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    The only social apps that I use are Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and SnapChat. The only ones I use all the time are Twitter and WhatsApp. I don't think I've bothered to even open Snapchat for a few months now.

    It's difficult because sometimes it does hurt. And unfortunately, it's a bit harder to ignore because it's comments on your YouTube channel so you can't really avoid the site. If you want, you could disable the like count and the comments but personally, I think that just lets them know that they have won and got to you. It's difficult but the only thing you can try to do is to ignore the comments and focus on the good ones.

    Battlefield 4 was a personal favourite of mine. I remmber I went through a particular period where I would only use the sniper and I got quite a decent amount of kills and it felt so awesome especially as sniping in BF isn't the easiest thing to do with wind and drops etc.

    One of the Grand Theft Auto Online heists had an underwater part where you would have to swim through a narrow tunnel with only a flare to get to land where a helicopter was waiting for you. I actually loved this heist and although the whole level was not water it was quite a cool thing to have to do.

    My favourite book from when I was small was probably this massive book that had a collection of stories like Pinacchio and Alice in Wonderland. It was a very nice book as the pictures were massive and really cool. Favourite story from that book was probably Peter Pan

    I have never owned one. I don't think that I will buy one either as personally I prefer to be able to hold my books and read them. Don't like the feeling of having to hold one small thing for all my books

    I don't think that I had a personal favourite but all disney and animation films that I watched as a kid were favourites. Actually Lion King was probably a good favourite of mine as I literally watched it every week when I was small

    Halloween is celebrated over here in the United Kingdom as well but I don't think any country celebrates it as much as the Americans do with all their props and gardens decorated. For me this year I'll just be sitting at home watching some horror films with other people most likely

    I actually had no idea what it stood for so thanks for informing me of that :D. For me SPAM is pointless and off topic messages that do not contribute at all to the topic or discussion.

    I am more of a night owl to be honest. I can stay up quite late without getting tired or bored as long as I have something interesting to do. When I play games online with my friends on friday and saturday nights I can stay up till very late as time tends to just pass really quickly when you're having fun xD

    Hello, Kingcool, feel free here and enjoy. Welcome in here.

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    Hello! Thanks for the friendly welcome. I'm sure that I will enjoy it here, seems like a great forum and community of members here :)

    In our house we don't actually have that many board games because we barely have time anymore together to play games together but we used to always play Monopoly which will always be my favourite board game. The one game that can end friendships :D

    I am currently reading the biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. It is one of the most interesting books I have read and I can't wait to read the rest of the book. Never realised how tough he had it when he was younger. If you don't know who he is, he's a Swedish footballer