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    Since I couldn't find the thread for the favourite console, I'll post it here. My favourite console is the Xbox 360 and It always has been. I have had this console for a long time now and it it still working in really good condition. This console is really easy to use and I know how to use all the settings. However, when my Xbox 360 no longer works, I will buy the latest Xbox!

    I don't need a spoiler. It is just Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto Five for me. In the future, I may consider expanding my game collection. However, I find my current game collection quite entertaining!

    One of my favourite multi-player games is Minecraft. Some of you may think that Minecraft is a old game. However, I still like it! When I play Minecraft, I play multi-player. Multi-player has allot of fun features included in it such as KitPvP which where you can fight other people in a mini-server. Another example of a mini-server in a server is where you have raid each others islands and the last island and person to be standing wins! I find this really entertaining and fun. As you can probably see now, Minecraft comes with loads of fun for lot's of different people!

    I use Google Chrome for all my browsing needs. Google Chrome comes with a brilliant design for me it hardly ever crashes. When I want to change the settings of the browser, it is super easy to do so! Chrome is also my favourite browser out of all the browsers that are currently available to download.

    I love using Google + and I use it on a daily basis. I own a 17k community and it is growing daily. As you can imagine, I have to spend allot of time on G+ in moderating the community and keeping it clean. Google+ has been great for me so far though.

    It would be tricky to pick top 5 songs that I really like. However, if I had to put my favourite on one song, it would be Magic- Rude! I really like listening to this song. It has a good rhythm, tune and beat to it.

    It's Infected! My real name is Alex and I am from England. I like gaming and fishing. I also like to post on forums. I look forward to meeting some of you and posting around on this cool forum!