If adults wander into the woods they will likely become lost. If an adult becomes lost it is said they will become a stalfos, they will not simply return to the beginning of the woods like the Kokiri or Hylian children would.


    Naturally this vast wood would be difficult to accurately navigate for someone who has never entered it, hence the name “Lost Woods”. It certainly has a magical enchantment. Though there is much more mystery to this wood. There are certain areas inside it which can get one to very far regions of the Hyrule instantaneously (A pool of water which if dived down can transport one near the entrance of Zora's Domain, and a doorway which has its other end in Goron City high atop Death Mountain). It's safe to assume this area is unlike any other in Hyrule, and after the part it played in Majora's Mask, I believe maybe it's a crossroads between dimensions.

    In Majora's Mask, Link, while in pursuit of Skull Kid, is lead to a sort of portal which takes him to a parallel world called Termina. Keep in mind that Link was very deep in the Lost Woods when this happened, which suggests that there are likely things about the woods that even the Kokiri are oblivious to. Due to the mystical nature of the wood, I believe that maybe the portal to Termina is just one of various portals possibly leading to other dimensions.


    So how exactly can this be so? After some thought, it occured to me that the interdimensional portals in the Lost Woods might be the result of multiple “d-branes” resting closely together, and if an irregularity occurred, in this case presumably magic, causing them to touch, wormholes could conceivably open. This irregularity might explain the Lost Woods.


    Maybe this is a far-fetched idea, but the idea exists in media, I'd reference Marvel Comics and the Crossroads of Infinity, a place which has endless portals to different dimensions. The Lost Woods, in my opinion, is probably the Hylian equivalent to such a place. The portal to Termina certainly works with this theory, and the mystical elements of the Lost Woods in particular would make it the perfect place to be such a focal point.

    In the end there are no other examples besides the portal to Termina to support this theory. It's possible that the maybe portal to Termina is the exception, there are no other portals like it. Maybe the Lost Woods is just a really odd enchanted forest that one can easily become lost in, can find paths to travel to far regions fast, and has one portal to a parallel world? Maybe it's a focal point for multiple portals to different dimensions? If there is one thing we know that is certain, it's that the Lost Woods is clearly out of the ordinary.

    Yeah it is dumb. I think there are many ways they could implement a story for A Legend of Zelda movie or TV Show. Any true fan of Zelda that is currently a director or screenwriter could do a good job. It is those phony fools who take something popular and find a few character names and a synopsis of the story and make a Hollywood film (Dragonball Evolution) and it turns out to be the biggest piece of shit you’ve seen(Dragonball Evolution). You really want to like it, oh they took the story in the wrong entire direction oh well YOU want to like it...but you feel the pressure of the whole production cast just outright shitting on you(Dragonball Evolution).

    Though it is a good thing Hollywood would never do that right?

    I hate Dragonball Evolution too. I used to think everyone does. But then I made a friend online who thinks Dragonball Evolution is a great film. He also thinks that the prequel Star Wars Trilogy are the best Star Wars movies.

    Skyward Sword is my least favorite Zelda game. I can go without SS HD and be completely fine. if they do enhance it, that's great, those who like the game can get a kick out of it, but I won't be buying it.

    I'm currently in the process of writing why I dislike SS so much. The article I'm writing is massive, covering every criticism I have.

    In regard to your first question, I think it is precisely the fact that emotions were repressed that leads to an abusive person's lack of emotional control. Think of it like they repressed their emotions so long, that once they finally release it, they will thereafter release emotion more frequently because they lacked the time to develop self control of emotions, and feel that it is easier to release the emotion rather than repress it like they had done for so long.

    If you wanna type articles for it maybe we could make you the Articleman of the forums

    It's something I'll consider. But I already am really close to getting into Zelda Dungeon's Writing Staff. And we have a much bigger audience, especially since we merged with Zelda Informer.

    If I could could get one wish granted, and the wish had no limitations, I'm sure if I thought about it long enough I could make it very useful. In the Legend of Zelda series the Triforce is a mystical relic that can grant any desire. Its power has been used a few times in the series, but after considering most of the wishes, the full potential of its power seems wasted.

    According to legend, the Triforce was left behind by the 3 goddesses after they created Hyrule. It was left at the point where they descended down.

    "The land where the goddesses descended down became known as the Sacred Realm." - Lanayru, the Light Spirit (TP)

    The Triforce is unique, apparently it is the most powerful relic in existence. This being because it makes any desire a reality.

    "The old gods created a Supreme Power that gave anyone who possessed it the ability to shape reality and fulfill any desire. They call it the Triforce." - Zelda (SS)

    It really does sound like a grand power, one that, as far as I'm aware, has no equal in the canon series. With it one could warp reality, either for good or evil. And notably there are no restrictions on what can be wished for, it will grant "any" desire, meaning even if it was sick, twisted, and demented, it would still have to be granted. This is really the reason why I think the Triforce is overkill. Any wish can be granted, the Triforce could be responsible for some largely impactful wishes, but in retrospect, the wishes on it were pretty basic.

    I've counted 6 successful uses of a Triforce. First by SS Link, later by Ganondorf on the Downfall Timeline, followed by Link unwishing Ganon's wish on that same timeline. In A Link Between Worlds, we learn Lorule's Triforce was used by the Lorulian Royal Family, I assume, to destroy their Triforce (it is possible that a wish could be made on the Triforce for its own destruction. I see it as the only possibility that Lorule's Triforce could have been destroyed). Link and Zelda then used Hyrule's Triforce and wished to restore power to Lorule's Triforce. On the Adult Timeline the King of Hyrule also used the Triforce to make a wish. Most of these wishes, and also wishes that others attempted to make, weren't very impactful. SS Link wished for the eradication of Demise in the present. A better wish would have been the eradication of all evil throughout all time. Ganondorf's ambition for the Triforce is usually to rule the entire world. Why not just wish for the death of the gods and ascend to become a god? There are just so many better wishes that could be made. The only intuitive wishes are the ones in A Link Between Worlds. The Lorulian Royal Family wished to destroy their Triforce. As a result, their world began to collapse. Apparently the Triforce is fundamental to worlds that have them. The wish on Hyrule's Triforce to restore power to Lorule's Triforce displays just how far-reaching the Triforce's power can be - it influenced a parallel universe.

    It isn't the fault of the mortals who use the Triforce that they don't use it to its fullest potential, they lack higher perception afterall. Only gods could harness the Triforce in ways that'd push the full potential of its power out. Unfortunately gods cannot wield the Triforce.

    "For while the Supreme Power of The Triforce was created by gods, all of its power can never be wielded by one." - Zelda (SS)

    It's probably a good thing though, by restricting gods from being able to use the Triforce the mortals are spared from what would be a chaotic war of grand proportions. Now if only the mortals could get better insight on their world, and universe, and really grasped the Triforce's power, then they could do some damage.

    My conclusion is the Triforce is overkill, it is wasted in mortal hands. I'd be like if we were suddenly swept into the game, hypothetically, and were standing in the Sacred Realm with the Triforce right in front of us. We can wish for literally anything. Immortality, and eternal youth! Sounds good right? We make the wish. Awesome! But then the Triforce disappears, and we end up in Hyrule. We forgot to wish to get back to our own reality, and our own world. Aw shit...

    Now, I've never played A Link Between Worlds, so I'm going purely on the information you posted. It's not yet on the official timeline to my knowledge, so is there any information about where on the Zelda chronology A Link Between Worlds is meant to take place, and how recent this destruction of the Triforce happened? Because that could destroy the theory - it has to be possible for the Triforce to be destroyed before Demise comes to Hyrule, which in itself is a long time before the events of SS.

    A Link Between Worlds is on the official Timeline, it's located after A Link to the Past.

    The destruction of their Triforce isn't recent in the game at all, it was destroyed long before ALBW takes place. My idea is that it was their version of the Imprisoning War, which leads into a near decline of Lorule. Keep in mind that Lorule and Hyrule are parallel worlds, so their timelines don't have to match up perfectly. In fact, I believe when Lorule's Triforce is destroyed Hyrule would be pretty early in it's history.

    This theory has bugged me for awhile. For years I've seen it pop up every once inawhile but nobody has ever fleshed it on most forums I join. So my goal is to revise it for the forum to finally get some full on debate going about this theory. It's a work in progress.

    Note: This theorizing will be done from an in-universe point of view, meaning that I'm looking at this theory as if Hyrule and Lorule are real. This is extremely important, as doing it any other way would open up the argument that games that were created before A Link Between Worlds would not be able to reference Lorule because it was not created yet.

    Before I begin I'm going to admit that I don't know if I'm personally going to adopt this theory yet. The thing I hate about it is the fact that with all the evidence gathered it all seems to imply that Demise is from Lorule. We just can't take it any futher than that implication which bothers me. To start, I think it's important that we know who Demise is before we even jump into the the theory.

    Who is Demise?

    Fi in Skyward Sword says this about Demise:

    "This eternal being has conquered time itself. It is the source of all monsters." - Fi

    He is basically the embodiment of all evil, supposedly. His main role in the series was to serve as the source for the re-occurences of Ganondorf by setting his hate curse upon Link and Zelda.

    My hate... never perishes. It is born anew in a cycle with no end! I will rise again. Those like you... Those who share the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero... They are eternally bound to this curse. An incarnation of my hatred shall ever follow your kind, dooming them to wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness for all time!" - Demise

    Demise's sole purpose is to obtain the Triforce and destroy the gods at all costs. That's pretty much it. Because he had such a short appearence and the game didn't go in depth on his backstory (telling us were he came from, why he just hates the gods for no real specified reasons, etc...), it left the door open for theories like this one.


    Lorule, a parallel world and it's counterparts

    Lorule is very similar to Hyrule. While Termina is stated to also be a parallel world to Hyrule, Lorule resembles Hyrule more than Termina does (in ways). Notably, Lorule has a Sacred Realm, a Royal Family, and clear counterparts to Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf (Ravio, Hilda, and Yugu). Futhermore it had a Triforce of it's own which is very interesting. Though the game states the Triforce in Lorule was depended on too much. When war broke out over it Hilda's ancestors destroyed it in hopes of returning peace to the land. Instead Lorule fell futher into turmoil and is close to crumbling during the timeframe of A Link Between Worlds.


    We have a consistent equivalent to almost everything in Hyrule, what we are missing is a Master Sword.

    Demise might orginate from Lorule?

    For the sake of easy transition I'll begin to tie key points together starting with the Lorulian Master Sword. In A Link Between Worlds there is no Lorulian equivalent to Hyrule's Master Sword. The whole reason Ravio seeks Link's help is because he has no Master Sword of his own to use in Lorule. The question that arises is why isn't there a Lorulian equivalent to it? The answer is that there might be a Lorulian Master Sword and Demise weilds it. At the end of Skyward Sword it is revealed that Ghirahim was actually a being that resides in a sword, like Fi. Demise reverts Ghirahim into the sword which he really is. The sword has often been speculated to be the anti-thesis to the Master Sword. Possibly the Lorulian Master Sword, designed for a different purpose than to fight evil obviously? It has the inverted Triforce on it. It's a backless assumption because we just don't know, although it explains why Lorule is missing a Master Sword equivalent — Demise took it to Hyrule and was killed.

    This next point is also very interesting. Demise and his army came from a fissure.

    "One dark, fateful day, the earth cracked wide and malevolent forces rushed forth from the fissure. They mounted a brutal assault upon the surface people, driving the land into deep despair... They burnt forests to ash, choked the land's sweet springs, and murdered without hesitation. They did all this in their lust to take the ultimate power protected by Her Grace, the goddess." - Introduction (Skyward Sword)

    In A Link Between Worlds fissures serve as portals linking Hyrule and Lorule. The fissures are created due to Yugu's actions, but what we know is that there was a ancient crack linking Hyrule and Lorule together on a stone slab inside Lorule's Sacred Realm which Yugu discovered.

    "Yuga discovered that there was a strange crack in this grim slate... Through it, we could sense that there was another world beyond ours... a place where the Triforce still existed." - Hilda

    This could have been were Demise learned of Hyrule as well, assuming he is Lorulian.


    His motive for going to Hyrule would be to obtain it's Triforce. Denied the Lorulian Triforce it makes sense for him to take his army to Hyrule using a fissure serving as a portal between the worlds. Maybe it was his army that marched an assault for Lorule's Triforce also? I do think that the difference in what timeframes both worlds are in matches. I'm under the impression that when Demise came to Hyrule Lorule probably would be about mid-way through it's history (having Triforce issues and all that). Hyrule would be at an early point in it's history so it'd make sense for Demise to end up in the timeframe he did. We also see that mid-way into Hyrule's history Lorule is on the verge of the end of it's own. If things would have continued on like they were Lorule would have fell to ruin.

    To conclude, we must ask ourselves were these similarities intentional, or coincidental? After writing this I feel like there is so much mystery still shrouding the theory that the evidence gathered can niether prove or disprove it's validity. What we need is a smoking gun proving a connection to Demise and Lorule, unfortunately there isn't one. If we could just get more info about Demise, even the sword itself that could be enough to put this theory to rest.


    I do know that there are conflicting theories on certain aspects of this theory which is why I encourage people to come forth with those theories. I think this has potential to spark some great discussion. So feel free to share other theories. Maybe you have a different idea about Demise's orgins? Maybe you have a theory about why Demise's Sword can't be from Lorule (I know such theories exist). I'll be looking foward to seeing were this goes.