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    I was expecting the next post to be some kinda rock, you really susprised me :^o^:

    This next one is a genre I have been listenning a lot recently: Glitch, it's a sub-genre of electronic music, you can tell the different in the way the song is made, with sounds interrupting the main rythm and made in general with sounds that are kinda broke and glitchy, also recurrent to the DFX in a non-rythmical sense. From edIT, this song is called: Ants.

    EDIT (not the dj).

    -Gotta wait for a double post before add other track

    An app for successor of the 3ds? I think that's a bit unlikely, there's more chance of the 3ds not having a successor at all or it could have it, and launch that NNID app anyways.

    For me, the chance of a Nintendo iPhone could be fine, if they make the phone good for playing Nintendo tittles and works well also as a smartphone it could work. Or there could be another partnership with another company (kinda Nvidia Switch) for making this hypotetical smartphone... any idea?

    I've made this in the other forum.

    In this thread you will have to post different songs of different genres. It is not allowed to repeat a genre, but you can post sub-genres.

    The idea is to have variety of different genres and there are a lot of music to explore out there...

    Like in the other forum I'm going to start with something homemade, it's called "nueva troba", a song made by the group "Malpaís" and played by "Editus". Th song is named "contramarea".

    Oh... love... that's an interesting thread to talk about...

    Almost every time I talk with my friends about that they think i'm the wize old man of the movie or something :lol:

    I'm not going to tell my story... i'm just goin to say that I'm not and I never was looking for a soul mate, even though I have a girlfriend. And it isn't that I don't believe in soulmates, I just think that love is a decission to make, and my "soulmate" will not be my "soulmate" until we decide it togheter and fight for that.

    Personally, I do believe in God and souls and that stuff, but I can see the point of people who don't, and living in one of the "happier countries in the world" I think that the believe in God playsa huge rol in htat, because, even thout it's not necesary to believe in God to have a happy relationship, it does make things a lot easier if the faith of both is strongh.

    Sadly, that's how bussines work.

    I never had the need for a GBA or a GB either, may be because i'm from other generation and i don't have that feeling of nostalgia... :???:

    Yeah, man... yeah, man... YEAH, MAN!!!

    I think the console is just... amazing. Of course, because of the switch mechanic it will be a bit limited in graphics and stuff, as the Wii U, or may be a little bit better, but I have to give the credit to Nintendo for first time in a lot of time, using a last gen chip. The overall mechanics also call my atention, not just for go everywhere with the console, also because of the multiplayer with that tiny controler (but even though, it looks more confortable than the Wii remote in the horizontal position), and also, I have some friends nearby that are also pretty excited about this.

    And, yes, Nintendo has said that the 3ds will have a succesor beside the switch, but it doesn't make a lot of sense, because, you know, the portable/home console mix. And it makes me think, why are you doing that? The difference would be some kind of, like, the same but less powerfull and with no dock and no multiplayer on the go, something more personal... and it makes it even worst, because all of us allready have that personal device, the smartphones... a smartphone... a smartphone... yeah, it sounds great, a smartphone... HEY! that's a great idea, what about if the 3ds succesor is a smartphone, made by Nintendo?

    So, this is the thing, everyone who had play TFH may had problems with the unknow heroes and beat the game with the dolls... that is not that enjoyable... so a few days ago I thought about if there might be an discord server for everyone who is searching for play the game with people who... really wants to play... so... if there's any server like that I decided to make it by myself... and will be free to everyone who wants to play that way. And of course chat and talk meanwhile playing :vio:.

    So, finally this is the link, it's unlimited so share it to everyone who wants to make team set-ups and chat and talk... there are a little bit of groups now but when I see the necessity of making more I will :^_~:

    Yes, yes, I know, the Link, here it is:

    ...but motion controlled swordplay can work really well. You just need more aggressive enemies than in Skyward Sword.

    Ok, this is interesting because so many people thinks that the swordplay motion controls are also annoying... but I'm with you in that point, I enjoyed that kind of gameplay... But for me the bad part of it was the animations... are pretty... I don't know... I just don't like it.

    This post will also be helpfull in "the other side" (the spanish one).

    This my project that I realized a time ago (2weeks, something like that) and isn't implemented because there is some work to do in "the other side" with the skins, the idea is make each Link emoji able in each hat color of the four swords Links, and also Dark Link :darkevil:.

    But there are some questions that @Kaynil and me want you to answer or give your opinion about how to implement this idea.

    Kay said that they may change in rule of the skins. If using the red one, red Links, the blues for the blue and so... this result in a very doable idea if there were a blue and dark skins, there is a green one in the other side and i'm workin in a monochromatic musical one that would be the dark one and some of them can be moved here.

    My idea is to make seccions in the emoji box, one for each color making them available in every moment and giving the user the possibility to mix them in every moment.

    This thread is to present you the idea and to share your opinions with us.

    This is the result of the idea:
    Good_feeling.png rllyhSS.png p0sXiLf.png :vio:MUg4wXI.png

    No... just... no... doesn't make sense :ninja:

    But may be in a separated group like miscellaneous with other stuff... but, you can use it if you want, I use different hat color Links made by myself t8k6fMr.png 8-)rhFUyk6.png sT3N2Aw.png gnKAMmB.png (that last one is my favorite colorcO2SbJ5.png).

    Oh, yes, they are made to be added here sooner or later but meanwhile i use them qs5Y79M.png

    The fourth one, the others I think there isn't much to be worried about because if they has announce a couple of times the release on Wii U... I guess it will be released on Wii U (and a dual release doesn't sound that bad), and also with the pressure of the development team I'm sure that Aonuma will keep the link of Link and the player and his muteness. About amiibo I guess the action of the player with the game in physical media would be breaking the 4th wall and because of that breaking the History experience, that's something that the team would be thinking of. And the motion controls... c'mon, there's no Wii Mote supported in this game so with the gamepad how many motion control you think will be supported? I don't think they would use the gamepad like... sword :X'D: the pointing with the bow and arrows are enough and... all we can expect in that point.

    Thinking a like bit may be some puzzle like the ball in the table with holes game... but then I though... this is not Wii Party U so it isn't gonna happen.

    In my case is that TLoH was fused with this place and I was there by a long time (4 years aprox).

    @Kaynil said "Hey, we are bilingual now so, if you want check the English side do it", casually I need to improve my English so here I am.